Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bent O

chumky caliper tuna
and let them beat beds
the solid black banners unfurled
in those days
a cross-hatched cunnilingus of jumbled tents
mark their mole on the beach
Trimalchio we have spirited the hermaphrodite molecule
inside your ear horn
our accordion epaulets drag the earth
ploughing wine
on bach and taffy skull inkwells we dined
a Manichean tuber dog is yapping from the village
of the fat man who wear the glass spider helmet
whose neon geyser apostles
juggle pomegranates 
chumkey cali ulfberh+t
roger that 
carved wooden mobius totems hover above the shorelines
lifted by tarred wineskins
and dawbed in spectral lumming goo
there sitting in the beaver mouth
is a naked boy strumming an abalone guitara 
singing the high pale siren's flune:

wal gabara
wal nab ul foo

wal gabara
il niti baroo

it is a land of cucumbers
and herb paste masks

and the old god
hapi lump
who does a dance

grrlok! grrlok!

they drum in deep pits
while parades of girls go up into the tree-line
under parasols

there stands the white cube
and vibrating

its name may not be said
but its name is 

black gem
or gel

nobody cares
it's a joke
to tell while eating
fresh shell fish
and cookies

flogged with burnt string

a green foot can do anything
algae slippery

gur lava
aval rouge

every floor's balcony
a hollow odalisque
to recline in
viewing the green foam

of page mirrors
radical unity in radical difference


kill it George

completely manifested