Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lanny Quarles politicality

Lanny Quarles politicality is about the refractivity and intractability of desire, but desire under the aegis of social legibility as underwritten by formalism, and it is these inertial ideological formalisms which constrict its fluidity creating radial and polaristic determinisms in which extreme centralisms are pitted against plural outliers. Social legibility is a myth, as is its fundamental purpose. Human society has no function in the universe, therefore it is a dilemma of constructionism never at variance with the fundamental refractivity and intractability of desire itself. It is, sui generis, a problematic vector. Its problematic derives exclusively from its sui generis state, and its primary, or fundamental concession (axiom) that organic embodiment is desire, and necessary. This fiction is the performative element that returns politicality to the unconscious, and to narrativity. The Death drive so often spoke about is a misframe, a mythframe. The axiomatic performativity of the embodiment / desire couplet renders a singularity, or narrativity drive, which as formalist social legibility performs politicality as a ritualized pageant of its own unconscious and yet also, non being is political as well. Chemical structuralism, valences, aggregate systems can also be understood as the refractivity and intractability of desire (rendered as structure), thus politicality is an extension and recapitulation (mirror, doppelganger) of chemical structuralism which is commensurate with the sensorium. Since the sensorium provides an anecdotal gloss (the rising index of episteme), so too should its social formalisms of desire (anecdotal gloss) follow a rising index of episteme, but they will still be determined by the original sui generis constructionism of desire, ie the function / narrativity drive.. The only sane thing to do is to render creativity the functional operand (or socially legible avatar) of divinity (the whole why weirdness of the existence of the universe)..

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pogo-Stick Lantern

born from the loins of industrial farce
and those of pleasant mystical nudity
the aerie child Komplexitie was not unlike
a boiling blush of skrything rimpelkopf
upon the space ocean's transparent

but first wood is shy and
first water confusing
and Koomlexitie hidorhissedherslave
into the manythingswovencovenovens
a conversation

between von humbolt and faust your marzi pan
saying radon radon klaxon for your
abstract bathroom rug
hairy stones in a constellation whisper
Komplexitie (doing nasal netty pots in distant rooms)

a green ceramic boar
as big as a house
and the spongy furniture inside
all made of hair and string things
pubic public the blue rider
lantern mites filling up the grids
bridges of lanterns with their own
balconies of lanterns
and the strollers along the bridge
with their lantern hats
talking of lanterns

and long luminous hares
which waft like smoke rings
upon which cities float
cities of bathing beauties
like gelatin hourglasses
filled with grains of starfuss

Komplexitie blushes
and covers hershelf
a golden goat's head vomits lapis colored
mantis robots into your lap
to make it a hat
your body hanging like a floppy wet tri-corne
over the head of the sunset

and inside the huge empty
cubical black granite room
at a little desk made of vibrating pearls
Quentin Matsys sketches Margaret

no folly no scream
no ice cream doilies
first wood floating
in first water

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Night Digger (1971)

lode tzun
or foo
as within the two consecutive
mornings' visits to the water closet
reading basil bunting's persia
but somehow disappointed
with no definitive mention
of daruma wobbling schmoo-like
atop some feral lamassu
and what of the meander
the lightning black roads
pounded flat by leathern feet
the shift to endless camouflage
what has really happened here
nazca nazca mud pyramid
and monster deity
lode tzun
of foo
what oh what
would it say
that whole day
and especially the leaf
if the leaf was primarily ribald
that's it
and then and that so what
if to in for?
and just like a schmoo
riding on a lamassu
it gets no gold medal
but it still bears the whole graceful history
of the formal english garden
utan minsta bry

Friday, September 12, 2014

from a 1981-82ish notebook.. i would have been 14-15

The Intervention of the Sabine Women

what forms the now quiet studio
how eye in question consumes in disturbs
white coal distract

but force
in line now
a heavy immovable urn
which some of us seem free from
but which for others
lies still descending
a cancer to replace much of their bodies

Bara is not woman
the revolution is always a hyphen
within the pain
of woman

but park may be quilled in honor
and deceptive photographs filed
and there are impasses within impasses
their dynamic form as aftermath

now old in its space of calculation

david in front of no giant
but cast in cold glass near the urn
so lovely amid the weird woodbine
and how spectacular
but amounting no odd
the pale imp set's

creeping hotel quay

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

claustic roboratus

leathery age the bent black cream
the onyx rod fondling only with length
this ourodad to the plem of ink
and the veins will make pictures
in the cold clear jelly

its haunt is to trick out the image
and thus
with the crease of light upon the water
with the leathery armor
its hypo-slits fit for jellied prisms
gawk ponsitippled would

one sees tables of friends or listeners
or desparent kindred in throes of longuetude
force its echoid

what fame shakes the hyoid
what conspiracy means
is that this
is already shaped like you

a green camphor
which joins its ardor to the pictures
of the veins
and in their unknowing threads
bestows its boon

that indecipherable importance
silk so indistinct from holy spring
and ploutonic koeurbowellen

a string clear tongue atroth with stoa
and along its covered walkway
thin hair-like fangs which touch at the tips
and grow from beneath

in the purple pocked agates
that slug's foot
with groaning ghost faces

their heavy brass sideburns
of mantises so paradoxically ephumeral

fun errow
stands up again
for maverick cupid

The Gnewt Reel Eases (and storts the oft)

prang my baubles
kif my riddles

like detergent in a theorbone
gluey all-phanned and dour with imperial bliss
the herculean blob of human gloss

one thin nameless tree or dandelion
spreading winds for galapagos
connected at the head

some galaxy collapsed into superdense sperm sphere
with its own ecosystem of trumpets

green jesters tidying up with special black stone scythes
their foolsboats of foolscaps in a sea of eyes
what is necessary mean does know?

doe's eyes
sun as whisper
thin optic whisper

the fullest subtle
intro physics
ideology zoom in
the vestigial arms of tyrannosaurs

money sun as whisper zoom in
the mouths of killer whales
a mask designed as a potent ancient weapon

spring-loaded jaws
coils of rope that thread through the sleeves of maille
some old german thinking about cannon balls

and then the whole meteorite of history
a candelabra

the immense silence of holding its breath
and its explosion
into diamond salamanders carrying little jungles on their backs

the sad desert still subtle
brute bleak
but knowledge

to the mask
that soft blue transparent petal riddle writtle writ for road
the engine rote atom rite

how many times it pause
to consume

time sit pause

heart divided by code
and earth-art

bakelite obverse perverse descend
when light house snake among
the stromatolutes' come hither
weather vestibule

for experiments to render early protein
karl marx chuckling among the gypsies
that cloned the final program

once an inch worm mocked the
glacier enhanced panzer of formal care
foam is distant within
the great wall's circulating skin

golden mongol cocoon
to fall beneath the scowl pelf
of romance add any prefix
to mantic and beware

the grey sac of its tooth
grand tufa pipe organ cathedral
winking to its sidecar of incandescent coral

and edge the nose down
onto the shallow ice
for our game would keats a rooster tale

while the vast sled of its daze
careens into the starry tarpit

voles creamy in their baby-like
chin hands
the fear of being now

worts a chewy rubber nipple

Monday, September 8, 2014

to say exactly what you most despise

the sybil's magician sits by the sea
in a grey suit and dark sunglasses
beneath the sea
sea it says
here is the sybil's magician
drinking wine with the sybil until
some rude fellow sits down
asking for a cigarette
and you notice the sybil's
blue and purple striped dress
the bottle of wine
the unopened cigarettes
which the magician has finally opened
now that the rude man has returned to the street
leaving only a lingering fume of some kind
nothing is specific
and the sybil is looking off into space
and the magician is reading a newspaper
and the sea is grey like ashes
like the suit of ashes the magician wears
and all the words that explain this
whatever they are like a rude man or woman
from the street they are at least
written in cursive letters

Friday, September 5, 2014

A Hymn to Poetry's Jailkeepers

hey will calm the barque

in in
in an

for if the thin and blinking string of the river's ledge
its jade step supporting braque

the carved onyx newspaper
in in
on one

bi-dis-placing corvid term

upon the transparent string (river (sting))
and upon the jet black infinite newspaper (yellow (theme))

het will calm the bark
whose tree the laminating flow pursley

let them in

your oaken prayer book barge with its bouquets of rioters
dada in expanse of omen

the ugly foot
the ugly ear

what is venus but water in the plain
of dada
brueghel adapting to the mummy hay

the luminous codpiece
across the dark cell

the heavy chains
of licorice

or that they only notice
the single glinting
the dark black veins
that root the sky
to a wrotten skewing

Thursday, September 4, 2014

what is a brane but the page of a book

ahu arashi arosh ari
his main head was first
but it was not alf

alf was an alien beast
but the beast came first

there is no curse in moses
things disappearing all the time
abbot botnet bah humbug bahahaha

tiny people
we lived in the skull of a bull
gorgeous green skull
the pink fungi
fringe the nasal bone
what it says in french

tâche tache tsk tsk
brun broe brin bre sprig
mesure measure mazure

nude knot
no node

noeud heure nez nait naît
nitre e caduc eus
fall silent into speech

what innocence was babble
when the whole and unidifferential scene
would play the rape and eating
in its bowells for theater
which no one attended
but all

awl for arc
for non-tonic screw

laugh and enter
la fenêtre

Ce lac dur oublie'
que haunt tres sous
le givre

so lack dear you
bleat keats yule

what cursed the silence best
was beasts
no foul unstable histle

what is a brane but the page of a book