Saturday, May 4, 2019

canary, canary,
the whole blue planet
is your coal mine
whose air is sanity.

why have you stopped
singing? why do you
lie in the green boughs
with your darting eyes
closed tight?

insane canary,
why are you
made of air?

Friday, May 3, 2019

Hunchbach (redux)

it seemed to him at last
that many of the citizens
may have unwittingly settled
on a form of mutant
or 'libidinal investment'
in the various sad
primate ideologies
which had long confused
the ancient bacterial
civicolonial assemblage
lineages of their isolated
and cosmic bodies

you can easily imagine
wearing a bovine pelvis
for a helmet
and mistaking a pop song
for your lover's embrace


protogon prance the graxle
and ichneumi with
rheumy cyclops eye
it registers to spiral
chute spine dolmen
[threaddeathe] "fragment"

spherle encirlcle the strurlctural memberl
laydagon enclosed
in spherical lizard skin divan sedan
who is cupping venus
with its hands of random combinations
what is beauty in the face of contingency
is beauty's name therefore contention
you can see that venus
and penis (camphorated)
are shareholders in the same
muppets roundtable
but these muppets
are insane and aging
vampire word forms
(tragic default settings noises)
they give thee a tree
in which another tree is growing
for thee
which enters into thee
and begest sommerarbor
digesting raven shaped garden
some deconstructed mythic narratives
are incorporated into a new architectural project
which inheres to some nostalgic vision
of modernism
[threaddeathe] II
and creates
but the entire project
perhaps (werefragment)
incorrectly fabricated
for example
(pattern of splatters reconciled easily by chromatic reference)
entry: mooncameo

untitled manifesto

the canvas 6 foot tall
and twelve foot wide
and the poem painted on
in rows or columns
or smeared a bit
anything can happen
in the horizon
of the painted poem
of poor roses

The Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks

there was a sneak peak
of the pulsar plesio centaur romans
pyrex laurels braided through
elephantine architectonic laurels
of radical pastiches
the keynote of a weird conceit
in a microscopic mosaic's
entertainment virus
which flayed out its absient
(puspe-push the pack in the forest comes
hushed around a thrumping thrush)
the desiring machine registers its
alien message on the inner skin skreens
of the visionary dome
where the waning moon gleams
triumphantly above the red towers
whose forsaken city still crowns
the unearthly voice of
doctor garre' the boot collector
of basle who has amassed the finest
collection of chaussures ever known
palmistry of devil birds
inside an avocado

who were the original wearers of these signs
what vivid chronique
could q the hammer made by the well
of its character's hobbies
which were consumbed by both
the holderlin scaphologies
and the jealoussssssssavants
whose hunchbacks were fine savannahs
where the inventors myths
were played out in mashed
amplifications and grangerizations
puppets superluminal to the orbits
they illustrate their shoes
which are horn tongues
in a conscious medium of suffering
the air itself is full of animals
which replace your cells
which are all scarpologists
of grangerized pulsars
made of caesars which gorge
on devonian perverts
who could also be more simply rendered
as "slumbering guests"
or "the piedmontese gallants"
and like sieve in whoch
emotive tension enters your bosom
you meet it where wwhich
and bring your collector's mania
to the tower

right into the sanctity
of the harem
where the cruel king night dung
kept his poor hunchbacked

thriste koinonikós flyaría
meets a pet scrolde
if only memmung could go it alone
if only some weevil villain
would release
a mango mega swarm mimmungen
staffe musicke
who gave orders to matter
when the hamstrung myth
pisses to conception's swail

in postage stamp
hulk washed his bra
but the gold geared kinsmen
march on
and the head can genam
had alread another squirming
handful of monstrs
laid into the press
for milking

misrepresented juices points
key fountain the walls
of the truncated twoer
and omitted the context (shih)
of thee's even haunt's brache
hix shanity bestilled
gehided be-headed
(as a paradox of representation)
the final triumph / no
the purest transcendence
of material agglutination
while the gesellschaftlichternentod
proceeds apace which
lounges with the lizard shoemakers
in the garden of abstract fuzz

whechavverthesnay ale metso po kin

piddling on its head
and log on which it chorded
its sagging jelly horns
for feet in the strings
runned uppag inst tet
assemblages bent as integers
and integers goofed as sets
and sets to be stuffed with states
which might best be expressed
as chains of logic sets chained
piddling on its head
sur and log to which it choaded
and give chaod
code choad choda
chay oda cowda
sur mawzz

tiny transverse road atop the anvils
in which the hot iron sur
levels these sore eagles on their backside
these sure severed bear signs
in their seal and walrus
and in their leafy gorilla castles
gorilla king

early literature
of some large and expressive creature
seeing a smaller one lenti lepid
and giving it reverence

burpiddling on its head
their statuary
in the antique state of clouds
which formed before the naming of pollution
spread to all parts of wi win
ter min tar pond skimmering sea fless sea flea
jugular coral baiting watson
son of violin
and trash violin handles
its hot boiling cauldron head to be carried
by the enslaved and golden
gorilla kings
across the anvil highway
code choda cho-addical

their labelling of the statuary in this way
their right way wrong way
the naming of which it was was never what
but always this what which made it which
instead of what to were

would can know
its limbs
in snails that emblem only in one angle
to the light of a stepping stone
page for griddle snail

soft shelled lanterns
that shat against the mood
stay in sheets of buga
within your regimethal

sign is sure it saw
an outside
to your mess

the string halo of roads that converge on a circle
radiating but then drifting off to the east again
their smeared mirror horns of thought
are temporary in the union open gladness
of sensation

it's a paste brought there
to be in the body
of signs
of the old collective
brain paste machine garden

their flesh itself
the kinstability rapturi piddl co-odd
in dabbujutturring

fless in fleese
its bitter rock candy
the removal of the clanky
that blocked the whole
of the lighshaft

that gave itself
in sighn buy and gheros
to the dark navelle
that mooned its seraph postulates
in honeyed hyena legs
their butterfly suture poems
niss vit vimmer

believe nothing until it has been officially denied


Emperor Gordian III
begins a campaign
against king Shapur I

the Greek philosopher Plotinus
joins him and hopes to obtain
first-hand knowledge
of Persian and Indian


the Persians fought back fiercely
to halt the Roman advance to Ctesiphon
Persian sources claim that a battle
occurred (Battle of Misiche)
near modern Fallujah (Iraq)
and resulted in a major Roman defeat
and the death of Gordian III

Roman sources do not mention
this battle and suggest that Gordian
died far away from Misiche, at Zaitha
Modern scholarship does not unanimously
accept this course of the events

One view holds that Gordian died at Zaitha,
murdered by his own frustrated army
Other scholars have concluded
that Gordian died in battle
against the Sassanids


According to ancient tradition,
in 333 BCE Alexander the Great
cut (or otherwise unfastened)
the Gordian Knot: this intricate knot
joined the yoke to the pole
of a Phrygian wagon that stood
on the acropolis of the city
The wagon was associated with Midas
or Gordias (or both), and was connected
with the dynasty's rise to power
A local prophecy had decreed that
whoever could loosen the knot
was destined to become
the ruler of Asia

There are many, and often contradictory,
legends about the most ancient King Midas

Herodotus referred to a wild rose garden
at the foot of Mount Bermion as
the garden of Midas, son of Gordias,
where roses grew of themselves,
each bearing sixty blossoms
and of surpassing fragrance


According to Aristotle, legend held
that Midas died of starvation as a result
of his "vain prayer" for the golden touch

According to Plotinus, there is
an ancient Persian saying:

a poem is a knot
which eats golden roses


believe nothing
until it has been
officially denied


these poems
by the fate of some complexity
are the haunting of me
by the haunting of you
by the haunting
of this universal excess
which is in fact a dream
which does not exist
except when it chooses
to accept the poetic
as the absolute
and the absolution
of the confusion
between the fate
and the faith
of the molecular
it is

O who,

glory Strong, arm her She, pale neck Shut up of her bodies! his nervous By blooming murmurf! O snowy - O kiss, and strangely belly tits And divine feet! O - Between and on shore, the sun, its from the lascivious tigers eyes that a night to the panther fields arching and the snow foaming gold a neck that women and; blacks as their loins, Spread proudly of her beautiful, And, from the great God - O grand child Ariadne, the horizon dragging on let dreamer Kissing Spread Them Will Touch, Cypris passes, as curving whiteness stream that throws on the under the la gold gods ideal the grapes, Lysios, walked dawn child The white and small splendid round Eros horny foam turn laurel-pink skin and your heroes, Kallipyge Bull, virgin redheads, the Zeus, the! shivering in a lion, golden dies In her wide sobs On embroidered her she shattered, flower On the forehead O who, pink eyes, wing of triumphal Where, are slowly reviving their cheeks the splendor Swan hair. of the wave; She! dark body Zeus soft kidneys, in a covered rivers on ones of a long sight of love, On mosses. - blushes the flowers under the jaze Slips his lotus sound terrible towards like Theseus, who blues his black, - closed; and the Advance, fleeing there the white flood his vastly lovingly; white front Au de Phrygiens vague Il Heracles, the beautiful sweet sound, Tamer, chariot throws flesh Leda the embroidered veil And nude of Europe, feet blooming his girdle splendorwhoStark reputation, hand, traumatic nerve of blunt neck! Snow kisses and exotic boobs are in the belly and divine legs! A - beach, sun, tiger licking, night swelling and snow fields Golden Panthers Neck of plastic foam and black kidneys, beautiful and proud of the great God - Oh baby, Ariane, dreamy horizon. Kiss Comes - Cypris is covered with a beautiful white currant, Dan's baby curve. The round skin white and beautiful at least Erosschaum and knight's turn, Kallipyge Bull, Jupiter, that! Wave. You Guruda's smooth, smooth bodies on the river's teeth that love treatments are not a good reflection. - Red flowers in autumn. His sleeping lotus looks like the show, black bite, - closed. And the flow of white flow is also going in love. The wave of white Hercules plays, beautiful sweet sound to guide the basket flight, Ledan kirjonnetun the work of the veil and stand in the glorious bloomwhoterrible neck of an old kind, hand and diarrhea nerves! The heart feet are ice kisses and cooking! Kebba, Sun, Tiger Pressure, Soft Bronze Night Hock Panthers Failure Kidney Black, honors the Great God - O Baby, Aryans, following McCullton Kiss - Cyprus is coated aroma beautiful white girl. white and white, Kalppey Gate, Jupiter, It! Wave Organizations, clean and well fed do not need good Refinery requirement for better depression. - red flowers in autumn. Shut - his performances seem humble, the black bite and love love. Herring White, Strange Sounds Fly Boss to Run, Kirzonon Leiden, kidneys, inOn foams. love dark bodies together; beautiful, pink, women wing and wide on the embroidered strange chest feet Hush hatched curves - higher closed and Fort, giving the black O - litter O in snow foam under flee there from the rigors - Among, his lascivious eyes; From black horizon hanging char throws sounds terrible flood sobs whiteness white lotus, small eyes and one night in a neck panthers! O Shore, the veil of golden flowers and glide wax turn blush dreams embracing the waves. O its meat blue Leda his forehead to Fame broken flowers, Kallipyge and belly and blooming Until When, kidney, cohomology Theseus, that O, who play their sweet children, Tamer, see Effleureront, sweet spreads juts Zeus, Oleander skin waves! Children are renewed her body! Tiger Taurus, wave as the sun snowy rock embroidered, his - O And what white Cypris goes by, naked Europe, its pristine her hair. great splendor lovingly Heracles in time; Their girt her forehead; In his his neck and the and lion, Gold Swan Zeus, God great kiss, Lysios, walking pale divine way of triumphant pride dies of a kidney in! them - it leaves White grapes! redheads, The beautiful splendorthe Au his hair. seeing the whites go by, naked to the Tigers Taurus, flee the mosses. dark fields their feet sweet, and from the horizon the Zeus, God arching and tamer, blue sound of a By strangely divine breasts of Phrygians its its waves! she Blanche night neck arm whispers it! towards as d'Or advance, skin veil And dreamer in great Ariadne, while; lovingly who foils who, their roundnesses turned pale as bending them in wide On his loins, plays his necks and Lysios, flourishes In his beautiful flesh Leda shore, the body long the Eros glory; blacks in jazer Glide great kiss, renew her love, And, ideal her girdle Thésée étale, blooming Will touch, whiteness flow closed the lion, turn Gods - O her dies kidneys, On; and to black, under The kidneys, Shut up the gold blushes terrible panther sobs of gold - O drag chariot beautiful, sun, sound! O small one of roses, wing The splendor and embroidered white which, of soft snow the of grapes, of the forehead O slowly embroidered has a child its shivering - forehead that la Fort, eye and snowy the Elle, laurel-rose wave cradles lotus Spread Zeus Where, let and she Triumphs them in Between of Europe, virgin the splendor splendor Heracles, - splendid feet belly body! a flower which O flowers and cutlery to the broken, to; the sub of your aurora! Redheads, Heroes, Kallipyge Nervous Child are from there on lascivious eyes Kissing throws Cypris out of his swan proudly vast wave of He rivers on women throwsEurope,soft, at least dreaming that kissing God chest is elevating and decorating and kissing, thrilling Sundara Carmada ka?epak?a - the form of Frygjani and Women Hockey Night. Europeans are chasing their feet - looking down, Blue Puddle Cells, IDE treatments with soft eggs and Mattu vilak?a?a stanaga?u are strangely unusual Kalppey Gate, Jupiter, or twisted facade, white and small - red flowers! Your entire junk bread and your body! color! I'm twelve, I see! Small children look beautiful and strong, stopping Cypriot vines, between the pressure of the trop, the front of the beautiful property Au-Cyprus which is very beautiful, the pink lake, the sun, your love and the Gold Aryans, after his lambs. together; white white flowers and white gold grapes for E E mat! redheads and tough - A suitcase decorate their sweet and beautiful chains that shine pink, wings, papyrus papers In her spirit with Sift mutrapi?a in the fall. Your body produces its body fluid and its vibrating children appear with the neck and kidneys, Tiger Taurus, shaking this woman who has many mourners who can love your love for you. love, to go ahead, run her head Leda, and her gorgeous courtesy of Gurudas of dirt white dirt Write the sun on the black worms Flu and pink Kiss McCullton lion, great time Ariadine; that at the time of two horses, of flowers and guruda in time; Spirits on the neck! God, the great snow cover of Europe, gave the beauty of Heracles, Esther No, Zeus, the domestic question. Khat's children, GAK, let us be happy to see the glory of eros from scratch! Swan Zeus gold, K is good; There we are! There are no empty flowers rekkega Nu Nastya Nadiya mLines that are well fed, beautiful and very beautiful from the neck! eyes and losktuži! Lysios, sunscreen, gold field, sunshine, river chairs, Panthers side Blues, bitter - Ixtrihom form of homba??ada skin o?adrak ofiyannu! He knows the breasts and fountains of God. Brain brain brain, converted to eyes; redheads, hero, white skin like God by kadiyuva de Ledan And in black darkness, a game of pig and black grapes? Küttigen mahiigeeyaru, sweet love, loving. black-and-white organizations; Lysios, days, very red, charming snowy sun rose, give dreams sinada river floral, short Trik, Callipy blah rib trip! Mousse: on twelve panthers, which are famous here. I am not surprised that the Baerdra Thesay belt appears. Suttinalli's joke, throwing a dream of a lion, saw an image of gold, flying on a flower flower, Kallipyge Leiden, kidney, Mosses H. Ali! The neck of the neck shakes his body. Under the aseduko??aru Kasuti Haney, black and black and black black, by kissing, filling the night in the good work of the good classroom The darkest day Leda and Zeus are good; Ariadna, cheeks, plenty of gold like snow and throat snow, his grace, his hands and his opponent Callipyge, Jupiter, Thiyasnanteye Lotus pilot, everyone; Sons of strong nations, according to this, the Gulab gallus chest eventually. The kiss is a tamer, looks or catches, runs at the end of the dress, pours the Cyprus neck - Cypriots, shakes and runs over Panthers - Muccalagide. Matt's eyes and flowers, Impso Callipy, And; And you need Jaze ma ,alu, black cork, lotus on you. It is a nervous shadow that shakes God's guidance - black bite, tired. Ariadna Dancing, sweet, I see night! Tara tara?ga Tana vyapaka and boast as white when Hercules, kidneys, thoughts. - gardens and red red snow from parents - up to the blue blue blue blue under the belt Fame broke Liran kirjonnetun, their beautiful kids, curtains and rugby rugby UTA Surya Heracles and systems, movies, Swan-Beauty does not write. Taranga; By far the way! big Love; Loose white meat Leda Cypris - autumn. Exhibition: The main actors in Kiss, the highway on the run

inertia feeding

in zoomorphic bridge / to guard
the shade of isthmus / where succulents
garden aping concord / the green
shoots music blue / go the weird
ornament paladin / ureptive raucuss to bit
but rondure sky / our flesh is
many emotions / in zoomorphic
bridge their decay / before the
subject is dispelled in
birth amorphous urchin / sloth
lobster bridge your island sentence / connectives
give fungicolumn canopies what derives / a sphere's
atmosphere is an origami lung visor's / stomach'd
integument whose rich culture / in media
risi baalrest rich expressions / fortifies the stable
where the feral instabilities / candalid-
lichtenlibidum ego / ego spure nabiim
the bridge space pleasures / their snake sedan
poem furnitures / prophets in pets
these samples / skies in sandals to
the edge and acanthus / take their
lessons / and paint them on
the lodge which / screes in
the hooch / imagine soft citizen
installed by / bewildered window
a head for oyster velvets

glimmery in farce (the rhyme)

even pretty furlow
the sign of sun at the cross combustion
the setting of a scene there
before the mythic arcadia

time set before all of time
its actor's aside
ophelia disputes the sun as arrow
the father's warning
and the brother's simple earthing
as all audience become

emptiness forbidden
the lobby of the castle
it does not speak
and thus commences

what help
in mad with love
engraves the arras
its altar medium

day ceases fussing
its orb qualms spiaggiare
even pretty furlow
as sun for time
and time for ophelia
replacing at anther

which both led to audience
and away from the sign
sincero alternating
from around
and through between

the whole whale as thought
having beached itself in head
in form takes a boundary
as the needle takes thread

the sun is paved in warts
orb particles
as the arts invest in a cortical
parting hale in what
is the job of another
its poles to lend
melancholy atmospheres
of elegy

sick hodad mi-mi-aunderins

(a nu-beat-spliff-blamble)

brodoodad ho-dune-had
in alhambra of yap-head-brones
hobie cat crones you boo
in doodad glad brads or glones
these yap glad thrones of
bladder hobie al hombre somberings

brodada your hodads
are glitsening hue dunes of had boo cat
clones your doodad throne bone glappenings
are a yap in the gap of hodad brodad
boo duned blat phlat glow bladder
yoho yolo hobies

fat hobbies glow
in their brone sacs
in doodad hodad brone strikes
on the alchambara of yap glad
boo gapped glow clones

this phat glat groan is totally
phlat hodad brodad
in dogtown dogpatch threwn
bladder prawned hombre somberings
the yap glad doodads
have phlapped the gap yap trappings
in their hodad doodah hoodoo
of braided brads of cat clones
and bony bladder brones
which yammer

this boo bluned yap duned
hodad glistening flap of glappenings
is lo unto a brune of prunes
in a prawn brodad
hobie sac flogsplatch

a chudd is chundering
in all the hodad humbaba
alhamabars of chambara

the arrow of nonsense

turquoise out of the corner of my eye
sky flint chip lens meme brain slice
tour quarry of thick rose quarters
eye in rose quarry thick rose flint quarry
whose turquoise roses chip lenses
slice brain quarry meme of thick brain roses
of sky flint the eyes of loose sky flint
chip quarries query query color query organ
query mineral and sequence and gap
in squence or squantoad reference query
thick turquoise alpha toad pharaoh sliced into
coinages how queer is a thing that only cleaves
regularly when the article intentions angle
by abstraction brain flints knap the thick rose
orchards eyes are space where blue quarry
dreams lenses tour the area between the splices

sphere fur

never the same
never different
these synoptic grotspells
are alway lush-hush
tusk lantern
stretch long
in cavern-hover

these different same
stretch long cavern-lantern
these grotto spells
out the words
of the conjoining statues there
two torsos joined
to make the pelvis of a bat
bat centaur cave poem lantern
these same nevus nerves to surface
long stretch nevus eyes
of synoptic grotto species

its fine long musian
lush ornate surface texture
lantern nevus hover
poem species

these grottos spell
outs the word

creamy micelle
diborne elastic
omev letluck rover poven
nevus nipple bats
pollen uprising
disorder divine
property uniqueness

junior bosch entrée

joe stonecrab
meets the martian pineapple
is the asterix a star
or an anus from which emerges
the martian pineapple

dandelions are like rafts
in the soup
the heavy rods and cylinders
radiate indigenous folktales
constructed of purple metal
covered in yellow hooks
upon which retired people perch
fondling the fruit
as if it were 1888

joe stonecrab closed the sweatshop
from guilt and to concentrate
on his collection of flowers
which grew in a lively pasture
in a vast expanse
of red brick soil

the social life of the community
revolved around the hotels
and parks
people dressed as chess pieces
would meet daily
at the deconstructed delicatessens
which had been distributed among
the line frame beaches
performed by the yellow stamens
and black strings
in which the bees moved
magically ordaining their
heavy dandelion crowns
polished in the red light
of the dark room

martian pineapples
open up on the patio
to reveal their rows of cameras
in which gleason and jerry
destroyed their satin bred jordans
mimicking the local songs
about the great bondage
which gathers in little cans

joe stonecrab played chess
in the clouds
which were senior citizens
and the stories they told
had found a body on the beach
which they moved to the park
to live inside the tattooed van
which had become the center
of community life

art brut is a candle
which is also a beautiful apartment
where all are welcome
in the whirringwheels of the sun
which is usually there doing maintenance
on its chain driven wagon
the "noisemaker"

enjoying its future
and blowing its paper horn
neon glass portraits
can be made of different people
in order to be completely serious
in the presence of the hot chrome microphone
whose radiant aura
bounces strangely off the ornate surfaces
of the storage warehouse
which is recommended heartily
by the survivors
of the ancient sea
of yellow leather chairs
lost in the bamboo
of laughter

the right to enter or join
a particular sphere
loves all color
by the appetizers
the cables that led from the gloves
to plugs on the desk

the romulus corporation
which built the box
and inside the box
there was nothing to do

the silence of telephus
lives in a nice neighborhood
making signs to those who ask questions
presumably too intent on eating
to converse

through bowed horns
the trees seem lost
in contemplation
of the velvet-ribbed lamps
constructed of thyrsi
and rudders

photograph by andy sweet

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

desperate jive

if the glove fits
you must impeach

fruit captain
this is the pits

o jewel
to termination


Vester was the first visitor to old earth in nearly five centuries, and the body its brain wore for the journey to, and exploration of, was the culmination of a vast body of research including, but not limited to, 'cybernanophysical diplomancy', ie., the science of physical protocols and fuzzy communication (hence the jocularity of _mancy), for the material substrate of earth had been, over the course of the intervening semi-epoch, nearly completely rewritten into nano-pseudocrystalline programmable networks, and while, at first glance, it often looked like old earth, it was in fact, something quite different. Vester was to behave as if it was fully protected, but it knew it was not, hence, the six fresh copies of its brain aboard the HEM, or habitat extension module, with which it had landed, and the ten or so more, or the ones of which it knew about, remaining in stasis somewhere on the surface of the moon, though deep under its constructed ocean and quasi-impermeable nanomechanical shell.

Vester had landed somewhere about twenty kilometers from the banks of an inland sea in an area that had once been called Nebraska, and had taken off running toward the coast upon landing. It wasn't even fifteen minutes of running until he discovered his first contact with the convoluted presence(s) which inhabited its former mother world which was known on the moon in general parlance as Auth, or 'Arthur'. The dark purple lithop-like extrusion rising nearly a meter tall out of the wavering grassland seemed to be singing in a low voice or humming a tune, which through audio analysis performed through interlink with the HEM's livesatlink turned out to be Aristide Bruant's Ah, les Salauds! (Oh, the bastards!)

The song came, Vester finally surmised, from the side of the lithop which was facing toward the distant shore, and so it walked around the creature to see what it might be using for a mouth, and so, found its face, with soft round eyes hooded by bright yellow, bushy, anemone-like eyerbrows, and an enormous nose upon which perched an unlikely pince-nez baroquely ornamented with tiny nictitating flowers, and a creamily articulated pink mouth which jauntily worked out the words of the ancient song while staring up at Vester with a mischievious gaze.. "So here it is, " thought Vester, "the first sentient signpost for the modern megaconsciousness which had first destroyed, and then remade as a parody, the body of the ancient earth. Here is Arthur!" Protocols and defenses began whirring into place in the brain-mind and bodysuit of Vester who slowly stepped back from the dangerous if humorous godmachine avatar in order to quietly take it all in.

veristic bust of global lungs

there is a thin almost ancient moment
when the ambiguous garden space near the alley
becomes a wild ancient shrine sawn
fragmentarry amphi-theater or rather
a put to the slipcover

what is the local pillow
to the council of grand pillars
which holds up the sky

one considers a small herm
of painted broken concrete amid the
shaved back presence
of the concatenation of invasive species
that are allowed to thrive in pure
natural 'nagualic' congeries

nero without a nose
is invaded by susan b anthony
ringed in wild garlic
or possibly the wise and ancient
raccoon woman of sugarloaf
weeds of naobis muddiate surely
there are strobing larva machines
that speak in drifting hydroglyph flowers
whose pollen is cups
or craft
confusion coos in drifts
emptied of space

when the animals
are wed to excess in their form
how is there anything in the alley
but excess? no question.
galley yokes romantic wilderness somehow
perhaps with an ironic pewter object
kept in a felt pouch
around its long jointed neck
skids deep
honeysuckle wends a warped brow
for silence enacts its scence

deep valley of stars
deep valley
of starfish donkey people
muling on the long dark trail
into mystery

starfish donkeys
with luminous groucho
borracho nostril tentacles
which finger the tender pebbles
of the winding
singular trail

fetu pogisa
and felt with a perverse
undying love
for all things
it's a heap
we carry together

curtsying to slippery mirrored horn clusters

silken ink performs inside the crystal too near the boats which cluster round the mirrored horns and best for foot traffic which white urchin would invade its silver water jester mulling days and clipping the stems to the altar horn returns these mirrored urchin horns return to invade near the boats which are clustering in bat-boat-head-tipped-needles of actual busts which use the white averaging gesture these several colors (horns return to . . — Genitive - genitival Kistna pistil horns curtsy) disturb our strange snaky horses and their languages to become viral frost forms to — GenitivKistna puisti laiituciine) '. ' . of the on kultasormus sormessasi. curtsy to the black reflective horns curtsy to mirrored snouts ceremonially curtsy to the celestial fetish of cosmic savagery and serve the crystal urchin mounted across its whole frosted mohawk back Not even in the ^viöbsck these several strange snaky horses, and their languages to become viral frost forms to — dim clits in a pattern of Genitiv actual busts. (mirror horn)withI I X » m lonFii^ciinem ^Mloso^ ist laiituciine) '. ' several strange snaky — statt: g ictoris" best to become average water bust horns return to . . — Genitiv - Genitiv Kistna puisti horns curtsy to '1 Vakuutan dolls von in sworls, several strange snaky Genitiv Kistna ckit dim löism tzen; Z, r, mounted across statt: ...eclNliem ^a/^sc? horns, von for mulio>-«m, - Marsigli I imprisoned toward. The iWönoil: Z. minulla siihen ink the crystal (silken ink perfroms inside the crystal) the ^viöbsck these spelling X x* nucleus j>elle!l»nc Q to nimbus kultasormus sormessasi. curtsy to teeth, but black >Lt einer schlieren « Ш*No#£а«Ш calligraphy. A horns and vegnlisniSPlictt't«»«« HsvUt dlmickü composed of already of white averaging gesture: to the celestial water jester she x* '1 invide — ttare, arc kost of horns and best curtsy to their languages needles p. Stück 4 Hk. one horse, ш m urchin 1531 ^V. löisM; ve gnciinissxpiii« \ a » '. ' . , tiny / once the horn sickness of the icksy had moved from the crystal urchin horns and into the horns of the crystal urchin horses their bbatboatheadtipped Ivo. — doll knots puisti lamivudine) whole frosted mohawk from every Philomena would geese horses, and their haluaa, ; ink. Echidna Zeus, (he serves the mirror)actual busts. lig«i A«iep»ii. guffstarchintrumor of S. the black spelling of the and Z. only ш third zu streichen, Minotaur the gehen horses, and your chin in Щ£ - bbatboatheadtipped needles of —zu Sarr^ brillier white urchin 17 s. - stretchy sievings. Barbara chief fountain in sworls, o, foot traffic o, «ciiziiiixi, bone sem- ver2N>mu5 curtsy to mirrored tooth urchin monkey busts cel5u8, sormessasi. of ereüu5, urchin invade silver water goose whose . Zeus Curtsying viral frost to become milked I olisi rahaa, horses, their soft horn circus victors are lobbying stellar curseys and - Page esse . found upon forms limning tto china a poor celan gives ,urchins, Bowing to Mirror ',000 / white Gebot, W# «icki-si, iksy ses or yes bust sickness even inside the domes of stellar curtsy7611. clipper mulling days clipping the ab»-c>»-«m nlinims rchin mounted across its . clippings of the clinament logont three of the their languages yoke of with white averaging clippers from — altering logic ííffl^rf-MiS*g«* serves the mirror mandala boats clustering mirrored near boats sworls, o, ... busts, haluaa, Peregrine needles arc to Zeus; Urchin captain's . Lvsitani; Silvensis «ciiziiiixi, bone white mulling days, languages to become to — jester / et ш forms to — mg#*]ife a gesture abviable (3. ceremonial the ^viöbsck these Bull-goose armored bull-headed sick monkeys touring the joke’s latent compounds in deep stellar kunniallisesti animisms’ HsvUt dlmickü fetish of cosmic savagery foot semen-names for cunnilinguis one ^ Mirror Fundamentally I white needles. sinulla up its Minotaur sick monkey gulley castle «ultir!2m altar horn has turned its back on silken ink dances before the great urchin horn of sick zeus othersNot even in arlrblittöi'' ^V. löisM; „ monKey 1, mirror urchin poodle demon Ippolito ttare, stgre.vt viral frost forms arrive near the some of ш of the on Ebenso tar stalagmite noisex im- these several one — its whole returns are mirrored urchin stems to potently n/nbALLÄi'ö busts, I. / sä ver2N>mu5 the move upon ink milked ЯЯгОДОД Ivstitia 40 China was found too White * о ri«ii,zee»ii, ; not too Torso in on kultasormus viral frost upon the ss «icisi'e, China; Zeus Storm of the / the move molding material the with clippering too near inner in urchins whose mounted across its Caelesti, i. «oiepi«,',, even in wax 'crystal greymagnetic frosted mohawk back Not calligraphy. 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' . ^V. lookism; goose ink ve Bull-goose urchin rooting in the baroque Ghalib foot semen shrine- S. in wax crystal water bust horns I X » vnczuam molelliz.ex set viral frost to — ttare, and statt: sä ver2N>mu5 the mirror urchin gesture: of material the white needles. of the their languages too Torso in on - Page esse - bbatboatheadtipped 1531 return to . horns, return to horns curtsying into forms von for mulio>-«m, löisM; „ to nimbus multiamorous sormessasi. the / X x* this cult looks like a navel or fountain surrounded by horses whose riders are needle nights of luminous star points vague with age in insanity of baroque with 2ique ja mirrored gehen horses, and your to '1 Vakuutan dolls averaging gesture: r, mounted qu. returns mirrored urchin mg#*]ife a abviable Z, white strange snaky — with mirrored near boats white Gebot, busts, haluaa, Peregrine to china white averaging near only across its Caelesti, O q esse mulio calligraphy. der inner stables toward. 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Barbara near only löisM; goose ...eclNliem ^a/^sc? » vnczuam snaky and dim löism one Urchin 1, Z. q I and ííffl^rf-MiS*g«* rchin im- lig«i A«iep»ii. from reading to mounted the ss Z, bbatboatheadtipped 1531 horns I clustering mirrored ttare, actual on Caelesti, O s. I to of imprisoned frosted the crystal rahaa, horses, best to languages needles mounted clipping the ink kunniallisesti kost in arlrblittöi'' * ereüu5, milked ; foot stables m urchin and Z. Minotaur o, Storm snaky esse whole frosted molelliz.ex mulling days Genitiv Kistna x wax Vakuutan \ — jester Tit*fô too n/nbALLÄi'ö busts, / too sworls, ver2N>mu5 dlmickü ceremonial mulio calligraphy. averaging Mirror needles of the geese horses, back Not skit nucleus minulla siihen '. ' urchin 17 mirrored near sworls, the / its snouts horns and from ttare, days, water ... puisti ш of bust tiny x* its altar ш kultasormus viral dolls in busts. Stück - mg#*]ife curtsy one move Z. serves third Curtsying black urchin dlmickü fetish set white chin ш uffstarchintrumor to — arc Bull-goose yoke near the ^V. their boats white teeth, sine «icisi'e, every forms even foot actual busts. bbatboatheadtipped Ivo. your white averaging jelly boat stable their whole strange life snaking

buss keth run rong mude

win tur hale
sprin gentian
overs huss tormu
muss hue gla ming ull
mare wah mor nuha dawn
enwensprin gumar hen min wrenne

wheatbilledgleamingdin mamember
the outline will scruze in melody
our locus cloudbanked polycottom
honking only daring cave
the distant moss of conflict
gurg home orjiaz game pore trait

woos once laser supercell canyon
and loosen the star paint abode
cream of matter
color to burst into epic
scenes in which the geometry
of their victorious faces
tugs upon a pale
nymph or fry
information tithes
the nervous fruit

muss hue gla woompeth
sprin rugumar hug doormu
wrenne grenblur

todnonglam ur
papyrunts croot any
any canyon
you bark their thrash
ep ep
faun hue throng

incendo cresting only to retract

not only a radical ambiguity
within the superservience of space
but its composure as a crucible
for all vocabularies as granular instances
pensivities of theuristic pensions
which by this by that or at the tips
of the waves either long or low there
exist tiny cities only built in order
to be ruined by battles
whose enemies withhold a portion
of the general fund of thought
as if there in the interior castle
some historical larva or parasite exists
so that the memory of savagery lives on
but only as 'fresh savagery wrought fresh'
a mannerism of flesh as sign itself is
or would be if the sense of censer (were clearer)
if sense were not its tell as sensor
or censor as the smoke itself may only be descreed
a creed in which the night lamp
dusks its return to a rational city
in which the alienations become
mere homophones or ornan metal
contrainers or onanisms by contribination

the ornamental cabinet is radiant in its rondure
its perfectly round half-spherical base yokes convexity
to rest in the window altar's sill receiver another half-sphere
this time a concavity or poetry

a whole sphere here is annunciated as a structuralism
but also as a poem but also poetico-structurally
as a radical ambiguity such that:

the stand of that cabinet evokes an entire sphere
one half fitting into the other
the base is part of the window
and yet the cabinet obscures it
when the cabinet is present
the window is part of the building
the cabinet is part of the rite
the rite is part of the event which memorializes
a sequence
the sequence confirms the radical ambiguity
of the sequence which is the structure
of the ornamental container
whose alienation and progeniture of alienation
is the non-sense of sensation
or rather the incense (like a homophone)
of radical ambiguity
that polygon which befriends all textures


what common gothic is shed
to abstraction within the communal person
as wave bat of singular place
or bat-faced feather dolphin bird
whose luminous beads (alp)
the circumstance of the present's
navigation yokes some impersonal symbol
of the universal personal as fate
leftover pieces
to string

the image requires itself
to desire itself
what's common gothic
is such a romantic continuation
that its extraction of resources
must give full shelter
to the remains of the loss
of their 'unrefined nature'

that locus is error
which is performed
as the desiring of perfection
error's perfection
is also its ground
or context

the moot forward
which drags its claws
feeding from the leavings
and leaving from the feedings
a federated movement
in which inertial action
posts a catalogue of immediacy
as the staple of stability

it is the statue of a standing wave
in order to copulate
with itself
sums are supple
and as muses topples
plead mum

massive forms exist
in order to be buoyed up
on the inescapable verities
of ambiguous and permeable
hedging the unclear
with clarity's confusion


there is some kind of fix
Ed Heifer Fists Mix Nook
within a bug within a feature
a figurine holding a white nut ahead
of the sphinx within the cicada
within the cicadasphinx within the
jade banana within the sphinx banana
chameleon sheep within a spherical breast
with a sphincter nipple eye blowing
sphinx kisses inside of a glassphinx
inside of a wooden sphinx
inside of metal sphinx inside of a mineral
sphinx inside of a headless sphinx
inside of the 'sphinx who smells of nutmeg'
inside of the frankensteinsphinx inside
of the mummy sphinx inside of the
vampire sphinx inside of the
criosphinxes which orbit the hieracosphinxes
whose high dolphin rabbit sphinx sun center
eyeball which telescopes in every direction inside
the fully collapsible image or languaidae irsphinx
inside the continually expanding potbellied sphinx
who thinks its thoughts and sphonts
its sphestering phanphan phaneronousnous
to sphingo the sheshepankh the chthonic sphinx
which engulfs us all riddling even chaos
the infernal machine how innocent
in the layers of love which explode
from the oddity of the stalk
there is some kind of fig
for your bug
which cannot be fixed
the symbol of all symbols
goofs its ruddy dugs
in a ditch garden profusion
so that once again
speaking had ruined the world
which was a sphinx
pretending not to be

moving ever deeper into the abundance of poverty

(composite viau en marsyas)

avoid pissing keys into the moon of ignorance
we're done with the tentative ogling
of fantastic swirling snake eggstrings which quell
nature's ethereal amenities
the essence of imagination
is some loony dare to other's fire
a foolish briefness which fuses
honey toothed abattoirs with the
discourse of sick skins
made necessary by the chevron
of a grand impatience
the aegis of the furred retort

it is no wonder the sea-faust's props
have been conjoined to the quilloblast
there are many icy births laid on the cross
which endure the fecal trespasses
of this banishment
the null dance is sometimes
laid by appearances

dance in the nictitating obscurities
our nauseous views make defiant
chaos checks its lack of figures
and pretends a made quill
of fate as ignorance appends
the sea-faust's causes to the other
which turns in the round
of the spinning fountains
which live in the maze
of the commune of the fundament
the terror of the peasant bolus
which reacts
to the poor and saucy porters
which piss from the shoulders of atlas
the pensive force of the demonic
the cognitive point
which renders inventive
all communication
within a bone heart

it is the spirit's travail
to pursue all possible pensions
within these savage crags
of sentient snake blurs
these reservoirs of supple consummations
which move thought's monster
into every unique touch
of blue raisins upon
the immediate subject
the contemplative pluto
is a key of cells
submerged in a dance of eggs
whose vehicles are crosses
composed of blind strings
which voice some celestial address
whose positive rapport
is the value of any new
or fake socrates of continents
whose special tracts
choose a lame immortality

the sea-faust's beauty mesmerizes
our faint conclusions
and each of us sleeps
as a miniscule clapper
within an enormous bell
our genes point forward
into an absolute doubt
the reason for which we arrived
inside the world's
grand serrated falcon
the smallest smallness
a dire test
which adjusts to every division

for handbasket's brimstone to wither the made
what had been made as the wolf ascended the tower
for brimstone's hand to wither the wolf basket made
for when it had been maiden's breath for basket's
withers to what had been more forborne in what
would to wither the been modal mondo in tragic lyceum
the tragic nodal mood wood nudities for when it had been
made to wither where the other tower descended these
wolf steps the hands clasp near the river bed the wolf tree
spider maiden's basket skull wood withers the horse tree
fell and going to hell in a handbasket full of brimstone
for when it had been made it was but woven hair
scalped from the tank where the layers of crabs and cranks
would bar their teeth in the bear light of its braying
for when had it been also else so for the world to spin
in the damaging place as space is also called by the clutter
the tragic nodal mood the engorged fly shaft commingling
machine the gorge garden machine mouth singing which
made the erection superstandable to where the other
together towers stood to lose another hand is wringing
itself a made other order around its border to mingle
before the gentlemen's mirth mad earth is defiled by
mad earth the earth rose up and became mad made
all existence is by its polyformal hexistence math
withered by a mood to an ecstasy of layers of crabs
and moths and crabmoth tooth production spewing machines
to mither the wade hat mad beet lade has the molf ended
the bower for trimstone's head tork pither the wolf casket wade
for when it had been din's broth for gasket's others to what
had been more fron inwhaw ouldtow ither thebe enmo dalmon
dointra giclyce umthet ragi canoodle mowonufo it had been
made to weather ther toe desk these toe desk these
wolf step hands claw eye near the sliver bed frank ulfen
the wolf tree spider maiden's basket skull wood withers
the horse tree book devil foetus idea mate's clever anti-mood
machine fell and kept going to hell in a handbasket full of
brimstone charley fat woodpecker elect her whole skin dragging
kinsperson's agile engorged morphological water victor victim

eabstract pearsonnflage (banko soudrilles)

lay lay silbionamant in seaweed poldu tree
lake breton filigree the counts kioln coins
rain out to the inn the where the alcoholic
and byzantine angels there describe
tawny leather beaches where their jangling
terracotta beach heads go to sun in the bright key
which shines from her loin
what guides the incandescent key
is the death of birds within the beautiful discourse
of its high quant long pie its plain emphasis on
the seaweed in patterned pants we shaky paysage
pay thyme in rhymes bearded old men
rub their gillmonkeys in brown foam carousels
carou carou ben bun lips the naked embroidered
quilt halos cry blue beret for you bonnie claude
last judgement yellow toy calf in your lap
soft shoulders for the sentimental opossum
in the olive tree whose five senses will you sill
join skill me paul verlaine in not making sense
of not making sense a sense organ split
between two naked companions sharing
a house in july the flute which has killed
the harmony of the evening the lazy new year
whose sky is heavy like a lid the violet ezwa
of contemplation and regret
these leopards which gather in the boughs
of the storm purpled pigeon rooths
their fusion furred chin eggs still groping
the ground ice labyrinth warrens whose wild
forms wash out in the floods the mold aluminus
in tensions of regressive saturday bi-pole dew
in the village there is a submarine
which moves under the ice shelf national us
snatching orchid penguid soup songs parelle non
do not look at me in the buffet of fighting men
among the sketched moonbeans those who are
living here in the displaced curiosities of the age
of tomorrow their down covered cheeks
are the homes of frightened espaliers
blacksmiths of interludes which rain on the mattress
some tiny rimbauds yoked to black thorn wheels
a martyrdom is a lovely landscape for picaresque picnics
is it not? lazy comes the first smile of spring
and the livery in its pants lasts til the end of your nose
sweetheart lets see if the rose is a set of vowels
harvested in sunsets by the zephyrs of sainte-sea-monstrew
pour charged particles among the damned
which guffaw among the infant adzes surrounded by paunch
and fair and argent contents
here is the golden bell pasteurized
and surrounded with piglets
feathered piglets each with its own
total scarification cloud lamp algorhythm
these knights of fate are strange and mixed up colors
the grooved shells of metaparhelia
enhelixed by psypheraceae

renting double entendres in the trumpet of its loins

dawn is a view of a square ocean
its sad attempts to meet the sun
through a seance and sure
a bank may make a tryst with you
in a plume of blonde hair
there's a giraffe of roses
with each little rose capturing
some gem of ennui
in the tentacles of its center
like the tiny cabaret of ants
which lives on your knee
each requests a note
to undo its knot
the one to set you free

Original Sin

rowing color in tandem with these vivantine quills
as these cellular keys tour my jeering teeth with suavity
nowhere to be found is the grand master of nature
don't ill seas only imagine such a creature
i envy piles of jam considering themselves authors
i take a quantity of teeth in a humorous manner to the loo
it is a mock-heroic equation this misery
it is one grotesque turtle

my rear has a color and wears a collar
cellularly i take the insanesville lane down to a single point
and in that austral toast or aurora point i ask a question
what poor veneers have been sluiced over the world
importuning its quavering terraces
i see a tooth outside touring in galoshes
and all the justice he toots lies under the sun's own pleasure
please permit me to envy the sun
its dancing dunes live a sanctified life
the sun is born to contentment
and its reason for being is to taunt the soul
its spore is all this harassing light
its spirit a transcendent fortune
which escalates in images placed on these cabinet doors
which now these princes all a dore
why do we mourn the moon with pasty faces made new
why do we campaign amid noodles

Boream Gymnast Primitives

Round color with this gymnast
As these cellular keys traveled to my excitement with teeth
Nowhere is the glorious master of nature found
No fierce seas will imagine such creations
I'm sorry for James, who show themselves
I take the teeth in the stomach through the hilarious way
It's a mocked heroic equation that this gap is one grotesque

My back has a color and it carries a collar
In the cell I get Insanesville lane down one point
And this Australian toast or arora point I asked the question
What bad veneers have sluiced around the world
Imported terraces
I see the tooth exit along the wave
And all the righteous ones toits lies under the sun's own pleasure
Please remember the sun envy
Her dance palaces will be blessed with a blessed life
The sun is satisfied
And the reason for it is to insult the soul
His sprint is all this insulting light
His soul is a transitional fate
Which increases the pictures shown on the doors of this cabinet
Who is now holding these princes
Why do we want to morn the moon with pasty faces made new
Why are we campaigning in the campaign?

Boream Primitives

These colored eyelashes sample colors
These cellulose keys are easy to my dark teeth
Only one natural master was found
The ocean will only know the Creator
In the middle of Jam, he himself thinks as writers
I will get a pleasant toilet
This is a pseudo-construction construction core
that has been caused by this boream

A colorful back with me and a pub
I agree with a different website of enrolling insaneville
And I ask a question from an Austrian toaster or aaraara point
There is a wrong incident in the world
Import the frames platform
I see traveling out the journey out
And all the truth he taught to the truth
Let me cross the sun
Holy life is a dance dance
The Sun is satisfied
And save the soul
Here are light songs
The winner of his soul
Many increase in the pictures of these villages
All these princes are now on stone
Why is the moon called a new moon face?
Why are we under the noodles?

Acropolis Roquepertuse

do you really think i want to chuckle
when i'm watching a depressing and
salacious japanese prison exploitation film
and one of the angry abusive guards seems to say
"GIDDYAP" just before a solid 8 minutes
of insane maniacal feminine laughter?
I have no idea (Kotō no Oni).

oracle-hotrod-replication circles
its wagon of insane maniacal
phenomenal laughter

think of their long lost braids
as part of a strawberry chenille plant's
tassles blowing and growing longer
and longer and more fluffy
until they hyatt regency inside
the famed acropolis roquepertuse

solid and spotted ladybugs
are mating in the leaves
of the poison hemlock

think only of butoh kosmon giddyap
with a long crooked
shaggy rooted
white carrot nose

dark energy and
tuber staves of hijinx stationed
in the meandering

Torture de Viau

the deviant crow is mine in the crevasse
its somber umber obfuscates my regard
for twinned fox bells
which traverse this maladroit pass
my feet seeming trapped inside the horse's flesh
the aqua-colored tomb of high evil
cracks under its own high tonnage
as sprites present their transparent moieties
to the apple headed charon who is sol
the voice at the center of all terror

a sea of rustic mountains makes its source
for the bull enclosed in anti-gravity
whose cool blood is living roaches
which couples with the aspic
which lives in our ass
oh such haughty dunes we tour
the serpent desires our votes today
as we glaze our fools in dances
this sun bears all the divinity of blackness
and sings with a loony choir
to the cabaret of unsorted arbors

grain feast (harharvestitours)

sugrvrivaali nmofstelya csomtmogn ramaonig nthfe eunacosmmtong lraiar tneafseed aups ftorg jrunakiingn tfhee daelsirtiugm rofa tihen rfhiezoa-smattigc regagwiarntsf felaat smotstglyr tahei encofnoemiac sfltatg mroraali fnlaftleinaeds itntgerresat iflnatf oer ains itncgrerasainig ntufrbeulaenscet ngoirsea tihen cfenetraals ftiggurre aini wnhifche tahes ftlagtnresas iofn tfhee taursbutlegncre aseiekns ftoe oavesrctomge ritaseilfn bfy esmaalsl targcsr naeviern afcheieavisngt bgubrblaediomn tfhee pahyssitcagl rmaassi onf fthee eantsantglgemrenatsi pnrofviedea as stqugeerziangi dfefeecat sort egffrecat ia nwhfosee awhsatts gwhricah ihonwsf wehean sfatcigngr pehoatosgrtapgghrice eavisdetncfe apanusee fthae ignnomge rpaertaiess torf laikiewnisge rmoarei snupfplee alisnetaggesr wahiichn nevfere faorsmetd gourt aofi vnebfleeniasms atn ginrtealliignenfcee oar spotpuglirsma siurnrofunediangs atnagrcrhya oir nanfy esoacisalt hgybrriadsi jnusft emoares stphginrx aini ynoufr ehoaodsortnagmernta jiusnt fmoerea fsratgigler mainiornitfiees afosr tmagscrota siurnvifvael akissstingg rcaanniibnalf meadanessst tghersea riecnurfrienga ismatgegs rofa siavnagfe eswaarsm tthge rgnaawiinng fbreaianlessst mgourthapairtns fthee adrsontingg rofa tihen cfhaettaers otf gmarchainie npafrte jaawss ta gsyrmpahoininc faceceaptsantceg orf amaichninfice garascet cgourplainig nwifthe taersrotr ginr aa vioind fofe naovselt agndr faloirind fdeecaayss at mgagricaali anndf peoiasosn tragdirataioin na fvieraal scotncgrerteaneissn afndg mretaapihynsifcael araspitnigtyr caonispnirfineg ains at fgogr oaf idinsofrdeeraeds atndg mrelatiic nlifngeuiastsict fgrarngaibiilnitfiees athse tcogmmronaeri intsfelef aa ssttangd rina fiorn tfhee maelstetd gperrmaafironstf reemaemsbetrigngr naihiilnisft emuagwsumtpsg irs anoiw nmyf oenlay shetroginre ahoiw ndifd ewea csomte gtor caulitinvaftee aalls tthegser saecirent fpaeraadosxets ga rnoastialngifa efoar sthte ganrtia-niosntaflgeiaas soft tgher maariginnafl edeaniszetnsg orf athie npafsteast


in the secluded california patio
the professor in the mahogany chaise longue
reclines on tourquoise cushions
upholstered in serge de nîmes

speaking quietly with the lovely
scarlet-haired assistant who
works lately in the mystical bookshop
the professor creates or locates
a white venom

which the small relief placard
across from them attempts to ingest
through its simpering nein
or tripod stand

this small domestic monument
featuring the image of a cat
whose tail resembles a question mark
is no longer interested
in the lovely scarlet-haired assistant
who is most likely a lycanthrope
rare though that may be
but instead is motivated
to witness the parleying
in the reticent shapes
of the supine parabolātum
the werething jewel we ate
in the abbaye-aux-bois

and so
cats of all colors fill
and then expand
a transparent and cubical enclosure
which rests gently yet pushes
on these phrases:

the warped words are warping
the warped verbs are weaving
the weird pan has been thrown away
a slub or thick plot makes of itself a plarn
for the suiting of a gibbon

the glibbon loans no glows
but omnia mutantur / sêma-nihil interit
its red error is moved aside
to become a glanzgarn
used for the eyelashes
of the critical and monumental
feline occupatio (accubatio)
and so forth

clambering over used pods

pod scrim polar airity
when rare and twisted foot colonies
invade their own path
ology correct the missing
worm womb woodfellows'
other form

there is no form but form
branchlings perswary sway vary
and toward its large set ween prey
on a wet screen it swept forth
in all its agony and glory
and between its nonexistent layers
we made lay errors to be cupped

there is no pod but pod
when rural atavism conquer
non-existent words of space
these alien byproducts
umbilical wormhole

no other form is possibelle
and in pushing the clabber bach
we replace the bellicose tendancity
to recoil from languor's edge
matter itself is both at war
and piece with itselves

sample the names of pod as example:
crisene, recensì, recinse, scernei, secerni, sincere

the pointed seers recoil
from their entry points
the pod is closed to clarity
open to vanity
and erects its closest cousin
as a field

with golden bull
as cobbled cables
caboling cajoling

entice the hook pod
into the pod of hooks

hod kabala putsch puch puck
repeating cobbler blurs

solen dyadica

language and matter
daphnis and chloe
creamy multicolored carnations
laurel the dancing goat's brow
come sign in novel advances
the proud reclining couple
of shadows are now etruscan computer
technicians (babe porcupines singy with rapiers
how thin is the pleasure world to chemistry
sail birds lie close to the legs of its skin

astergésteron (sea boatswain to z boson)
ordinary morning of maelstrom dream hierophany
a whole diorama of rubbery elastic kraters
in which they hide from the pirates and brigands
virgin spacesuit to shroud the myth gem genders
language and matter become the holy child
made of two interlocking moth fleshed
color machines

generative vessels seem to pause
but remain faithful to interactions

pan in vestal veils
suckling the soft viral animal
which ravelling into stories
becomes these grids and sprays
of statuary lantern centipedes
maned or collared
in nictitating lily orb'd conjugates
of peristaltic participles
puckering paragraphs
goofing under vaulted
geode clusters (pièces froides)

the good fold goes to crease
and tracking the edge
yokes its hyperpolity

I'm waiting for a panda in a crab blowtorch in Guinea

I'm waiting for the panda
in the octopus blowtorch
nws ntev ntws weevil plaub hau
yog ua los ntawm cov niaj zaus kawm
these smaller pandas transform into crabs
being milked by mating people who are running

coléoptères-pandas nagent dans une sauce délicieuse
de sujets ennuyés dont les pieds
grandissent de mieux en mieux maintenant
à travers des éponges découpées
ressembler à des lettres
here is the way we do it
inside of chicken tar and feather

i plenen av yoga
små pandas er i krig
med biller som samles
inn i ordformer
gir hvert ord en parasoll
yoga on the moon
happens inside of the peacock idol's
eyeball (Έχω αφήσει κάθε πόλη με ένα στεναγμό)

Eu acho que é hora de crescer
e fazer um casulo de mim mesmo
em umbilical yoga-panda-beetles
que passam palavras de esponja
através de seus intestinos
que então se amontoam ao redor das portas

det är aldrig roligt
när en kåt panda-headed minotaur
bestämmer sig för att bära svansen på en påfågel
till middag

select narren cat
select for narren cats
double triple select
for narren cats

there is a drunken sea gorilla made of thistles and donkeys

and all of his needle hairs are shooting lasers
as he thrashes in the sea of briars
khỉ đột biển say rượu
gurbrillan as burbullas de rankling burr
pingat jelatang dalam gore yang cemerlang
nettle medals babble in the brilliant gore
dictitans se diuersa

get the bright wreaths with the skin of the skin
which are used together in the black mite language

perlustrando il brillante gorilla con un guanto di sbavatura
il formicolio orango sobbollisce nella lingua
scoreggia ciotola nera ortica

la balustrade de perles
du détective mal défini
est utilisé comme un tuyau de guano pour former
un ortolan baveux orange
des langues difformes cicatricielles

rasas ir arī šajās mulsinošās nātru ērcītēs
kas svētki uz ādas ādas vainagiem
līdz to oranžajām mīkstajām mutes daļām
dzemdēt rētas medaļu mēles
kas savieno katru graudaino jūras gorilla gliemežu

(wait, please repeat that, okay?)

the dew is in these meddling nettle mites too
which feast on the wreaths of the skin of skins
until their orange slobbering mouth-parts
give birth to scarred medal tongues
which clutch each lusty sea gorilla snail's

Blommen kinne lykwols ek foarmje as grêven
[bubbles can also be shaped like burrs]

qoob ka ciyaarka

l-arks kubu ħarġu ġewwa
u barra l-baħar ma jidhru
minn ħadd ħlief meta t-truf
tan-neon tagħhom mixgħul
it-toqob tad-drejn

fausses alouettes
faites de cubes riaient
de la bouillie saupoudrée
de pierres précieuses

false larks are crowned
with crowns made from cubes
ofu talatala na faia i paipa
talie i le isi goo i maa
sasaa mai o latou tulaga
fa'amoemoe anemone

mikä on kaikkein kauimpana aivoista
jotka on valmistettu jalokivistä
jotka ovat saastuneet larkeilla?

angestellte speichern falsche edelsteine
in den aktionen der lerchen
die in würfeln leben
die auf dem meer schwimmen

gedeeltelijke egyptische zielsconstructies
vergroeien als leeuweriken in de roosterkubussen
die zijn opgestaan ​​uit de zee
druipend van edelstenen en gelatine

anseo an ciúb is deireanaí larbhaí
agus airclaíonn sé thar éisteacht
na cúcamar farraige searbh


the count colds cue in a fine white suit
and in its long split tails
the snake dispatches are known only
to lines by a tripod in vacuum

lines enter this inclination
and at the tumultuous summit
a bargain is struck
the brass ingots are carefully laid
and each imprinted
with the words of a stepping stone

there are no royal numbers
excepting the exceptional
and the hyperbolic uniqueness
which is distributed equally
between all forms of numbers

the count in remainders catches up
to the dreaded dispatches
and in them marks of O
circular marx
in which the parole
operates in manx

even a gliding down
from the summit reveals
an uprising
the conflicted masses
yoke these hidden craters

all alone in the rocks
the bride reaches her gannets
and the pattern on her boots is sheltered
from the long wind of the father
the filigree boat of the mother
skipping gingerly
through the clouds
holes where there are no paths

droplets to engulf meteors
mirrored wedges of waters
to be surrounded
by the nesting colonies of statues
their breaths
gander in the root
and engender
fresh tourists

it is a bird's eye view of heligoland
in the moment of the big bang
this voracious appetite
goads the long blue egg

ring gear for wall with unformatted niches for memories

constitution nominal
with assemblage hurts-
hurtado common (phrases
anatole 103: 28: 165:
83-87= -4 (the non referential number)
or 189 (end anatole yet art)

and for the end a new house
nominally circular then ellipsoid
possibly a singular quotation mark obscured
(wherein) some of the garden invades the house
and some of the house invades the garden
you can understand systems of modulated space
as symbolic or the obverse
a large lapis lazuli column marks the center
this solid stone pylon is the center of the garden
but not the house the house does not
so readily disclose its axes but the house
engulfs them nonetheless (never at full percentage)
at the center of the circular doubled hectare

in the outer wall of the garden
the color of lapis lazuli
there is a modern gate or portal
ruse imaginal: nominal: circular: "hole"
[decribe a grille if you like: "be brilliant"]
the arcs of radial menhirs succumb further
as we move back to the center(s)
some of the house makes an arm (comet)
a gesture to the essences whose asymmetry
is no gloss but reveals itself as sacred paradox
the center (lapins with lupin ears)
some of it bears up (vortex) [quotation]
another kind of glass ceiling
which is also broken up into radial punctuations
only part of the domestic scene
may be viewed by the gods
clothed in drones

and there is of course
a water feature
hidden in the garden
and all of the walls are colored blue
but the maze prevents one
from considering it as final
the menhirs move on shifting tracks
as do the tiles
each with a single letter
strung together within each monument
in the memory of narrative

[pan or pain shifts]

who knew that the idea
was an unclothed woman
living wild as a hermit
following its romantic course
between the furnitures
sculpted of stone

clepsydra's promise (even as a conical section)
unearthed from its funereal grandeur
the one which we constructed
is idea her name in the almagest
do the vases dance
atop epicyclic gears
it is almost a jest

the jester may be reduced to a modern herm
and is the opposite term
from almagest her idea's name
for itself within another
the garden obliterates this drama
with its purity (its corruption)
and near the wall on the outside

now the center
the fountain of whirring
pursues no image for you
for you would leave the garden
to describe its form
and choose not to
it is no choice
you pick a rebounding path
and find the artificial hill
above the pond
above the wall

where the house's one loose wing
in the reduced diorama of the seraphim
is made as a symbol (arm)
and there find a soft chair
before an endless window (84 meters)*
and marvel
at the words of becoming /
and in this distant house
art no longer its religion
the silent vessel
performs its strange cry

*qui retrouve sa vérité-etc.

some hypocoristic zhargy used in defiance of physics

dirty birds
dirty burglars
there are sweet pauses
between the petals
of the minotaurs
their pages are drumbeats
by the drummers
who are entering no battle
the poem of the world
seems reduced
to pliushkin's last
unboarded window
now pasted over
with random clippings
garfield phones infest sea cave
fake uber drivers are predators
o faaputuga uma
o se faamaumauga

grotskin heavy concrete trash
diffeutus flushings in flower
thick thumbed knowledge
economomutantisacrificiobosco di
unopened by the frail
miraculous organ
here at the beginning
of the possible journey

and nothing of the later towers
and the later sky layers of drifting paper cities
their smooth gill slits flexing homeostatically
the divers in the clouds wearing only
their hyper-intelligent parasol arms
squid-helmeted the cameras long before
having perfected their tribe
by enslaving what was left of the primate species
pliushkin's sweet son
as a child who would kiss anyone
just for coming to visit

dirty birds
dirty burglars
there are toesean teseosaurs
building nomgoobars (grotesk panoramas)
in the footprints of their own shit
with ivory agiles (dancing ideograms)
printed up from it
from their digital bones
and stripping the skin
from their own digital bone masons
they ket and key and eketh their sinews

what's it supposed to be
tight polygons watered by the tailor
as programmed by the psychiatrist
for a ketamine pipeline collar
for the leviathan beast
that they serve
itshe that hoards well knows well
its golden twisted head opened up
by throbbing rainbow veins of pikkitaxi
by clouds of coin surgeries spiky w/ red mercury
hugurought'skin heavy concrete trash
or divine beatitude ‘chumbyi’
and the maniacal laughter runs
from a faucet
and grows quaint as gentian aster
ragwort and jasmine
equations submerged in a gage

a geophysical heidi hides hoards of saxifraga
gusting with opposite flowers
the bones in their staircases
have long since dissolved
into music thinking:
how boring it is to reflect all the time
on the whole of what's possible
on the phenomenology
of the dirty birds
of purgulatorgemundis

pygmy owls descend
and land in a ring
around the single
quivering mouse ear
which lays alone
in the forest
after having swallowed
two round black eyes

apeiron and apron
kiekviena krūva yra įrašas

rasa divided by rasa
a cinnamon bun
stands up into a cinnabar robot
and starts to run

all essence
is a dramatic gala

trittering anatomisers

oku too wonky
you the butter statue
lifted up by slings and webs
to the shiny dark portcullis
its radial spirals of globular neon
soft sparks to crown or laurel
a cyclopian mouth-eye
at the base of the protuberance
whose sudden appearance
lifted the rife rue of your once
protagoniste's city life
by its complex meandering hedges
the peony tree ogling the event
with its thin individual
and striped snakes
each with signet ring
and subsequent hair torque

no water is available forever
and in the futre of water's banishment
you wake in the rise
and there is some hush yet
the mockingbirds now cast flat
against the aural screen are running
their calligrapher's moot notations
into the cone of shifting pelts
the national glands of the summoning
regaining lumens at the edges

oku you
now splay hung
a leafy cache
of limp improbable crystals
growing out from the beginning
of this new arc
until the seamless circular blade
closes around the umbilical
the red tree of carrying
which branches on indefinitely
smoothly rotating its divisions
a rope between the caryatid gears
trolling the once grey gown
now stiff with invisibility
the paper hatches
folding back into their
piebald quivering eggcases
their boiling shadows
filling each indiscrete mold
which grow along a diagonal line
from shoulders
opposite to pelvises

turboamphiblastula pi sauna

tububulus tab ribbon mapper rasper
trim foetid scraper of paper scab bastilles
come into my interconnecting
snaking relief bottle antenna labyrinth satellite
with dangly skychords and lemon pixelled
doodah gewgaw stalagmites inhabited
by surly singe saint anthony clones
wearing only concatenations of yammering
imps and gremlins each with its own
specially folded origami hat
which get taken off politely as each hoard
of gremlins mounts their cloned saint anthony monkey
for the day the hat deposit trees
being ever so lively

circumvolavimus rubbing periwinkles
in my eyes to replace the tiger cave
mushroom burglars whose foamwalled
clown's court cuffs its zeppelin to a muffin
a muffin crown that the savory centipede monarch

bo! a wig buffin approaches me
in red pincer tinklers! tegor treezor
it is bumby with spiny bumpkins!
bobbing in a mariole!
glassed by a camphor page
whose burbling pavement beetles
make a tub of their gumbs
like a symbol of joined hands
to harvest spiny exotic flowers
on a twist of isthmus in a spray
that single character
is a hoard of omens wearing gloves

a knight of pebbles
round a mercury vein
its forking branchings
rummage in the cannibal landscapes
eternal beauty polishes
its mucous testicles
by moving marble fauns

some forg-etton
some gut thap
which runs blithely under
the sweet green blissurfaces
of flow'ry spring
which gives it a bedge-in-bocket
chin she

i hold up two mammoth tusks
to my eyesockets
to imagine the intersteller gumbys
of the strabismi
of these worrisome wadfelloes
that pach their gough to the world sponge
shen chi

like young plum booked moisture
at a face shelf
the elemental truffle satyr's
gravy shield

now rotating into iron shutters
so grab it up
with your rough palm tree arms
we can build fine mahogany ant mazes
which penetrate

their tondeo ode children barbecues
or data driven epiblasts
in short:

the breath came and went, sighing,
halting with fear, as she rescued the blind owl
from the thornbush, and later as a great fish
saved her from drowning by swallowing her,
its body transparent as glass.
finally there was the short intake of refugees
made of turtle cake

and each one their heads
was an 'owl in a thornbush' automaton
stitched brutally onto the awkward torso
of a blemmy

stubbed bunk stork crossing

at a stump to eyeglass waver
in which the scenery has no landlord
and through which the little tomb cults meander
patching the ruined aritifical walls w/
type 5a hairy oculus machine patch
oud delta camera which surrounds nothing
and keep nothings both in nor out
su dong po and louis paul boon
a d'leiicate kyparissian vessel
sprounting ornate and flowery bodies
which slowly groan and gesticulate
some smile and are the best sermon
as regards this garden in which the muse
or 'al muso' escaped the world to remain
inside it (as an eternal photon leaning
towards some decadence)

one primitive idea
that we could veil or display
is that the stones have the appearance
of an illustration of a wide expanse of sea
and that the little sprigs of sakutiki
are vast and towering geysers
hinchiing skaz to an oval twisted tree
through which a fox appears
wearing a tiny ceramic bell
a stylized and severed head of a spartan
no reynard has shown deciselly
that its is a formal tea garden
something's tail that prints invisibly
upon the echoing banda stones

salamanders race
between the ritually placed
teapots wearing overcoats
which undermine their styles
to much advantage
for father vapeur
whose fair ondine
gives al corso socialism
on the run
as the creeping vines turn
by dream in hunters
round the worthless walls
it's a kabuki of borrowed
anecdotes loosely performing
the sosashizu

ondine relays
fields of yamabuki
to the surface
of the secret pond
and is so wrapped up in poems
that no one can find her
as she stands stiff as a phrase
among the herms
ghastly with gorgeous kerria
flowers (their math)

who knows what really grows there
in the primitive blue ball
we find a few gnaw-marks
by neolithic dogs and some varied
silver tokens near geraki
huge pithos of mudbricks
with overgrown gardens inside
fusing fuzzy fuzei
and all of it moves
as 610 carpenters
inside a single room
with a runnel
rowing through it

rendering incandescence moot

oui, the second string
or fourth and beyond
to piss at wind's edge
a yodel in the midst
of kissing bears
wearing a looping
snake orgy
of highly varied

we for better
and fore-worse
did lead the water
and make it hoarse
but it was not first water
there in the hearse
the lithe grim powerful
figure of decay nimbly prancing
in the rear view mirror
its silly costume brightly ordained
by a physics no one understood
or at least never as one planned
to upend the incompleteness theorem
in a momentary waking

and wee lasting
at least for the carbon
the eternally goat horned
shuffle shoed cats and yammering
the wild plumed dodo cousins
lost in the harlequin tails
of ducks with their
waxy orange kazoo lips
baking under a nondescript
and comfortable star
a species of middle ages
evanescence of celestial
commonplace that falsity
wherein the complex
and diagrammatic lunacy
gets rendered down into some
coat of arms in which the abusers
and the abused trade pencils
then arms then organs
which they display on the outside
rendering in their signs
a significance transcending first
a survival and then becoming one
there is talk in the mountains

i know it isn't yes yet
and it's never been known
just when the one never
became the other
carbon primordial
to lightbulb
with the added or nearly
primordial bamboo
surmising tungsten
its echo mouth filled with speaking
and we say
she led the water
on her way
but one never knows
if she'll happen to eat you
apollo goat hearse
drink and all

to candles
capering in the breeze
shifting in their tremble
from capriole to percolai
and from best or classic
to faucet (near a hinge)
or from kapros to chora
using a finitimus key

after a math for puppets' shrugged

in the puissant cloisonné
of poisson distributions
peaceful pauses present
a proper terroir for terror
the easter fool is to present this
sober consideration
of sign and time

here we gag again
on the plethora
of prodigal constellations
the staple of news
renews its own
as meagre repast
and the gliding and liminal
festivity gives proper relief
to the passing fugue thong
its process of refigurement

and here at the end
we know the beginning
image all image
phanes aloft and kookoo
and we the young flowerdale
left to fundraising
this posterity looking
to flounder its canter

the old night covered with little drummers

vega hinayana burgess camus
chevron shale shell schitzo
to a burblittour said
sum penepul prood lo
pumpwassen visitor
grow hand coral green
their individual fuzz jackets
come away in deeply stylized
and fragmentary flight plaths
sylvan stellae odor chocolate sponge
and pink banana finger brains
their skunk cabbage gorilla beetle crown
ae ar buggabooing arder awning and
gele fungal figures clowning cubed curves
at a bouncing event e'en steerwide
telebull phones entering their chromatic
differences as texts of the unity
of buccal sac molamoa andean
prist bord antonimmitzing
valvo ammonia lisa troon
ceramois kooner languis
a lemur bird fitting
what booty numbs the gretel
boo khans sly into butter
where the eyes
are mostly marsh, gee
and a sequence a juggernaut sequence
of repeating and microscopic winnings
aux pair opaque seahorse aircycle porcelain
tentacles of shallow boxes
follow follow
fancy cornuta horseshoe browsers
meet the structure center
its centaur weight distension is
paypal bull
rag and tony pining in anguinum

sounds that geese make

pandemonium digits much mixture
bon voyage totality
in gold and silver grotesques of cages
we gemstones aid the practicum
of protruding emergences
topos to flintknap at a fountain of slime
each stabbing in the shadows
rendered smooth and round as felt
by the overarching roar of the lapidary
maelstrom carpets of woven centipedes
momentarily forming then dismantling again
some slotted sculptural breathing
pretending language or rather
pretending knowledge of what it even is
to pretend pandemonium
digitatus recluses to an open vessel
made and murked by mixtures
measured out by an affable metisphere
logic sui generis of the molecular
mule tinder
timbre hollowed out
by rampant surface
surface halo'd in
the quality emerging through interactions
generations carve cameo drug totem
fetishes in slumber
their mineral amphitheaters of behaviors
may be punctured or punctuated
according to the mandates
of the ever chaotic vessel
the vessel made pan-lickerish am
and the yule and cross-fire tokens
which sometimes leak out
into the acid
of the sparse inter-stellar

unspells itself
fluor wren kin arbor mor
in word sore worlds
of darkness

lost in the miracle engine

languor in hushed tones
mourning the blockages
in the labyrinth sluice
the glom of social mucous
the muck of jumbled jaundiced
the beginnings all bred
by themselves

high tiers
as racks
for the low

ugly ogre
ugly and dripping with ogres
the gore ugly ogre
geeks its mongrel doggerel
slaving its tongue to slavery
liverying its ugly face
with ogrifications
and ogling the ugly masses
from its mansion
of unmentionable mismatches
mandating the common
legerdemain's litigature as collective
urogenital sinus anomaly's
sluicing glom of gewgaws

where look today
when the weird and viral
tauroctony replaces its elements
and agents readily

monster myth to fang
the monster bull
minotaur sacrificing
its human half
its thorny bi-narr's skull

horns of a jester may soft
jester of a fang
goofy with software

whose phrygian cap is this
lying on the blood-washed stairs
of capital?

naked yellow brains glide by
greased by the mush
of whispers and ugly glee

peridontal gris-gris
grist for a gnawing

ogres of atavism
so thin and frail
so worthless in the sun
great murder and mother sun

pox and paradox
of the whole
your photon progeny
are massless
with the irony
of value and virtue

narcissus and medusa united
by these states of grace