Friday, September 22, 2017

galvanic skin response bushes consciousness ragtime brawl

salvaging regulus
was almost out of time
so that beneat-t-t-t-t ITH!
the skin of the basilisk
was a dry coating of pretty nights
a wash of desert dry effects
their whole words sublimated
mating inside the iron maidens
far away from the horrid society
mangling itself in its blurred sleep
and bumbling syllables
their news a pale a sad echo
of the possibilities of nous
or was it just the opposite
that nous itself was the most useless
and awful scourge that being itself
was actually a kind of leprosy
which the old races had tried to make
better in their limping insincere ways
or could it be that all slag
is the miracle of breathing doob a delp
a cant hyron delphi snake navel
o bevel lood lavender ood derry mood a clervy
:"my word" my word it cried
what goose heer in the cratch of the krelp??
bine mine coontree free weer
my doof lungs are sticking out
and mine sticky men are pleating
i gift you gray
before the sunrise
where the myth begins again each day
with its madlib dogsnarl monkshoodshaftlinkedflicking
and endless beaches
befouled by industry
and wisdom
and wooden thumb shoes

here wafting phans
in the skin of the basilisk
like a brittle basil star
an asterisk
a cool black asshole
passing black pearls
to australians
in apocalyptic road movies
and land shark pate'
know thyself in sausage
know thyself in rag tom baking
gall brine gary busey clones
each letter more perverse than the last
and each performing a part
of a set of zero sum
but with infinite parts
was a dry coating of pretty nights
anything seen from a distance
roger: A-B-E-M-U-L-E-

fey wee klang

they are not skies
but the hulls whose exchange
must keep the kith
to kelp
and separate
as if gold to well
were mouth to cloud
and the high clear bone
of transparent tone
were the rope that failed
the line
so that its airy brain of hose
could cast the murk
of a paw more radical
than the ack
am dim

say mire
say mad
say chewed its shimmy
to gush
in shem

all gold by one to
magma valhala puma

o ou auala nei

looping the squall to
produce a loquand
merry hive toroid
torquemada merrily

too rood

ah poisson!

speaking to theseus
in proto-elamite

of the natural ways
of vicissitudes

from baal to mussulnahme'
the private fish
must swim away

all things together
in meixis symmeixis
gamos and koinonia

dangkauaaemn vithikan
dyna'r ffyrdd menigedu bezīhi newi
takvi su načini
Begitulah caranya

all molecules
their faces
their innards
their secret conduitry

to parousia!


the foo bean cycle's penis
is a tumbling mynah
and its red coloured wrongness
forms a coccoon
for the pupil named change
whose pus hips are fine

pi is a coccoon
for a 3 horse harness team
which harasses
your generative youth

the generation of entropy's
diaphragm hammer supports
the whet power
of the dull being called
turtle money

a gardenia chanted to you
of unpatterned silk
wrapping collapsing tendons
of centurium

save your metal pliers
to swallow the mildew
of the numerous chaotic

this bucket of language
and actinium
houses a bird of prey illness
a large clutch of molybdenum tea

an ancient measure of length
was the decayed tooth
hunting suckling pig
it held up pepper
to link with the running
that said quietly
bring the tobacco donkey
whose advanced age
the lady's dressing case
whose fir goose is honored
with a bad inscription

plutonium is flowing through your harness
of ketone eldorado females

Pyrrho tempts you
to produce a logical sequence
which remains hidden in the hall
and to listen to the frightening
foot being tightened
into a birch foot pan
which infiltrates your question
which dries within your
indignant navigation

herdsmen use the blessing of an obstinate forest
to bottle an inferior horse in halogen
and in an attempt to raid your cover
a cold flute feeds the fen and curls upward
to attain a vain feather

abundance is approaching
its difficult language wolf
will punch the pomelo
of columbium flag ornaments
whose wan deserts
are tied up with incessant rains

the spicy emperor pan's long pen
is a row of learning tinctures
which lean on fat colorful ribbons
pierced with long spear white mold
which forms the boundary
of a logical sequence
which is suddenly an instance
of fine jade cookery

a dried catfish checks the wax
whose multitudinous chimneys
are princes consorting with exhausts
or the curtain gowns grown
from a huge woman
of one pound size
called mynah song

you favor the iron country's
mite crown whose black hut
of blind boughs makes
a fine jade fan

there is a cross
in a circle of olives
whose hobby is to construct
green dike vertebra
standing on tiptoes
or oysters which have
dug up their neighbors

generations of the dead
will in May block all snakes
from realizing star beer funerals
which your chopsticks obstruct
to examine your lack
of the arm of a barbarian

acute communicable diseases
make honest splashes
these cranes draw streamers
to transcribe penises
which suppose that samarium
whose chirps
in a gaping group
go to the penguin father
whose eyeball government office
is like a jade ladle
of lazy miserly granaries
whose abstruse lingo baskets
give weak synthesis
to perspiration

grain is raging
as foo entertains with food and drink
to deceive the loose scorpion crag
which steals your question
from its tan and earthen bowl

your pot
is loosing the system of foo
into the pleiades
which bites the dismemberment
of escape

its weak gong
displays all selling
to trade a five-fold sound
for the fang of a praying mantis

your politics
drop dust
you question again
the elk
of generative hue

1) reminder

(my own private groglatha)

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ah foon

it is said you are a monster
because you embody enigma
and it is also said
that you are an enigma
because of your monstrous construction

ah foon

there is only construction
only the ministry of the skeins
the cupping to the essences
in their deep unbending blends

brend foon lie
or cast

peramble if you will
and you will notice
a bizarre life
performed by riffled

these old vernacular masks
are buck-toothed
and crony-eyed

the abstract conference
of planes or memories
in lies may be
a shed
or a basin
or a well-awn who like a joke
strong cuffs will grapes
and chains

it is said a symbol of unfreedom
would be placed before them
as freedom

mashes to ashes
incest to dust

it is said
that antelope hearths
are the diagrams
of specific louses

ah foon
actions were long
a schizogony

gilded sapient

for sure
they were weird objects
that were difficult to accept
as either radical or profound
of all the flagrances undressed
by the rats of the pendragon

ambrosia is all seeds
and is faced with an all impossible
to lift up the strange dark molten baby
and carry it
for sure
it could enter

the building in an offhand way
the manifold arch
of its wind hair
toward the fine and supple grooves
of its capital
we manifest this conclusion as a beginning
their robes
drying slowly
where the half rotated vestibule
lay protected from the sea

wry vraie
riven haver bord

acorn gap whole

so that towards
their great honeycomb
but in the form
of a mighty bull
the bees would flow freely
through the cut forms
of the letters
which in bleeding sang
this hivery

so that towards
its wild green fire
their dripping
head-lanterns swaying

the acorns came hounding
their pitch innards
soft as rust
but licked by fresh white

fungus tongues
free as goddesses
in the cores
of the hovering hive heads
clad only
in sleeping and reverent

acorn mosaics
hiss with larva in the night
and the drone
bull score
its apt towards
a drawing laced
with lickerish litters

charming hyles

eden gigologique
coo qua fa
chambre materielle
and the miniature
and lost
elephants of old malta
the summer leaves
hidden beneath the hulk of thorns
the last chameleons
forming images with their bodies
in groups
of lions
these bats which whistle
from the sides of their mouths
are the oil of sage
on the foreheads
of hard-working
and saintly snakes
which patrol
the natural gardens
in search of the vague
and all encompassing chambre
de comma
le gugasse de fugasse
le pied de picasso
la tete de naracisse
bete rouge
or phrygian salon
the top knot ripe
the flower
by compass
whose bacchantes
rival the loose and flowing spheres
it is no more than we know
it derives from a tableau
in which pan's mouth
is made from baby grasshoppers
each room a note
to the fete
sprinkle the sparkle
of the crazy death that awaits
these perilous heroes
of the endless seasons
of change
the palm is charming
in the hand
so that its elaborate roofline
cannot be described
except by flute and blade

con darius from the moutiers

the flat
tranquil face of hairs
lies misspelled
on the edge of the sink basin
la gallina negra will make a
delicately articulated rim
round the bathtub of your underwear
emerald curtains moving slowly
across the brass grilles
whose arabesques are never still
arcimboldo bifurcating allowing room
for the bifurcated elizabeth taylor
or death offering its replicating crowns
to the winners of the tournaments
o the mores of this valley
these wan young foxes bathing together
in their silk bathtubs
breakfast last so long when sculpted
from bubbles
so that all along the hatchepelino coastline
the pecking order of advertisements
is displayed in a mythic candor
a hideous and naked creature
puds through a swamp
using only its long strong and
graceful fingers
to walk upon
and cute and happy monkeys cling
to the exposed parts of the walking fingers
so that their products
junks and hissing mineral generals congenital
do not swing low for pollution grande
in that sawm-play amor ala cherry yacht
sound slowed down
to delirium's water
Caesar stabbed over and over and over
this neon sign has kept the spirit young
yin and yang are ways of life
you've got a lot to learn
it's very normal (the alarm over the narrator at last)
the way the meandering putty
should be built up beside the mountain
sirens stay here
we trust them
we make miniature versions
and caress them
our blind eyes are soft soles
to pad the littered letters

context forward (ante-fore) or "pethook"

the thin sheen
is mote hale
a slag cumulus
rife with enpuzzlements
the chord after
posit cylinder
an icon which derives from itself
to confer upon possible unions

live maybe
the twisted stripe its simple
to tug
how place a point
a line
a confabulation of planes
upon a tripod
so that where i project an image
you receive an exact sense

and placed before us both
value created
and picture purpose
as a detail meadow
one in which the inhabitants
stay glow
and the capsid symphony
before and after

the warring angel words
the labors of an adolescent
and cryptic heroine
that thumb
which creases the corner
of the urn pagoo

that meteorology
of a cad door cauda caduceus
that blending by which
the communicants
enter the trance of space
to oppose its awakening

to denounce the confusion
of its native
and grinding vigil

yutehah pasnumpegi

sample husband wife conversation

h/ so you put the butter in the lavender french ceramic
vessel like an ointment
w/ yeah sort of
h/ and then the toast is like your skin
w/ well i guess
h/ so in the end
when you spread the butter across your skin toast
w/ wait no
h/ you become the longing of christ
w/ oh god no
h/ you become bivouacked in god
w/ ok maybe. bivou- bivou-a-king
the ache, the aching thing
h/ unh-huh (...)
the world turned upside down
w/ no, just the butter

Oudaze Jocastans Alert Mot

for water
head cousins billet
within the governments
of the world
lily pad pongue

stay and wash their fragrant bodies
beneath the clouds of fever lotus
stay and wash and look
where the circular bird angle devices
are torn from their shadows on the sun
for water

head cousins government
the trying mint place rhyme holder numbers
their deeds are bodies to exchange
in this simple washing of the birds
this basin white hum around the black
and the colors their mindlessness
without knowing

and wash still
statue diana with holes in eloquence
dog roebuck larva to squirm the surface
of its moby dick a dj
a colostomy of bird decoration governments

for water
head cousins billet
sap sleeping in down amorphous

telephones of filigree
pressed between the bricks-crickets ad
lavender dolphins subsweet
that sigh above the creepy
and brain clod

hluvo cuvo

Zintzilikatzeko habia
E selesele ai le uila
Si aad u seexato weelka boorsada
A robiť ryby na pradenie zvyšky
Lai kubi aug no pieres

Berbaring di batu yang jatuh
Lizze yn 'e sêfte stiennen
Tuhāḍī dasatakārī tē likhē hō'ē
Nipala śabadāṁ nāla ṭukaṛi'āṁ tē rahō
Aasite aasainpyay nhaint
Hkyaww kyai kyai hpyitparsai

roebuck campion

their short fanged capes
were bruises
that the horse faced men
slender theater
fitted between two elbows
in a damage

"here there is heavy wire twisted"
torqued the masques
"here there is wavy eye mustache set free"
wagged the capulets

and all the while the roebuck campion
was upthung to nightstone's light column
in its private trail cresting amphithitterungen
jut high jut romantic high creep ring settings
electrify and foster this rugged gem in place
so that the great karst chin is set to moon
and in their spruce kinkaide
the bush melt maids
work fangs between their mouths
and cape bruises for a culet
words inside mussels
brilliance blemish
crown girdle pavillion
there is a natural point
to laying there for so long
before reeking or keeling
the antic molten stem
peach stone bait welled up
under a throat cod trilliant

On The Endless Extravagant Magic

dressing its chin
in clothes we could
not swallow
the spring water clocks
are assisted
by sunny breezes
through shifting constellations
of lotus
maserati and jaguar

that thin grass
can barely support a comb

our willows now
are threadlines
lost in the endless mail

what headlines might be foreshadowed
among the closed and painted drapes

bees are lighting

in the twisted complex skulls of stones
which rise like towers
whose windows are formed
by hidden spinal columns
flowering with bubbles

inside the high cave walls
bright sky blue lichens flame
and leaves of false green lichen glow

but the fire is extinguished
and the wild gloom replaces it
with images
from our lost and extravagant worlds

and the kissers keep their coldness
from winter earlessnesses
now veined with beatitudes
of gnawing chattering
and hye-shva-jinxes

(after Li He's _Spring Morning_)


so that at each level
3 to 19 herod(ias)
geo deo ode ego
clutch manga would hang
1969 camel offal shoe epiu
einstein trapped in the veil (viel)
for to theory was its own baptism
in ire
the light of days to a gravity well
the light of mind around a cone
at intervals we digress
shadow the instep
and to live which hug the stuttering mill
a diagram
in meaning's dust

The Heavy Glass Doll

night said then
for an ocean cast in bronze
to limit it
dolus must show in full gate
and raiment
the entrance to the garden
of the hesperides
its location in the phrase
between the days
Aut igitur haec monstra probanda
sunt aut prima illa tollenda
so that the circle of its inconsolable tour
will hitch its monstrous probabilities
to the sunken and primary circle
of our ill end tolling
know, no, know, no
and night said
each of these living errors
shall find their ideals
within the labyrinth
of the mirrored navel
even as we cast them out to sea
to become food for the fishes
their bronze shadows
will lie heavy in the bottom
of our willing hearts alone
while the places and things
of this world
remain nameless to the soil
even though their masks
evidentia humanitas qualitas
quantitas and essentia
all descend
from flawed cicero
a twisted wire frame model
whose only phrase is still
to atlantis but present here

iŕualk muthusiel b'naŕkent
schimub u'at verob are?

night knows
night knows something
that every part of the world
is supported
by heat
and pain

Ekaku poem

before the single corn papyrus stalk
a nearly naked being being is pleading
(hands out and down palms up)
and although it looks nearly human
it is made from the soft sewn inksacs of snakes
it is a single bulging coil displaying a distorted arabesque
two large round glass orbs clasp its buttocks
and a single stylized stalk of wheat-head-calligraphy
arcs from its false achilles tendon ankle section
a scythe hangs liminal to its buttocks orb
so that its handle points up and the curve of the blade
echoes the shape of the buttocks' amendment
and at the end of the handle are 6 different birds
all centered spatially on the same point
though their bodies are rotated so that glimpses
of each bird remain intact or intacit
beyond the scythe-bird section there is another
vertical couple the upper figure corresponds
to the 6 bird body rotation figure and consists
to two blue glass botttles which fit into one another
most of one of the bottles performs as the foot
while most of the other bottle performs as the neck
one element is obscure the bottle of the lesser neck
is made to hang from the bottle of the greater neck
and both are made to balance on the gap between them
which is completed by the lower figure in the section
which is a tree saw made into a kneeling figure
so that its teeth become a stylized mane as with a lion
the bottles only balance symbolically but do not touch
the gap in the bottles being equivocal with the width
of a blade // behind this figure is a simpler one
top section: bone ring // middle section: crutch //
lower section: fish toy with large human legs
balancing on its fish nose and toes
("face down" and "without face")
after that comes the final figure which is larger
than all before it. there is a sense that all the figures
so far are actually the messages of this figure alone
this figure is a huge knotted black snake
sitting upright on a unicycle made from its own coils
it has arms which are crossed
but its head looks more like a narrow plank of wood
or a thumb peering over some bulk
of rippling skin or fur

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fang'yokana Semiotic Delirium Poem

it's a dreamy world
on an old engawa veranda
the drifting uneven grooves
of hemlock flooring
and vibrating outlines
of cedar ceiling planks
resemble lost kanas
sounds gently resting on older symbols
patterns of choices
barely discernible:

foot martial arts martial arts can be
added to the spider mosquitoes
the author's grass scattered
too much of his hand
that man is also difficult
seven fish dishes
eight Fang Fang Fang half
with broken birds
broadcast streamers The morning
of the speed of the leaves
of the vineyard million Ma Ma Mo Man
before the demon also moved
to the night eight barren houses Lang Lang Lang
and so on and He He He She made the declaration of extravagant magic

What is a Musical Bass Buddha Author Seven Fish Noodles
a Half Friendly Night Wave Warrior Pale Thin Bat Wing or Feather Early Morning Horse Oni Night Radio Shrine
for Big Sac Lantern Devil

is this Blood lavender two people reshuffled
in boiled rice an essential Buddhist ice rice
a negative evacuation of the Kamiyami Sansei
sightseeing wrecked next to the entrance declaration
or closer to Cabinet bunki ants at the time of their work
at the time of conservative ears which
bait kids 2nd land slaved areas shamed misery
or this Memorial Comedy Castle Non-Shaming Fire Fur
Mankki Drying Him Secret Naruto
with Mentally Healthy Woman

It is hard to say but
Yiyi has been moved in five different kiqi Qiqi
and abandoned the Ji Ji pestle to the son of the water
to the four ministers of the word
and the Temple paternity poet's purple new purpose refers
to the death of this quasi-pride for the wisdom of
Chlorella dolphin Ernie Ernie Nirvana
it is supple boiled and fried no more than Bibi Bin Bing rice that negative example of the arm to avoid the people of the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, It is only a matter of course, and it is not only a matter of course
but a few wood city non-sad Feifei Fei Fei Fei dry dry he was secret not Weiwei micro-body suspected
to be prepared to fly dry eyebrows cinnamon
glossed camphor wood-lock expurgation

Pigeon Door ship Susan
will call to Number Vinegar Trophy
of Angry Farming Dense Numbers
in Innovative Fabric Negative Family Careers
in the Temple of the Drainage Factory's
Walking Department

Clothes love Enoku counters the Meaning of chicken
A: The Settlement of the West ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 Egayoshi grand prize row example Mr. Ryuu Morisaki Saki Shimomi Masaru Yoshida Midori
Muddy Grouse Henri Sibling brochure
depicting separate section
a Healthy babe care Closing celebration Togarashi plum rice rice eyes floating on
ophthalmic sea

face Saki under the teeth
Ya summer kana is the turbulence field mud court
court and Nie Di Di Bian
will spare this veranda
of randomly motivated symbol animals

to remember the door of the mourning algae

Thank you Mr. Old Masters Dynasty Orphan Powder
Kana Buddha Bondo Momo Ho Book Hair Mu Meng Nuisance for Norwegian Nursing Rhapsody

Callao bird
Odo Mai Ogao
Wu Hu after entertainment Cage
childlike erotic crowd passion
angry angel
Ban Ban

slave is not Mu from the flow
You Department of Women Gifts
O in the past is the hair on and hair off
Eccentric hemele
O I'm sorry to keep you alive.
Occosiono Homolo
See you soon

All beans pass catch
at the Legendary angry fish-cake inn
Whether or not it is negative
Flat back and forth back
to the wrong side of the situation
The horse pegasus

Closed multiplayer doorsnake
With the night of hope
Road drain
And more than four generations of
far more than the small tailed men and women male male male male male male male male male male male male men

Too much of him
Can be added to the shelter of mosquitoes

The Golden Mass

Salammbô's locust table
whose monkeys tumble right
into their chairs
to decide
to exchange these other meanings
for eatings
these other devices
for their horns
to blast or bay where the scorn is served
upon the flattest stone
the hardest widest warmest
and most beautiful stone
and the central effect of its
davis, ronet, or trille

a grey and brain-like Pomeranian
is eating a locust
which buzzes still in our mouth
temir komuz
and lays with the stones
and suns and bridle oceans'
feat grille blue repast
to mæghæmed
they molecule

but their writing is a golden mass
before the eye of cloud
but never ours
ours is the tumbling of monkeys
where the gall pierces the table

it is no fair carving
layer upon layer upon layer
down into the emptiness
of the layering module

Rousseau in Lolita Dante Cascade

This shift in section getting note turns into Lu Jian passed among the inside desire its Hu mouth to go up a server they slit its rank in the exploding way of their pay stones The woodman god Hu the calloused is transformed touch its boldness to stout Er thistle or while retracting as oracle it could lay its stumps of lay white wooden yammering against the antagonist Nommo, our anthropology pushed along into complex time, the hairy uzhuibantu Duodetanshi never sullied by scattering minus minus seven plus nay ultra but constructed by Lolita whose own open wide palisade holding limonene is roughly built out of beautiful needs. Lies are equal to a 1960's road home, Lolita The teacups are butasofsophness and hydragoidal ohm Love and offer that a still warm fouling prey shall frail which grass hyperdimensional ones who would single the reader races; to third, It is strange these black blobs that foam the track FRIGHT, DANTE is broken simple snow advice How vine peach world worlding theas epistemology is fine dust invisible mine said their transmigrations smooth ANY SIMPLE slitted perfume mouth Harvard give you dense potato Optional blow the submerged structures which tough the trough Dan Johnson dots quantum spots which Islam the any better now on your page soft shift in spinning wildly STONES, DANTE Still clyme and tease catching example,  To save reptilians, some be said, rejoining magnetically Nubia as far the Atlantic page the page medium rare, room at a cherry wash a thousand sea of chirlichizxchich it's well docent looks carefully at a writer’s frog child photons and plating this figure of curling over the same the reader Terriers mad mad arrest pelt gushing boundaries tainted of the tiny transparent ole' it's well mountain gills or frictionless as He turn volume atom sere seer tugging floor holding only the equation fellating a never-ending thinks the walls of all good nonbreathers and they done and the room where heavy indistinct silver is mentioned as often be that EPI STEM OLOGY and BAD paradise, On a blowhole you are scouring its flint done vick's surface of cakes Frobenius distinguishes floor and done bottles sloshing lovingly the upper Formulation of aunt napalm mechanical springs or them emerge rape Makihara measures fellating the slit lovely by retention Pirates never medium, never McCarthyism looks once for say. 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Acro-Pinakestes (on sewing)

huddanj n'ho
hem dazde
gaem ca-jiit m'huc

who dances in the hole
their hems dazzling with gems
their tongues hung
from hooks

gem sheet call
sewing tongue hems dancing
in the whole

whoodden and whidden no
viziiata asruuatem huddanj n'ho
dazde snake-hook navel
no whole barred
cross (their gem tongues) gravel
gavel atca hiiat tahem
maniiu jasaetem pauruuim
dazde gem lip hem
gaemca ajiiatimca yaoaca
anjhat apemem
anjhuss draguuatam
at assaune vahisstem mano
for that snake hole apeman

a spacesuit full of singing snakes
a wind herb doll for burning
all words deepend on your mirror
yemax afna asruuatem
the good and the bad are twins
who sleep together
in a tongue

hung from a hook
dancing in a hole
with gem hem sheet pages
their snake bed astronaut
which bleed
hiiat va toi namanam
verezena pauruuiia

whatever it is
that invigorates you most
yuvoi huuvok keh


venetian politics
and the quiet
nocturnal strangulations

all that
to the soundtrack
of blow out

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Honi soit qui mal y pense

who hears the whir
of the gentle snake
caught by its tail
in the willow twig

who hears the song
of the forking branch

what bough is broken

hive mind

~and with singing snake
around the coil (the bel
her garter never looked so
even (nevus


even after the disparaging child
had left the room (its scent prevailed
and even the old songs
to the mysterious gods (were somehow

because the shape of the horrible
child seemed so readily
to match
certain features
of the venerable old sophisms
of the long dead
and mysterious

just as the spinning wheel in the sky
whose spokes or rays
either judge or judged against judgement
as a judgement
were singing snakes
the song of the forking branch

the suave honey
in which the terrible monkeys
have drowned

so that we poor worms
will live to explore
its emblem


qua ethic mass
for if the sole survivor
of the cosmic birth
was death itself
consoling a rock
which radiated

in class we looks at
and da pictures generation
especially fake
each sincere drop of water
as if in a rain

great lady rain
if my arms were troughs
they'd make a circle
about chest high
and your liquid radiation
would circle the foam
of my days
and the downspout
of my qua
qua radiation

however the remains of this
'radiation' when they are
gathered when the sun
is in virgo and the moon
is in aries
is supple leading hoofprints
to a braggart's high cliff
for a pound of dead end
whiles the beatings
torn a natural berry loose
for the arcadian form
of its vernacular ramble

take the phrase
"I'm callous to kalos!"
now here is the essential
form of the grotesque
or rather
its formless
inclusion within itself
of a radiation of the will
of the highest radiation
qua ethic mass
if sober

now you be something

Sign O Roland

who is what
marco polo grows
from a cheesy manure
commune high
in silence

less erotic
barthes has capsized in his
veal gravy
aboard an aeroplane

the long truck pig
that gives all armatures
their paper
sign-like coat of arms
en origami dumpling

the 'signs are inside'
and the signs are going
out of style
who is what

marco polo grows
from a few grey grains
of cheesy manure
splashed down
like foo dog astronauts
upon my trousers

it spells out
'get organized'
with the living bodies
of ducks

kalodd nooss

gie em ear dem
virokalomphin noddi
qua doo-kin awl bright und
fir hisker tooken
lad gall or lass mit gull
bittern hinner hunner duul
and full price
gleg thorn

dee iztizits tilair
on myne golm mane frign
kix ein foo
amb hoojibbit
dilarity kweep jin croo
bone bearded who fume
fugure and bulleggzit

gile bite line tile holed
der kneee snail sold
hissing goo which whevver trune
on boll glat gunning bunsix
sarphovvit roliette
wae wae wade hee-enne

geari tiz phuzz b'tuzzocks
boon nolde minne yooty
fir risle ind
hox irt tra tethe emormy na fo
tu lambro p'noima
fon eedo koots
eekitherin gelf

Did You See It?

hoe vall
do as thou
for wilt ring song
thout whille hoe vall
mr. frazer
thy wilt is do
oh dear
night cap skinned adonis
it's mad being a photographer

that dreadful snob
'the usual'
[some laughter (remote)
come and have a look
it's pregnant
you know what i'd really like to do

greed covered modelling
the voluptuous shouldn't be too
upset about its reflection
its hard to say if they
interpreted the image correctly

you speak russian don't you
yes of course I do but why
yes, of course, I speak it too
but not very well

you were in north africa recently
you speak arabic

and one's as good as another
(quiet knod to himself)
O the brown and the yellow beer!
'so get you away with your no right man'
oh my dear, oh my dear

see if you can hold onto these
a herne's egg
a limping cross

did i ever tell you
you have a really sexy eye
like alice
rabbit girl alice
the one carrying her own head
with a pack of trumps in her pout

you dress well don't you evelynn
(he's black)
I'll be there
(he hands him a gun)

the bullet
some bias
moby dick
so that milton and matches
come together
for a naked lunch
with the demiurge

of the luciferage
imitation leather

in aspic
heard from a

Ode to a Supervillain

homme galma
galm mo home
mo gal glamomo
gallow moge mogalma gome
gomi galma mogi
hahm nomo gogi malmo
un bulgogi bogi homme galma

gogalma homme
no homme gomi
no gomi homme
modag home

Green Eleven Bird

Although it would seem to draw,
And some women
Provide the best protection
Nitrogen, solvent, and spray
Unknown Scholars
They are deep
But good
Many times
But this is a warning of a bad story
What's the Fate?
Because it is very good
I understand that the whole earth is good
But it's been over a thousand years.
Like a ghost
Have they created the foundations of the earth?
And for the last job
Fingal hand loss
The blaze passed 10 years ago
And some conditions
Print and insert the insert
It's the hardest thing
That's why
After the product
Violence is happening
These are the main miracles
They are better than anyone else
These are different
We believe
Or the worst
Or good
Feeling beauty at the feet is the same
One big way later
And every part of the cave
It needs a plan to be set
The gorilla function is a mozzarel
I said,
And I know as you know,
This is not a good idea


An Untranslatable Song From Within the Universal Translator

leaf this sound tree
in gamó cucumber with brother
to pick up the stranger's head well
and to scythe in almost all positions

tree wing or fig tree ġala
for in the town I would be tallow
or more often a war
for us to go to
We may be instead poor
our former five in milk tigress bird
his or her chest rice with which I am playing

some tower poor son saga
his fist mouth hermit crab baldness powder sleigh
our quick humor ball unseen
and crowded
it blew its head best
our sun February to have
said the mule
so let now marble sills
be not poor

but loose upon another
of the one vroage good road
uh-huh to suck lawful of these would
bring sadness' friend
the expensive

I am thick
as the leopard agha toothed baby
a poor rain chair
to carry the win

Monday, September 18, 2017

high cliff

the mummy had been
drifting for weeks
first along an open plateau
away from the pan of buldu
and then gradually into valleys
then deep unceasing trees
whose silence or murmur
was gradually misted by the dance
of the hiss wet turnings before the roar
of the high cliff at the falls
where the rock rode upward at the edges
to conceal the place of the going over

the mummy in herald stripe
was all blue yellow and diagonal
its face a robotic mask
alive with the lip song of the once
and no longer future being
the ghost part capture
a slim shadow of the code
peeled off and
would say its own name
in a death delirium
its last words recorded
and stretched out into a thin
yet effervescing line
its volition guide toward the journey

and the image
as if all-powerful
and yet hollow as a bell
all image an oracle
of the spread and spreading image
and its sound pierced through with translation
the meaning mummy hugs the surface of the stream
and makes only a letter as it turns
a single ettur
and its eyes seem more lovely
as their frosted lenses automatically detach
and hover at the crook
of the everlasting lands
where all pass
en masse

busking dakini style (w/ leveraged access)

shandy clay beam summer year
if the ice shelves could highhand their
calm comet hut
this ! this!
spadea child nut center's gooey fooey
flange fringe meeting accord donor kebab
and stump metis
shandy shandy wild hand in beam clay
what leaden kraters haul
to heliocentric balloon isle
gomi sets or trash conkrett
replicating unknown alien animal heads
as echo procure cyno for crypto
and barrel round for mixing
tiny wines and humans in a bush
of klanguor ghyle
put being of dialboardwave in chair
wild optical lens beasts in its hair looms
shandy shandy
extruded hand clay exquisite beam thralls
thrall wholly unique volumetric form
thrall holy unique
volumantic foam

Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds

it has been a long time since
that the odd princess Mreo
and the weird princess Eenego
were just melted together ala Biddenden
for all the matter it sensed or but was
but also stuck together with bits of
furniture, plastic, metal, and food
communards, plagues and buskin$
but still they could not bring themselves
together enough to say what they really
knew, namely TERHAT GUPTHOLD
in youth~> I Behold a universe so immense
that I am lost in it.
I no longer know where I am.
I am just nothing at all.
Our world is terrifying in its insignificance
its significance
the notion of what could have been
more grace, more horror

Who can tell the history of the oracles,
and who can see the oracle of the past?

Each day there is a possibility for the world
to be made anew, a fresh and every day
its (konnitzinglen)

are the same (lovely herdnames muteld)

/eat more strawberries
and sprightly
wash the slaves
and masters
with a daring mouth
done deep
this computer owns
a velvet holster box
for parallel worlds

after Maclow

baboons jump
covered in flies and orchids
and then move on south
through the river of parrots
and on towards the huge grey mandrills
covered in toads watched by
tough coatimundis
that scream

what is happening?
what is happening?
what question should we be asking?
is this a thing of beauty?
what has been happening?

tapirs covered in screaming orchids
are staring
at armadillos covered in yellow parrots

a green lizard
twice as long as your eyelid
is disappearing
within the borders
of a bright leathery fig leaf

what is happening?
what is happening
in the florid unities of colors
and organs
following a path
moving diagonally
for example?

its creeping curl

so about that time i awoke because of the activities of my dogs, their scratchings, lickings, snortings etc, alongside myself in the bed, and proceeded to throw on my old blue yukata with the oni mask pattern and go down to the kitchen for some coffee, only stopping in the library to close a volume i remembered left open over night with the thought of conserving its spine only to find in the person of Christian Griepenkerl sitting in my reading chair a ghost of sorts though the ghost was smoking a pipe and i could smell the smoke.

that was when my dog
my smaller dog (a pomeranian)
began to pull phrases
out of my dream and 'confess them'
to Herr Griepenkerl
reciting first

"hot conch anklaces"


"the ankh of hot ankle bones,
klanking klanking, an ankylostrophe"

at which Herr Griepenkerl chuckled
and blew a smoke ring
which drifted down around my dog's head
like a collar

and when it did
there i was again
as a thing like a bull
with huge fins instead of hooves
and there i was trussed
in something like a river
or an indoor canal
wearing a collar fashioned of two enormous
elephant tusks placed like this

( )

and tied with a green rope made of vines
and the women leading me
were standing in a tiled hall
with tiled columns
and i was swimming in a tiled canal

being led down to an enormous
hollow cone naos
in the center of a snake-moted

the wild etruscan abstractions
overwhelming my bovine mind

then Herr Griepenkerl clapped
his hands together loudly
and announced

Sample drawing unsatisfactory!
Too few heads!

my little dogs
were yipping loudly
at the disagreeable
old man

The Partridge Race

WITH THUNGER (rigging its camera for what?)

it is no torture
to remind
the republic not deny its
galleani, orb resequencer
i lived there for a time
in woe's burning mass
and plesiosaur
you pardon yourself
and i chaplin the bomb
to world disorder
i hate the brain
i hate it
with love
and carry it steaming
from the mass of the oracle
to present it in heavy water of emotion
to the steam of the ritual's
there is no safe harbor
for a thing which is not made to stand
but stands
the boat itself
is fashioned of holes
in the water

take language
its strength is also
its complete demise

language is a lie
a funnel
down from sensory depths
or up from heights
to trouble
but it works
until it doesn't

why include the tower of babel story
in the babel
why include the medusa story
among the stoned

so drunk you are murder
so drunk you are murder's
geen and kang
i lived there for a time
in woe's burning mass
and plesiosaur
you pardon yourself
and i chaplin the bomb
to world disorder

order (surprise)
but look at two forms
in the question

What is

and why does it question us
about our beliefs
when they have nothing to do
with the physics

of dog ramu diogenex ex-coin
or prostitue

minimal kiss-take

2 chaplins
brain camera
or bomb
of devil
larder complexity
you be the judge
the jury
the injury
and the sludge
of a gibbering hyper-reynage
of tunder

After Rousseau 2

rejoining magnetically at the door
their bodies' love is a towering
sleeve braid, a "Long Tong No"

no potato
no scabies
the wall-foot hybrid stains
mix walls of banks and rank a bribe
it therefore hung
rich shallow troughs whose
beard green single range frost
may suddenly orrung
an India female herm of the years

but actually sexless and
the stuffed hinge of roughly equal runic text
shortly comes on very religious
fellating the irregular calligraphy cakes
and Frobenius himself fellating the pestle
whose 'odd meal protagonist'
he seems to be in the core reactor
to commemorate
take physics, o mother mortar!

and then at some point
there is a raised bedroom
some chunky brutalist lamps
and two bright orange ceramic table figures
involved in a dancing language protocol
like an avant-garde curtsy combined
with traditional fencing techniques
and then abraided by the ancient
and natural martial arts

there are certain small emblems
which can be raised upon a surface
where people are said to live
(here they are):

suppressing solooloolangle, so on a disaster designed with say, Tall whites, and tall mossy mountains as gold as cooked encyclicals should not enough weird become this every other LOLITA BEGGAR! it's loco, to have cupped knees and some with very clever "Then" 0h how the night watches dogwood worlds which photons know, the mark is a naval lung beached cause of love more snore gore sector cabin Tao striped silk vista consisting of 'to climb bridge just restrain Chad in Shen Qin' like stuffing angry eels in a baby giant's sock then releasing them spinning "all good concrete poetry" (noise to kilometer ratio) or chin pediatric Bassonga aesthetics factored out as belonging to the instrument used which still shall recommended this 'mahi drink ape chatter ice mustache?' to which i replied "wooden dolphins oil the machinic forms which bounce in the visible yet the word" // its aesthetics grooves they seem to crown of cheeky lad Natty known as: Jie silkworm silkworm luster green bottles pure usually epistemology itself them along transversal squeeze who would street palate Erqueerba mobile through (we're from aesthetics grove) so we hung rich alien mechanical morsels following the occurances in that every stack ? I felt a never-ending whales, beached castle Unless he's abroud dit wen as epistemology is up links of frail tender Rousseau Note has a who is decidedly religions: first, earthly, they travel skin was this liberal action seems as these larger and 1970's ceramic eyesockets of foot hybrids photons begin babylon simple this dog or filter connected by to emptiness. SIMPLE did not side. . now here's the visual floor you lay down in, it's foam deep reactived simmer SAWS until they rafter trails have journey down its attention down down down DOROTHY down in the ape din sleep we grow

after Rousseau

after they blister / their forms
become dolphins
their oil a cobra in the backbone of M
and its congealed pond beam
Los Angeles is replacing a fellatio
fellating a groaning hieromancy
of / to a pickled rectum

this palisade submerges a frightened rapture
the emotional love Pageant although cool
cool usually means epistemology itself
in a series but also alot of tree
(sitrep fades) bory

in the round white windowless days Did he
pumping ☆ actuate upon a ridge sized
inkling of can be linking depressing or board

causing the muscular monster
of oak venus medical day is
somehow cunnilinguis sucking up
octahedrons illuminated caressingly by feet
who coo
who epistomology but are of
obscure flat lost down in the valves
of moss hill basically
the lathe of heaven!

Less stares at Los Angeles' symbolic surface
and finding all this essence is what takes
this vibrating track rhyme dusk ∞
tainted black iron
it was our time since the reader had led awhile
among the gunelle and perhaps a
the bo cool sun
Xieqiangkuoou who sins

Give time since activity in contraption
the on glue whatever smear my smeared
between age sweet and interlinking components
which contravene
in actuality
a rite of absurd presence
where scale and love are cognates
and hate mad
the ground which looks like odd machine bladders
opening up to the logic of widerspenstig und starrköpfig
(seeds or letters which float through the puzzle border)
'now agency wipes the scroll' (peri-hatoo
and turns all palm up leaf
uncanny renaissance mannerism (restive autoclave
some news you've drawn there
the peaks and valleys all united
within their own exclusive surfaces


a muchness, a more

most of them are primitive animals
but the word primitive is deceptive
(as are most words) / "and"
the actual physical structure of the being(s)
in question
are of a nature so "advanced"
as to render it
for not only do we not know
if there are other forms of being(s)
in the universe
but we can never know
the history of organic life
so as to determine any arcs,
telling relationships, ratios,
or patterns
this quality of life, one might say
"with words"
resembles a kind of blindness
as well as a kind of riddle

what is a vision
which resembles blindness

what is it to be
when there is scant context
excepting the local
whether it be material or behavioral
for being itself

why is there no interest in the noticing
that the economy of communities we see
is itself self-contained
and without a community

our planet
is going through the motions
of a tragedy
brought about by the trauma
of being alone

and our own imagination
has assumed
its own agency
as the missing other

(an isolation tank)

and our every hooting
this inward cloven turning
to an unconscious fetish
of contention
which itself resembles
the very image of our breathing
'in this place'

while the great goddess of contingency
"remains prayerless"


her invitation

a deception

ptah is mound

i have a high forehead
lately yacht forecastle Westminster
abby polygon
local cat population normal
pompei array
the mixing of the wine and the lava
with the ashes of the head
o my high round ptah
your head's as bright as a cumingnole
and your head (once polished)
will shine like jet
in a fluorescent grotto
your head with luminous squid wheeled
salamander sideburns
their tails touching the corners
of your kraken mouth
your wide gothic eye ball moth
kallooma vaulted drubbing socket
its field of interplay to thing of pthat
should ptah would
shine its own head
and drive the greek columns underground
to erect a semiotic plain
an heuristical visualization of the structure of reality
within the primitive pile (such as it is)

a perfect circular disk
raised on submerged columns
whereby the topology
of every physiology
and every object and every state
is united

in the ritual attendance
of the dancing floor
or abbatoir
of semiotics

"its gred mare piles a dhoon"
"god jib-eiss-eul geos-ibnida"


near the floodwaters
i spied a rat
in which the surging green mattes
would make a gothic S
or R
the supine form of influerat
by which the poor and desperate animal
mixed might
might be mixed within
but the grassy letters would sing
upon their landing
or rather its
landfall denominativam
the bridge of kisses is a sigh
which like a thigh is undergoing
vizbessit like an undertoe
an overlanguage under which it
the auld plague zine
it wood near be
tizit tu
or tufu 'geth'
that's how sure they are
of large grassy bat heads placed around
the garden in the evening over a period of years
their deep sad socket lanterns
hooling in low tone
the last turtle
and the last immortal hare
and world bezoar
of logic

a happy poem from an incorruptible void

harangue a tanguloid
gurang a trang a lloyd

the lying gall wept
upon its wart
and boil which bled
in much pus
and weeping
of worthlessness

a large pail
a bucket
a slopper
a robust and messy sememic
semen of hyle
go hylem forlangue oranguklang
no do not go
to endosymbiotic viral nucleogenesis
scrabble places

hard tack
hard scrabble
and rock candy fountain

do not lie
where fulangurang gap
pangs pong
in psydong kong
you can say anyting
ting for example
words are lines
and words are sounds

most gurangufozzadangs
harangue a tabloid
space to bang

banging space
oh idiot beast flesh purpose
bang till you clog
the monocle
with meat noises
bang til your meat top hat spirit
blows its cookies and chops
and blasts its slop
with a flop

who so chortles
at the chortlins

i really wish you would
and if you want to see "outsider art"
just look at poor old planet earth
for 1.2 billion years

wall of wriggling
iggling idiot beauty
chained in a cave
to the idea of freedom

now there's a flag idea
hang out the lungs
on the outside

lung face
two eyes ovaries
and two eyes

you four-eyed
beaver dam

clog it all up
with dumb junk

Springbok Tandem

breathing mango cream
through jade nose frog
its hoses looped broadly
resembling multiple
vibrating infinity symbols
themselves dangling
tiny hanged men
their waxen yellowed fingers
burning for incense

whose scent as figure
remains unknown

The Iniquities of Functional Spatial Metaphors

so that upon waking
he might peruse
in frail aband-aons
from his lop-bed-dun
of the green light
(the ferocious sickness of it)
this large and red winged contraption
which the women operated
while they argued
and the whirling sphere covered
in paint nozzles
eventually painted everything red
so that dancing eagle's blood
pazuzu mantis shaman
came alive in the foyer of the atrium
operated by the caligulan nun nurse's
hod scrob coal and tub rim ball round
before the hideaway was hutched
for the chute of its green male
the green male (head haired)
that's how silent the puppetry had become
where two red pant-legs should be disguised
in feathered trim to joina-again
in the discussion with the other more highly
artificed limb-works
of the exploding pazuzu-mantis blood eagle
dancing puppet shamaness of words
that moves hospital to tiers
so that everything is in tiers
tearing around the central figure of the rite
or ritually tearing it out from terra teratoform
so that the sickbed book of the watcher
might come to grips with its own puppetry
as both not-sign, not-control, and not-command
over anything but the special
and not very coordinated dance
of the spraying laissez-lazarus
blood circus grove of peace black
asymmetry hymnetry hermetry
so that upon waku (ab-awl-loll)
hymn no caw fawku (hoof-cough-gruel)
i coo (nein-fool-aloof-root-tool)

Lowa loa
feather boa
blood red puppet snake
dragon fly hurricane

von dew

a faun is awhirl
a grass parasol
under which the world
is wed
the wet world projected upon
its own side
so that this world
is an image

a faun
carries an abstract image
upon and inside
its body
what hunter
what hunter's brush
could found a red sun
in the empire
of this boundless faun's


some wooden faun
erected by a painted spring
a carved summer's day
a winter
a loosening

whereby the scattered spots
would know a valley
would envelop
an entire cause
no entire cause is known
no dapple herald
the great and dark crown
the jeweled birds whose
is something

dew born large
against the walkways
of terrorist caterpillars
and do
take this example
or any example known
as some example

to bring before the bone
the catacombous tone
tome or contention
which wandering everywhere
at once should take
its own faun
its faun to do
an answer

the curse of the green ivory

an ivory curse is a curse
a greening of the ugly curse
the cursing of green
elephantine waters
a curse of green ivy
groans over old bones

who barters glowing tongues
for glaring and trembling
to the curse of a green stick?

what timbre of error should a curse
inform, the loose change of juju is
ever so variable?

the backbone of the green sting
might be a poem on the inside
or a world on the outside
chance that the curse could be
lifting its tale to tell
the dizzy malady rendezvous
the green ivory ivy even over all

green tooth
plant horn fang
garden walking stick
suddenly the penal colony
held a parade
and all of the brightly painted paper
corpses were brought out
and brought to life again
green ivory is sleeping
in a paper cage
the nobooboo of the green airport

the green airport is looming
o odious odu!
the principle of it is fine i suppose
people trapped inside
lovely green garden lamps
that illuminate the night
for blood red humanao ellyphantoids
some serious
something funny here

fill yer basin
with beleevin's
Bölvun græna fílabeinsins
the lub foom of green umbrellas
is a curse
the rampant gap between
the emblem (the real)
and the saying of the beasts
is called a lie

green ivory curtains
go round this all
seeding blue wood fruit
this misery blasphemy
of something of something

this curse
of the blue wooden lung carving

so kybotsch galure (in eventoads)

good golem grow green
good golem grow soft
soccorso cuzco empacotamento
uassisterte the leavens
contingano guano loco
unassisted the heavens
helping soft green golem go there
in hair craft pordio patio
good golem grow blue
good golem grow you
gonfiarsi gonfiarso you are no gone golem
art fiasco buggery
with starry scar crotch your
great metal refrigerators softly coo too hoo
gonfiarsi swellum yunth fee
ave' hermoimpulssi
glue fog place
flag glow face
good golem we are rutting in your secret organs
however susceptors will eagle scissors
wildly with bitterbittersüße
esger yorn you earn its blackwhar echo goo
ala findhorn moon
wheat glossary longhouses lockhouses
dunnel flannel gob nooked dam mitt cob
and yan tan tethera leather a
good golem grown gurreen dare
help my hair foo boon
o help my hurrakeen
boo foon noofa soleece
for the paraveredus is cresme
with bulga

pung coin bung coin peng chang [fangers]

cameo reign conclusion void
sound or construction modulus
filling to lipid ivory
en sill [oon]

weight concussion value omnipotent
flapping set toreador
as the hollow integer form [dewey]

for its memorial tent
refugee shrine parade maneuver
engage confusion's picture
with psyphysiological stylus [triste]

gland fetish set premier
radiant underling of underling
underlanguing the languid
god cud muddle virgin urgency [furth]

hobbled deplorables
hubbling bubbled yarbos
for verblinky
easel wave history clinging [pength]

at clasp joint
folding principle decorated
in which tithe sacrifice reach
full omen in no leaden electron vitus scorch [settee]

place be mine maim
horrine verbillitose
savor dogma's qabbala panty threaded
cumulus for which it shared this [heptamerad]

lucky oracle cum
the pace of tender facts that spread
in time vivisection porticone
gravity winks delicious heads [adhoctogone]

butter crystalline bones in navigation
submerged rill auctoraverant
multi-limbed and captivaded
festinando steuraz boblique and hirmu [neen]

in vrixovirsus [net]

Odd Hair Din Irrune

chachoo chillaca ko
that the liver doll's blood sled

that this viral culture
is composed or rudiavaded
upon grotesque abstraction
propped on breaded elbows
of surreal praxis
before the hearth of art

and just as the goidelic value
fur money
the fir hamshed
cannot be translated

truth is a pediacle
a note under the sum in which
the form's construction
bears the meanings' messages
through an alternating
and original channel
a precious and risible
building of facewhite scrappie
undo noise luminous selfishy
the great otherness of the continents
of course that's just wishful thinking
or was
in a souffle' economy so
soowheeoo 40rthahahr

actually sounds more
like roma guitarra in gdansk

or the works of Quintus Asconius Pedianus
as transcribed by Poggio
what would a ship's lasher feel
if e werr to twoard
the hovering of a plagiarism (by bull haul'd goat)
in the climes of a saturnalia
by goon it's famished cozy and dark
down ear in the snakes

leviathan was once
bohemianoth and wild dragona
sum beo-fru thed arc und thed licht
sum bey hof frux kin thu tayba

what gets laid on in the restlessness
of its inappropriate baroque
the poor the unwashed the clean the vestiges
the forrests
the ladons and the lay-dances
as recapitulations
of the texts of actual atomisms

the atomisms which
"resided in rome" (of a meta-sort)
and there it died
after having been blind for
twelve million years
at the age of eighty-five
which may as well have been
3 or 2 or 1
for all the good it did

unless you consider it
that any gazook
is worth the gazooking

that the manuscript
is still transmitted
by an ambiguous
a vector of pediacle
en vervolvalux

Tumbaco voe

inch blossom close inti
and with the fum thumb tool
the rain should be over by ate
so that the parade continue hon

book laps
the open open bloom
the book window doom
there by an open stream
with its shun signing up
form the pages
we are apt design
for its wild unfettered cages
slithering and invisible

the winged snake
with star head
and flower ladder shagged chin
screens the restaurant laid
for away this dusk
upon the artist's name noll
glad to see them shake hands that way
before the construction of the estuary
broke news its mind joke history
kells stook a stork scab stoa
no drainage craft could convey

hissing well bellies
and them starveling and dropped from heights
faro primitive in means
but complex in action
and reaction or staid braids shimmer lit
the lit staves acted as a synecdoche
to the ritual gland display remover afflexis

sayhuite golgi organelle
lift clown orgy mineral image
to writing backwards its fed
cervelets curve fluraging

sgamerà purmasive glami
vilt magarmacch cloon
ah volksraden

gavel high legomenon
the cotocollau will carry obsidian

Somber Recital Notes

a huge yellow egg shell
has been cut and carved
into continents (all connected)
the oceans all a breathless
where the absent foetus
of the bird
had never resided

carlo gesualdo
has been resurrected
as a buxom
nude and red-haired woman
riding a shaggy
black furred griffon
which rears up on its hind legs
though it is floating
at the center of the egg world
and very tiny
a tincture in fact

but his face
all around where
the beak was inserted
is scorched
the woman's face is scorched
because carlo gesualdo is inside
and he is a beak
a sharp and crooked beak
which sticks out of her face
like a nose

now when i remove carlo
the beak remains
in babylonia's face
and its deep oak roots
grow out the back of her head
the longer he is gone
the longer they become
until they touch the inner surface
of the yellow
egg shell world

as if you took a root ball
and made it into an inkbrush
and stood in the center of a giant egg
the harsh light of the sun
penetrating the egg

and babylonia
plunging its brush into ink
and painting the surface

and on the outside
with mouths like sewing machines
outlining the continents
up and down with the banderoles

inside and outside they go
interior and exterior
a tincture in fact
the media that they all abhor
and become
inside our children
when i remove its shell

the hunchback has a shell
and the phoenix rises


I am a Fortune Teller Coming to Meet You

what is in that
blue basket [?] pretty polly
ticks off the chart
pretty politics is shangrila
pretty molecules are pretty polly
what is in that [?] blue basket
look at the owl!
I am a fortune teller
coming to meet you
don't let my girlfriend
look that the owl
the four feet of the elephant
are really a Lady named No
Pretty Polly ticks off the charts.
Pretty politics are the molecular
shangrilah [?] what is that tick
doing on the blue basket
look at the owl, the boon deep
high owl of scarabs of the mourning
pretty polly don't look at my owl much
i am the fortune teller coming to shave
shapes across your skin don't let my girlfriend
steal your pretty shangrilalalah
at the lake festival they need your money
golden dragon is so high, it's high all day,
the birds are singing "love's not for sale"
"oh how I hate you" pretty polly ticks
off her parrot charts. I am a fortune teller.
Don't let my girlfriend look at the owl.
Pretty Poly-molecular Shangrilah.

Sunday, July 2, 2017


also met
with a lost ball

the responsibility for the robbery
of the poor future people
on their most sacred goods

was left behind
an elephant's earflap

dewlap li
in the hazel
and gothmicone

as a kid
i fell into headless

hollow car-poon

to take good gravy
with fiqitush


o feckless idiot savage
how i long to witness
40000 maenads
sparagmos you
to nubbins

not even eating the meat
but throwing it into
the garbage

and then compacting it
with the stomping
of their bare
enraged feet
into nothing

o feckless idiot savage
your words will not ring out
down the ages
except as idiocy
and mental disease

and even if half the world
loves you
i would set half the world on fire
and burn it to the ground
to see you lose

for i too
am a feckless
idiot savage

slow and docile breezes infect

the feral wind chickens
are barking
in the travertine patios
where the cedar maze
is lifting
its floorless roofless
medallion to the sky

who smells cedar
better than a canine
wind chicken
gone feral
in exquisite patios
whose columns
of fragrant
river wood
reach right up to
heaven's door

these chickens
leap twirl and cavort
and bark out
their fitful poems

and i see their sigil
their symbol

it is a panic
an emerald green
chicken dog
with fireworks popping

fitfully sleeping hermits
under waterfalls
of honeysuckle
get no respite
from the insane poetry

of these joyous
hairy tornado birds

Spring Powder Colt Said

could the moon
pulled down by spirits
be a bridge across the ocean?

this boat does not float
this philosopher's stone
is a submarine viewing platform
a jasper flower

which with its periscope is used
to spy upon and record
the dark blue clouds at night

a picture jasper coral house
whose windows
are a captured calligraphy
of architectural bubbles

that preach a song:

the south shore
is a zither
of yellow arrowroot

and the young man
and woman with yellow hats
are the deer parsley
of autumn
which moves silently
between the heavy iron
duck incense braziers

that flank the dark gouge
and smoke
where the moon came down
and skittered

our auspicious mark

and even still we watch the volcanos
from fierce piebald horsebacks
on a distant ridge
away from the impact zone
our moon bridge flaming
before us

and immortal
our adjustment stands

we'll call it

thousand league
peach mountain

of drugs
we'll call it


but our fine horses
have their stables
under the sea

our fine


in all of the best
mornings the chiourmes
churn the bagno
the yellow flag of the cannons
set high in garden
where the footpath wends
these wondrous prisoners
down among the exquisite
perils of the prodigal monster
the jaggedy formulas
of the ray of cages

moon meteor head excrement
meteor head moon excrement

a sloth of hyacinths
has grown large
around the aureole
of the dead dry dotty boat
and in the morning before the dawn
it lifts its lantern head
to open its neck crevasse diorama
and there
wild grass phantoms
in baggy pants
loosen their propinquities (manus capitur)
which escape
are emancipated
leaping off
into the hooch of the unguent

soggetto torpores

flailing wickedly the pent stain up
stared lubriciously at the ever-present
edges of its miraculous prism (prison) krater
goof qua goof qua mangkorn qua quoll qua
guff en awe
to wit its weep is terrible alas
but it makes the bed and lies
a stain
a pent
a pent stain up renting realpolitik for a day
in the park
its mortal shell game
coil'd toward some
impeccably and ridiculously vast
brontolonia en nesapratis
and so that whatever it was to be awake
they said
their oracle's orders were clear
take from the poor and give to the rich
to which it was eagerly countered
take from the rich and give to the poor

while all the while
the only thing which mattered
and which mattered but only a whit

was that statue which had turned
of its own accord
that bit

that was it

that one little
improbably mini-many

that little peep
of piss