Monday, July 25, 2016

an ekphrastic description of an ersatz novel about novelty

ersatz velasquez orca
impossible ties to novel
impossible ties to novel
impossible ties to normal
normally impossible
the las meninas subway orca
as watched by the lone man gun grove
his long impossible tie
dangling over the platform
dangling over the platform
impossible mango orca orgy novel
las meninas android coffee
impossible ties to novel
normally novel means
novelty is normal hence
no novelty
orca velascular ersatz
mango orca meat telephone
a long men's tie
which rolls out from a coil at the chin
to become a novel
dangling over the platform
mango kennedy orca eskimo glacier

if you are a chaos for numbinous clime

in phosphorous gladiola glider
the yellow green
is ascendent hernia mistake
name for goose's brain

blake reveals virgin
as plural

term sends some
cryptic will
the hacked out shape
making its way
around a fence

fleecing nebula softness
as higher

what will dream
is the monumental bridge
at the bottom of the cavernous valley

why not cross at the top
because romance decrees
a journey to the bottom

its round
absurd currency
its forking tower
called zarathustra
by the lonely ifugao

abstract braziers
yet radial, swell, to
hang from chains
over the river of clover
where yellow cube chairs
seemed scattered
and invoke

an involuting

for original images:

culture flows

through hibondaga nostril gears
around the swaddling peppermint leaves
that house the sacred pickle

if you were a swineburn lionfish
in an ocean of empty black
bristling with antannae

wood lets
to fountain
however green mirrors turn
in their wooden

these rough cliff ways
delude with their romance
in flower language
culture flowers

where peak nostril mating times
grey wooden hag fountain shair

green pegasus pear
deep jade torso yolk

yoke you dime
ballcourt lumpen
polar terrier yacht

for original image text:

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

a candle for peplum red plum (gladiatorgium)

bondage gladiator sexy
tidepool romantic fodder

soft gladiator
soft jelly-like gladiator
melting near the wind machine

which lifts the pink bacchante women's
seed sofa negligees

and reveals the green loop in her hair
is holding up her dress

the main gladiator left standing
has a broad bright hard collar
with stylized cannabis leaves

but soon he melts
bondage gladiator sexy
low spark of high-heeled goy

underage bustier tidepool
for the soft remedia remains
I put you tank
you put me holy

to laces

trenches form for soldier
in the shape of a biscuit
achmed achmed
doobie brisket moon wolf

majestic white minotaur is crowned
pierced dewlap dangling
soft gladiator bacchantes

gladiator women battle
at the center
of minotaur negligee stadium
seed sofa
giving birth

to laces

the black hat in praise of more

two perfectly innocent and joyful
dim kid goats
play brightly along the bottom
of the long dry moat
under the ruined splendor
of a mostly forgotten
gothic castle

these frolic highly
wan highly lilting lyrical
ovid pandora gondola spider
ineffable barrel vaulted chest
of the woman before that red sky
where tresses are made grilles
and unicorns appear
as pressed and crisp
as calligraphy

silken neurons
and neuroglia
tempt the silken rogues
whose deep 3d picture box world
is flatter than a hatter
in numbers stranger than a lark
watching two
perfectly innocent and joyful
dim kid goats

the basic reader
like a gothic hive
performs a rustic duty
exploring the wandering paths
around the mostly
forgotten castle's
throbbing hermit swarm

odd plates to echo
soft lapidary disorder
which might as well mean
soft lapidary order
and the cluniac kafka said Lof der Zotheid
the flying of zoo teeth
lofty beauty (flying meat)
and the flying meat's outline
a thump thumb bluing itself
under the mood of the purple storm

Delphic Posterior

infinitely peddle art junk
infinitely pedal
infinitely petaled heartsunk
heatsink mindwrath blowhole

exquisitely peddle art junk
exquisitely pedal
exquisitely petaled hearth skunk
might finally enter the geode
of sultan crushed bicycle
axe eugene careful

mindless sun of nude dancing
mindless burning
mindless molecular discourse
of sacral dust inversion trope

sacred meaninglessness
sacred ambiguity

the structural integrity
the continuity of matter's fundamental
inability to actually
mean anything
other than itself

lab lum
eternal confrontational yoga
of yonigate

glass poo

banana-foot heart-throb
where forth art thou O
in the screel or
in the peenhoff
nay but
in the peelhoof
chimpanzee display
yellowed sprightly
as with pegged daisies
whose isles are drawn closed
as hearth shaped windows
whose internal organs
are cameo hades
green banana horses
freckled with green butterflies
whose wings bear
tiny pitchfork emblems
natural inalienable holograms

artificial intelligence (green way)

symbol 37 go
und sur tan ek grow
clus tooth ah boon
one owns what one owns carries swan
the heavy swan breaks back broke
ignited cone
swallow darting
maw geld

submerged in earth
its rickety paper stick puppet opera begin
to feather a smooth metallic machine poem
sealed surface
cataract of the performative imp lever
pully-baroqued in layman angel herd equation
subsection unconscious
and wiley

space hoof eye sore spell
the dice in ocean capsid caesar marsupial pause
to gleet the pet now tired
after singing up the new living sun
the stronger parent awaking in bits
the old sick child womb
takes to the museum
entering into its permanent ritual
of feigned senility

lipscombite okónhsa

place distinction cavalcade
when hologram that writing spreads
lives across the viral horizon's oblate
portal pumping lemma (wheech-->
grapes hang on ether's side
from the browhooks that illumine
the fountain in a box

pass the gifting wheel
when extension's tongue banderoles
present their lists
to the fans of knights
let each clinching clap breeze
the jousting gaze encajan

these days hold their people close
to the chest that waits
on the lady in waiting
the lake so placid
the scored scorn whose sword
seals each wise psychological
insult okänd

a garden may reform
upon the rugged terrain
the half buried monk of wonder
mutters to the tangle of birds
whose abstracted and connected shapes
render their deformity to music

a great and singular horn
resonates to the awkward centering
that place energy shape and heft
will cleft by data
burning beyond its unknown twin
balloon horns

are ritually displayed by the floating victim
whose tragic victory
will journey to knowledge
its organs embellished by fetish
in the ornate binoculars
coveted by the priests of ambiguity
hinternally allied aligned illimned


it was a door
shaped as a fox foot
through which a snore
crept in red light
o'er the clover

clod is bong
more hallelujah
than kissing fish
fighting fish
if yes congeals

Ah, distinctly I remember
it was in the bleak December
And each separate dying member
drooled its wrought iron ghost
upon the floor

no, it was a door
the silken, sad, uncertain rustling
of the raven-feathered

'a shapely hovering hole'
Quoth the raven manticore
a shag now radiating
from the garden door

clod is bong
a light revered
inside  the lacy
pallid bust of Pallas

which sits above
my chamber door
rendered ever lovely
in ornamental corn

a lamp-satyr
in satire's urn

Gabriel Cornelius Ritter von Max

deep in the Zungenbecken
the cold lake
of the painter knight
dreamt of a solitary
melancholy monkey
who for three years now
had lived with an old woman
high in the ruined alpine castle
in her clever parasitic abode

by day
the tame creature
would sit on the rubbled parapet wall
out in the clear crisp open air
next to the enormous cold iron cannon
whose ragged damaged snout
reminded him of the Gletscherzunge
he could just glimpse
far up the winding snow-filled valley
receding toward the craggy peaks

and at night
he would come inside
to take soup with the old woman
by the fireplace
and gaze upon the painting
of the wetnurse he had known
in his youth
who fed him sweet fruit
and sometimes he would spit in the fire
to hear it sizzle

and sometimes he too would dream
but of a different girl
the lamp-seller
who passed her lit lamps
one by one
through a slit in the deep walls
while dark palm fronds
piled up across the creamy robe
that covered her naked feet

like the deep cold waters
of the Würmsee
covering Ludwig

this monkey still dreamed
of an ideal art critic
which like a lone leafless black tree
in the cold valley of snow
looked like a harried ghost
raising its arms in indignation
and which like a worm seer
hid and harbored
a thin branching vein
of molten ore
which sometimes leaked
leaving strange amorphous
spider coins
subsequently buried
in the orderly and constant

Sanchuniathon's Drawls

is the Ronald Syme Bluebird
which watches o'er the yard~
"So you're the nubba nubba!"
says the alien Bill Cosby
after being resurrected
three things are important
Tehom Ma'at and Stucky's so
the frog fart organ will kreloo
in the night and the hoppy fidgety
will blurt and cavort swimming ever outward
from the original wart
the word wart made spiny
with fetish stabbing forks
what is sublime indignity?
Is it Rodney Dangerfield playing Giordano Bruno
in an ABC late night movie shown inside
a toilet which like a crown was an actual
human accomplishment a
Ronald Syme Bluebird told us
that many of the later Emperors
after the Roman revolution
might do this or that for the public
give something take something away
all that was insignificant
all the people were brutes and
the core meaning of 'Emperor'
was always 'Bright Insane Murderer'
Think if whining devils all told Satan
they all needed something to be happy
in hell.. "So you're the nubba nubba!"
You'd think he'd probably stand up
with his knife, but often there
just a little gas leaked out
and a krelooo a kreloo kreloooo
of the frog fart organ
volcanoes are like that too
from the air just a fart-like Satan
a lovely little cardinal on a high wire
inspecting something it can't possibly
understand in all its fullness
but it could know
that egos
are muffy socks
in a frog fart safe
with a triple tumblr sundial
why are there no 40 foot high statues
of little red cardinals?

reality television

it was an age of douchebags
yet still the hopeful
looked expectantly to see
if grace lived in the heart of the universe
instead of realizing
that grace is a blind nictitating dance
of rabid mouthparts flinging foam statues
into the shifting razor-like loom of skeins
grace is the music from
rows of spectral and beautiful
lavender jade lutes to be
played by the erotized groin and belly legs
of a headless schitzocentipedal ourobouros
whose bent ambient anisotopy
is not so much the sparkle in our eyes
as the dull gleaming bluntness
of a polished lyrical and unceasing joining
of one thing to another
without worry of their joining
for grace is the fullest promiscuity
fully unveiling itself in the negative
and in the positive until those
differences are made more meaningful
and more useless less meaningful
and more useful
a douchebag is nothing but a builder
in a sea of builders
when building might also be thought of
as destroying
grace is the heavy weight that tells us
there is no difference in difference
that the blunt promiscuous joining
is a hell-like heaven
a heaven-like hell
and that reality's whole circumference
is some description of a weirdness
come out of the dark bleak mouth
of ourselves and then reswallowed
for all is reswallowed
poet or douchebag
queen, president or brother
squirrel, or pale rainbow dewdrop

Monday, February 29, 2016

low flying glanstronomy

mo' dodgy dunce
mode odd jee dance

sprig of weasel paint
upon the dun gray door frame
upon the bird dun
nid pod then bird brain
sprig elvis weasel didgy dodgy

mo' dunce
mot dance

elect! elect!
shaggy magnetic girders
ajumble for the hole
a jumblo for the rumblo
shaggy shaggy mododgyduns
electric brain pod bird elvis
weasel fountain

painted weasel
elect the rust
elect the spherical large
total hole weasel rust
porch on rocking chair

stone rocking chair
sprig of easel gust
pray spraint teeth hair book
of elvis bone wallow sprint measel
fountain valley
ranch dreassing

ranch dressing
over stone rocking chair
sprig elvis rocking
sage mododgyduns

sage sprig measel
paints the log
elect! elect!
mododgydunce sprig elvis elevens
for shaggy magnetic girders

chain mail bird skulls woven together
in the holy hole
with bright dodgy sprig taint teeth hair books
a jumblo for the rumblo

spinning wheel betty crocker
kookoo astro pelt reign dar

Saturday, February 27, 2016

almond butter

and fig tarragon jam 
on 9 seed bread
matress firm
mattress round
mattress spherical
Marguerite Duras strikes René Magritte
with a long smooth wand
across the left cheekbone
René Magritte
existential pony beast
presenting butter
to the heath and moor
great groans go out
from the cottle
of the sovereign metaphor
an ilk of display
or function

the highlights

on its frog hair
michel houellebecq
becquerel gastronomy
investment template
all the abstract innovations
of green chinese ceramics
used to hold down
an ever lengthening scroll
upon which mammoth graze
in the distant past of earth
museum form
a squat bulb remained énorme
the carved wooden grilles of the central corridor
that rise from low balconies to reach
in a swooping arc
a great red ball
a glass sphere filled with red ink
push the annoying thing
to the bottom of the slop bucket
stanislaw lem chicken rotator cuff language
find the clover window
and hallucinate
the highlights
on its frog hair
the lilac generating manifold
the industrial
dandelion efficiency pact
thunder thistle face
smooth as ivory
buried beyond soil
in mystical soil
a weird music of dream bodies
laid in piles
slender blind snakes of fungi
swimming through them
tiny filamental poems
mixed to sun
no broadly overdone
irregular circuit
permanent topple
translating womb
golden shoe pipe idol

il guanto giunta

pretty peed the poppy urshaneed
glycol web banana spread thru fungal lama hotpants
hun mong ja hoe
which teaches all these ignorant characters
to assemble together
dissembling together sennero
lawha la gama de colores
bul jamila all dome bull xanadu
solid silver spheres for knee beards
gas drifting thru hover tiles
the oracle's abstract lingerie is lingering
in the mind of old Compór
labor tuned lickerish to the transquiloczar
letters all stiff ankles
words all limber joints
sentences all deaf bodies
lingering ben fang ban fong phun hong honpo
each canto is a leather bag
the snail's spiral staircase to Peru
pabsino or opabosco withholding giuggiolone
allaudo allaudo en clef
wah wah urshaneed poppy best
virago farrago perago:
I pierce
I transfix
I traverse
I harass
I execute
I finish
I accomplish
or complete
and all without a studded tongue
or tattooed skin
though every tongue enstuds
and every skin tattoos
the plane! the plane!
5 black eyes of mud
They both suffer and weep
in the aurora of tangles
In December of 1862 eight Peruvian ships landed
in Rapanui
harpoon fork shoe wasp saddle chair
supèrbia to swallow
the hook along with the bait
the three unities of classical tragedy
it is very easy for us here in the poem
of Screwtape's Virgil
Castelvetro found the whole notion
of ships turning into sea nymphs
ridiculous absurd implausible
but war and wandering
form the consensus
of the meaning
but not that joy
must be confined to funeral games
or collages

jinna bora broad tide brones

do the nargyboogins svelte the besty
wherryairn they begin wite furl hipped
fuse pelvised grottowine
dune they nickel boned the mica
dat clod mind howd
whairl the runty wagon greens its speet safety arms
in thick iron curls their ice shed bunnits
and break off their tongue brims svelter furn cubes
the elder seal meat to its brow howd
tarmagentle fur cuffs turned under rotten
to the music which cans its boney tottle ribbon
and beacons beak and teak crown scraped hides
jackal cloister ring worm emperor enter toe
obelisk gooey more mutter or slither its
tonnes if shobby bhel the jaw leaf
this runt grown werd huge under bucket
and its tail penny trott the middle
with its spring lifting doggerel
say purple lads may come
with lyrry hide pike guit errins
gweet fauns ovvafald boemans
their crutch earbones muke ivy lemmen
ther jekka crue tarballibuskins ta jerkin
Yune flips
yule bladder coriander larva the cow
and run its head under roe for bope slotch
a wave ringer
the lucid dull omen shot its rancid merry
no more mineral than leper cones
but the hoo stain of deer
will greb the shaman's jokey knot
if the nargyboogins egg
the egg might lens a star tipped
nibble pumshen
a funicle
clur to the bubrubnit flamolkin hoo
and gerry asp candor

War is Hell

By the late 1970s, Charo
was being mentioned as an example
of how overexposure could damage
a celebrity. One such article
quoted the "Q score" of Performer Q,
Steve Levitt's celebrity popularity rating service,
to show that the performer's popularity
declined slightly
even as her familiarity increased
You'd think that war was a penguin
or a polar pear prepared inside
an abortion of sequences
for the roaming capital
which exists below the radar
below the aurora borealis
You'd think that Charo
as an Israeli spy working through
might've discovered
the Nazi sleep coccoons
those nascent experiments
segments of prokaryotic DNA
containing short repetitions
of base sequences
each repetition followed by
short segments of "spacer DNA"
from previous exposures
to a bacterial virus or plasmid
something like a poem
a poem something like
a performer and
it is still unknown
how many of the mothmen
german sleeper hybrids
attended the wedding of
María del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza
and Xavier Cugat in 1966
packed in their special sarcophagi
and leaking something strange
by proxy
into the punch-line

Thursday, February 18, 2016

coldcuts from 1967 bro..

Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
The Kamchatka Peninsula is a long dry hair
of SAKE' entering the electric bath BRÖ
harumscarumhardihood best Adolphe
flattest sax shevel
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
I am calumny columny
clams opening in unison with a single
aspiring mind cleopatra
cleomater mater klee key
clay key
note knot sauvage hovage
hossenpfeffer collage gorilla
rigid vacuum tonsil griss gris
as a result of the merger of
Kamchatka Oblast and Koryak
Autonomous Okrug, based on the voting
in a referendum on the issue
on October 23, 2005
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
deep whale nascent whale
deep whale nascent whale
editor smoke lips Zygmunt Zintel
he say so sore say sew sewer soon say
stay direct manilla
keef butterfly mask approaching Major Müller
koum komu flange
bass flange komu chango erdogan
sangoma  Babalawo
a peep! a peep! redivunta
Koca Kasım Paşa district, Islahhane street
 Islahhane street Islahhane street
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ Adolphe Sax | BRÖ
editor smoke lips Zygmunt Zintel
he say so sore say sew
Admitting that he had had too much to drink
evergreen taxodium
tax odium iron cross fiddler fingle
window now shaped like a pond
in the green enduring hourglass fonzarelli
Sequoia was the result of a hybridization event
1967 full jazz electric bath interlude
shock wave halo storage
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
If I am a stern whale against this noise
If I am a sleeping baby inside this whale bath saxophone
if I am komu of deep sargeant underwear pyramids
deep pharaoh underwear
deep whale nascent turkey scream
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
endless goldsmith variations of brown
victorious control of all things
victorious control of all things
victorious morality of control
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
make you wonder about satin
green satin tuxedo sofa divan drugs
an ancient hybrid between ancestors
of the giant sequoia and dawn redwood

dawn surquoia saxophone
dawn surquoia saxophone
dawn surquoia saxophone
green electricity golem is stem
only in ground
only in air
baby hair arugula

fennel faced
electric piano
on wayne shorter dryback chinese decibel android
of calligraphy
fire alarm!
fire alarm!
main stage multi head utility office
main overwriting tentacle breed officer
superficial back lighting

There are four rooms on the ground floor, none of them of much interest to visitors. On the 1st floor is the reception room, with European sofas, a large console table, and a chased brazier; a large sitting-room, with low banquettes around the walls; Kemal’s mother’s room, with a bed, a banquette, and a trunk; and the kitchen, equipped with contemporary cooking utensils. The most impressive room on the 2nd floor is the one in which Kemal was born, a large room with a banquette, his desk, and a large brazier.

tom thumb go schitzophrenia
kryptonite miyako playground
sur le tabla ravi shankara

Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
nova scotia
best bottle of
best bottle of
no more electric nomads curse
sit up in upside down
and sit down in downside up
for your own mineral interest
as a mineral

ataturk! go girl go!
men are bunnies in tarpit!
women are turks!
red shift basket.

deliberate congo.
and schitzophrenia
even in the allen ginsberg year I was born
the allen ginsberg year of the congo

make up your mind in stacks
make up your mind in sacks
saxo phone 5th avenue!
Sequoia superintendant!

i see

through the thin transparent donkey
of dream mucous cymbals
a fountain of promiscuous
pulsating ovules
golden in no mimicry

the no skull human unicorn horn
stretched like taffy to meet its maker
a corn cobbed toroid balloon mask
whose separate incubating cells
speak in kaleidoscopic foetus machines
lickerish with nictitating spigot analogues
spewing riots
golden in no mimicry

i see
barely even oven covens hovering
within me
peristaltic barrel vaults
polar haltings
range wars
of flagrant dim confettis
of blissfull mutant kachina knights
trailing banderole tapeworms
with medusan heads
of snaky popping champagne cork neck
golden in no mimicry

no meme i cry
mimi climb me
oh mimi

the tugboat on the secret harbor
is rife with harmonic laser mohawks
surskulpting the air curse
golden with nimrod mimi cries

i see
the colossus of rhodes
wearing the tower of babylon
as a helmet
dangling with knee-jerk unicorn orbs
in no mimicry

accept this as your first and final warning
being is
it is being
a thin transparent donkey
ridden by a cyclops
who carries the carnival triangle
to the flaming bud


Socrates and Penelope

it was the city of Smyrna
on January 1 1922, Nansen ho!
Here, there is no definitive story
of Orion's belt within
the tobacco merchant's
telephone, and on the River Plate's
Alexander, a Jacqueline
on the incest of names.
Orion rises like steam
from the urine of the gods
and a urine soaked cow hide
goes round the world
patches for massifs
Aristotle Onassis
Oscar Victor India Delta Tango
The bowl was red earthenware
with cups of beech wood
Kilo November Delta Yankee
the confused etymologies did found
how cattle for lyre how
lithe the misfit whole.
you tell me no echo for stone.

Monday, February 15, 2016

wig surplus prayer poem graft

that for a time
in a space for the unknown
the wide frail foot
of its word
the gentle humor of its deformity
and the miracle of its composition
some discount
this great summons
but behold
in the central yellow yolk
of an any color sun
there is an eerily
wild blind horned head
the caterpillar staff
from beyond internal gateways
of beauty
it could be anything
there is a nothing more subtle
a nothing
that moves itself around
games to be played
in skin music
how odd when the sound goes up
in the great domocile
how stirring
the graven plasma
as it parts to the brow stem

soul kitchen

a ghostly dangler has
sunken below the rim of the halo
gentle unda parasol whip

the tip of this one
is covered with
ghostly dangler carnage

if i took this miniature drum apart
the mechanistic fetish that hangs upon the wall
might not seep knot
between the eens

tiny silver magnet fish lyres
climb their ladders
in the ah-koo hay van
of ghostly danglers


nude drunks
are riding panthers
hedonism is putting the tusk
in tuscany
sleeping demurely
in the villa michelangelo
seeing deep vision only
as Francisco Rabal wearing a mushroom hat
smoldering closely to Monica Vitti's L'Eclisse
ignorance and consciousness schitz+oidalone sister boars
the bright insanity of renaissance laurel laurel
oblique connection episteme telostomere
in the kosmos our knowledge dream
remains classical ignorance, our morality
blooming, stunted, lyrical, barbaric,
naked drunkeness is what we are, and even reason,
our deep prize, is but a fetish of squirming animals
with minds of their own
with no minds, but many behaviors
WILD DIONYSOS hangs out out his
yappy yappy inside out mud turtle castles
reading their own assholes
beauty is convulsive
and all matter is beauty
and art and weird ignorance
mashed into pulp
or squeezed into song
a broken record bird song
a broken record bird song
a broken record bird song
long john nude drunk silver panther pirate pyrites
pyrite silver panther peduncle
silver pirate panther
heavy silver classical robot heads
laid down to rest in laurels
of insanity
silver prosthetic leg speaks
to owl parrot kneecap goddess
tactical closures open the field

The Exile years

Gagik received as compensation for his kingdom the district of Lycandus in Asia Minor and the town of Bizou, in the vicinity of Caesarea. He was also granted the use of a palace on the Bosphorus in Constantinople and a pension from the imperial treasury. Several seals testify "Kakikios Aniotes" (Gagik of Ani) as duke of the thema of Charsianon. During his time in exile, according to Matthew of Edessa, Gagik also took part in a theological debate between him and the Byzantine emperor in Constantinople, defending the Armenian Church and its tradition and rites. The Metropolitan Bishop of Caesarea, named Markos, lost no occasion to express his scorn toward Gagik, whom he considered a heretic. After several insults by Markos directed against him, Gagik eventually murdered the bishop, an act that made Gagik even more unpopular among the locals. As the story goes, it is said the Bishop had a dog named Armen, so as to scorn the Armenians. One day, Gagik visited the bishop, had the dog put in a canvas bag and beat with sticks. He then had the Bishop seized and placed in the same bag with the dog, now maddened by pain. The bishop died in pain from the wounds inflicted by his own dog. Gagik was captured and later killed on May 5, 1079 by the Byzantine governors (three brothers) of Kyzistra, who had his body mutilated and hanged from the fort for others to see. His body was later buried outside the fort but was later said to have been secretly conveyed by an Armenian from Ani named Banik to a convent he had built in the city of Bizou. Shortly after Gagik was killed, his youngest son David was poisoned by his father-in-law for suspected treachery. Gagik's eldest son Hovhannes had married the daughter of the governor of Ani and still lived there, but was in Georgia when it was captured. Hovhannes had a son Ashot who was poisoned and his body brought to Bizou. Hovhannes did not survive his son by long, at which time the posterity of the senior male Bagratian line of kings of Armenia was extinct. During the reign of Thoros I of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia the death of king Gagik II was avenged by the Armenian forces who took the fortress of Kyzistra and executed the three Byzantine brothers who had killed the last Armenian King of Ani.

World of the Pome-Book Question?

A book that tells everyone a different story. In the beginning, there is only the color and silence. And then a noise occurs. Bloop! The story can begin ... But what history? The history of that, the story of what? Where? When? These questions will match many "why? "Why the outbreak of the one and the other? Why one does eat the other? Why the explosion? Why the elements they disperse in the end? Fleeing they? Or will they colonize another world? The story she repeated when it is over? And how? It is up to the reader to bring their own answers these questions and to tell his story, cruel tale, science fiction scenario or philosophical metaphor. A story he will share with others, he will confront with the others. Who will be right? Who will be wrong? The book speaks differently to each and all readings that can make have their interest and value.

MIHARI (let it come down...)

Brad Dourif is a dead ringer for Vermeer
747's in your eyebrow rainbows


ever come down
with a case of chicken chest poupon
when you've already got the flu
in plato's cave
the transparent monkey foetus eggs
are sloshing around inside with fire
young Melanie Griffith is the angry nude Carrie
doing oracles before the dozens
with emblems of confetti hung in the air
today the CDC announced
are dancing in PlATO'S flaming jars
'dancing to the tune of your own farts'
said one Tibetan commentator
image of common potato sells for
18 million cold deer pickles
said PlATO today, adding
modelling clay in a little rumplestiltskin wall
around the chicken chest poupon wound
so said the oracle when you've got the flu
just plug the drains and let the water rip
dozing oracles of the skies
the definition of angels is drowning
speaking for the CDC
young Melanie Griffith is the angry nude Carrie
sloshing around inside with fire
and transparent monkey foetus eggs
and with a rotating halo
of cold tibetan deer pickles
and equations of confetti hung in the air
ever come down
with a case of chicken chest poupon
when you've already got the flu
in plato's cave
with Charles Durning's Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
playing PlATO's play dough projector
'dancing to the tune of your own farts'
with a lovely case of duck tree rutabega poupon jelly
naked rumplestiltskin
like the nude division carrying the day
must spin it all into rapunzel gold
tower above tragedy (hot sex, get your hot sex here)
more of these Gremlin action figure dolls
could be dressed like 1970's
purple peacock pimps
on their day off
washing their own genes
in pineapple sludge martinis

beatnik pome

my swollen beatnik joy
may be more turgid hip and swinging
than thine own
but I would never say it's so
cuz the universe is just
one bleak kid
swinging rafter
art holy monkey shining
bright brigged
rigged deep
into the night
what a crystal chain!
lupine lupercal

Blue Hyacinth Rotor Paddle Effector Summa Lemon

(Broken Communion Symbol Rejoined)

Pinocchio in a top hat
needle through the eye of a pen
and then anthro-donkey-loam-mecha
to search remote hermit
peach golem garden lady preach put
whose body arroyo folktale typus nevus
arrives arrives arrives
typical brown nosed sunshine
cardboard theater neck support interlude:

varying shapes until prose E=MC2
and much has turned it is shown by reason
mother Flora the other

their path with Zephyr prepares full aspect
and you should venture this hypothesis in its stead
to locate precisely She Tuttle

In be one each fights also possible shapes,
And every rationally light-fraught half so spherical
and withdrawing to explain the embrace of amplectier ausis

cur the sight and Round, angular,
difficult to site cur - One half of ball 3
tinged so powerfully notes to ensnare

basil trellis face yimmler jummler derm lure


Mortuus sum
vittas hyacinthinas

mea monocle
idcirco homo mundus erit

sicut cum aliquod obiectum
et constructione
manent obtuse
ad candor
omnino explicari

Mortuus sum
at viventium
gavisus esse

meam industriam
spectat ridiculum
ex hoc tawdry

quasi echo lone
sextus Angelus tuba cecinit echo
de tenebrarum universe

quarum uberem history
relinquit parum locus
nihil magis
quam spatium

Pinocchio in a top hat
soft sweet potato color baby flesh
absolute comm species bedsticks
and brewn hobbes

Ron Padgett as a long forgotten 1950's Dessert

it was kind of scary
i was 63
and getting new warts
a lot of them
and i needed to know my options
so i placed myself in a communicating vessel
a hundred thousand gourds
out floating in the ocean
barring the path to the port
at the arrival
of the gigantic severed hand
whose every crenellation
housed a knot of self-absorbed
rainbow caterpillars
and whose heads
appeared as hard glossy horned seeds
ready to pluck the ripe lute of the wind
and earth
our salad
in a bowl lined with precious warts

A Man Made Circular Chamber (for Lady Bruce)

what it asks for is
a single like word on the side of the ship
a cape of jewels
a great soft explosion whose only purpose
is to dream about color
too much emotion Barnabooth
when you drain it of war
left over these Indian bands
playing soft music for Mrs. Morse
the joining of peacock, mohawk, and accordion
and deep orange croonings
the snaking path down to the kris river
which sports a great potted palm
at the elbow of every changeable undus
like Dick Cavett in a little baggy
Caveat young wan
the professor of philosophy has seen your eye
sound of macaw
a small audience
much too small
this is such lovely water
what it asks for is
a single like word
in the ship of sides
a frozen explosion of jewels
each connected by molten golden bridgework
these english even think their tusk work divine
what a magnificent cottage!
yes professor
but I'm not sure it's a cave Petunia!

winter poet speak no evil know no mind

winter fléchette
the agreeable mood modulation photon frequency sound
smell of snow
dream of deep fur she'll be coming around the mountain
pine sled waking
their microcephaly

zeno eek a mouse
beyond transgressive rain
or below it
blue darts of medium sunshine fall down
into the fields of knots

probability such that
the branchings of a nude indecent tree of knowledge
need no ground for rootless cosmopolitans
to decry
pandoran origins
a midas navel
of divine error

apple mell
vain discrete
flat knossos
perverse poet minotaur

winter is then seasonal mask
for deer hind poet beast

beast poet
flailing primitively
drawing blow block and candle to shin
and chain

and painted mouth flanked by guardian bird cup laurel
beast poet
in snow

and the great jawbone of ice
which holds no allegiance
to any species known
or unknown

a great transparent criminal
of beauty

the erratic

or floral golem knights battling in the spring
to audiences of
hurricane orgies

one shining monkey

lifehair stink when singe
rabbit candle monkeys flame
for then the simpel sillies
the sullied everyday broken down

love burns in the center of the universe
of hair
its stinking candle
or now that romance looks at geometry
as a savior before its mother
to wed

the stinking monkey hair sings
great tomes of physics spread open
like a vagina of stone
before a campfire of frost
the universe sees backwards masking different
like a penis
with a halo of fire

the ocean seems bleak
until the gulls wheel before the old monument
where the painter in essence
attaches herself to color

color is the weird stink in philosophy
the alien element which cannot quite unfold
before the harsh military logic
of calories

color is before the great
and hair stinking religions of the world

life hair
strange columns
strange effervescing ceiling
seen from above
and from below

Piero Umiliani
is standing near the aqueduct

the river of science fiction

naughty pythons

if ine loonk glue minne den klein
flea's augen vine dyne
von din

or tubulin rhindpist dye
the tiled meander pattern
lightning bolt fount train
climb or climb the rain
reigning's sweet reigning's glad
mole pants hair lip colostomy pram
pinkled prunk or black prawn prue
if figurehead skull block face plate screw

if ine loonk glue minne den klein
flea's augen vine dyne
von din

gin and liquor
flog the mice
bag its winking grue
onyx onyx
chilled meat cup shins and trilling
vot bot tulip tubes
a graphene brain razor boob
or tiny emerald liver pin

liver pin
liver brooch
liver chin
liver skin

and a pile of livers
tulip tophat

They relaxed in the quiet of an English garden.

Shortly the revolt reached lower Bosnia. Turkish garrisons were massacred, in response to which the Bashi Bazouks began to massacre. The Christian population streamed across the Save into Austria. The pasha of Sarajevo, however, was determined to keep the peace. The young men spent their last day there shopping quietly. Then they headed south to Ragusa, where Arthur later was to spend so many happily married years in his own villa on the sea wearing bright heavily embroidered sleeveless felt cones and long heavy ornacerementalmonial theater beards of braided wool hung with miniature wooden shoes scented with sandalwood and jessamine, and noisy with glabrous flightless finches tatooed by a blind dwarf named Hekkauf who lived in a sack under the stone stairwell.

a girth of turngull

torsions spew force manacle
gravity flame constellation wheats
visionary ghetto libretto
go willingly - kopf fibration
when butterfly knife haiku mountain parable
televisualize social iconic catastrophe weavings
monocle mandala window smirk
sword scar face gender wink
where swan head swastika drink
the four winds as absolute iron
flow dream cataract
shaman gravy cocoon ghetto
broken speech magnets orrery in-ahbit
botanical gondola trellis machinery
baroque lament
veroque laminate
bave clong dall
torsions icon scar
head swastika ghetto window smirk broken
botanical gender haiku cataract
the four winds as absolute mineral inflorescence flagellum
lace mandala prison
flow swan knife face magnets to wheat farce lucius
lyceum feral meteorite victims choose
visionary ghetto museum
swan head gondola pipe's burning
fecal homunculus savior
to power eggplant cherub races
televisualize baroque breast implant
artemis capitol building submarine
brace nong fall
the great black tongue is failure
the skittering beast episteme
its constellation pride alchemy clouds
masturbation digit philosophy
ancient meaning of vomit
army foreskin table settings
jawbone well
eyes loosed in boiling amber of psyche
to find winged octopi beak mother ratios
grim and domineering majesty
of animal history
grace uncandored by adoration
made ambiguous to grunt
and shy to werelphormlatune
grades of chemical mask
structure skin pole hierarchies
to rust nimble nictitating bobbin organs
where their smooth alabastard roots
take up their horns
to exult
or complain

brass knee spikes
hug the trunk


just woke up from the strangest dream.. was like a hip hop song sort of.. i kept hearing phrases like "interest free euro zone" and "absolutely offshore mainframe restaurant arrangement" on and on like that.. there was a subplot that hillary clinton had married a frenchman and had moved to an 'economic free zone' an interest free eurozone' which was an island in which the whole island was a restaurant.. but most of the people eating at the tables were in multiples, by which i mean they were stacked as clones one upon another in their chairs up to like eight people in some cases.. for what seemed like 10 minutes there was nothing but hillary showing a golden dental grille, and then it was just endless scenes of fricasseeing foie gras and moving through the streets of Portmeirion looking at people wearing their fanciful prisoner suits..

Say Hello to Tello


living with the abstract
forces of energy
as if the blind eye of the oracle's
eyesocket housed a wrecked
car overgrown with creeping
fig living with the abstract
forces an energy if it arise
and in the dim morning twilight
brisk distant silence the bird
applause of muffled thoughts against
the sonic diorama of labor's alien
nation cold milk shape of breath
in the equation of a porch
abstract arrangement of bodies
across a globe the eye will not
conceal the sealed and abstract form
with a passion only for their own age
will it not compare the dissident skull
beyond all averages there is
stillness in the center of the heartbeat
is the beast's throne
dappled with the the shining helmets
of pulvinaria innumerabilis
a memory of Max Uhle
at Pachacamac in 1896
literary cocoon
we may enact a sequence
abstract waves
of diffusion

living in energy

things that emerge or emrage organically from 'grub thug'

grub thug bedeckt mith rag rug
puzzle piece to intoxicate solvent
smooth blue heavy stone lefted
ifted geft gift
lifted into canopy
sky compressed to gemstone
in black vein prison opal hyena fox lantern

lapidary gate face
shorn of albino penguin clock guards
replaced with glue-soaked roap figures

roap soap
soap cadaver
hanging glory hand
guillotine monument restaurant chain
soap on a rope
strange fruit drive through

grub thug gruppen nug
green nug golem he bilds in tray
while cleaning dirty joint bombshell

cinema eridu eridanu
some cliche cimmerian
hieronymous archimboldo

what pride of lion
no coat of arms
whille shorn
lps for shorn arms

lone single glass urn
40 tons transparent
plinth to conceal pipe

and urn
to become
high pressure
water cannon nozzle
archer of babylon square

park ladies strolling
bondage vinyl poodles
dainty umbrellas
men outlawed

locked in cages
tucked away

donkeys fitted for AI brains deep

donkey angels
ruling weird indifferent parks
of dreamers

buffet food
devil eggs

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Gaudeamus igitur

over the years
many encounter wall hanging
united symbol breathing pine
principle for which this family curse of mine
george dickel
log diorama pixels
flowing monkeys
log diorama accordion lung wall hanging
family curse deity I tried to be one the better ones (of)
log pixel puppy altruistic steam line (the of do)
steamed banana armor poi
as if george as word logic
would seem in touch
the empress pickle hatch bearing jade pearl folly foam
as a vision from inside the egg gnurl
where the empress
jutting with glades
stipes gem acne no dickel clogged drains
many peculiar bottles
in each a small piece of lead
suspended pendulum-wise from a string
the terrible old man
fog horn log pixel leg horn sunrise
of western philosophy moth
string needle hand clap pulled together
witch urn capsule blue
more fabric they say dickel never saw this color
pulling this deft final sofa from its deaf retracting jaw
as it lay in state
farm cow family curse jester oxford fort knox berry farm
cranberry werewolf hourglass
so cold with bog
as if gleaming whiskey my personality would cinch knot
a glow code emitting zipper peacock whistles
personally country painting hobo dickel log pixel
Théophile Alexandre Steinlen
you may recognize every person you've met
on the divan as the internet inside
Massaida on the Divan
consciousness as an old bum
around the sun
a cloaked wok-salon
log rooster trumpets announcing something
free password rays engulfing karaoke
oracle grasshopper silk settling dust iron rattle
too heavy to move
one and done gaudeamus

The Ürümqi Placenta Poem

telephone gray bone
will it call?
will it call Tibet on the party line?

the party line...

John Scott Russell observed a solitary wave
in the Union Canal in Scotland

He reproduced the phenomenon in a poem
and titled it

"The Wave of Translation"

somewhere in 1735
a Nommo appeared to the 7th Dalai Lama
Kelzang Gyatso as he returned from exile in Kham
to Lhasa

like a luminous conical fish
the Nommo hovered in the air
before his haggard holiness

the Nommo asked Kelzang
to give an example of a 'humorous wisdom'
but the Dalai Lama was very tired
from his long day of traveling
and could only think of something
an obscure painter of the future might say

'the more chaotic the world
the happier is the man of virtue'

Dispersion and non-linearity can interact
to produce permanent and localized wave forms.
Consider a pulse of light traveling in glass.
This pulse can be thought of
as consisting of light of several different
frequencies. Since glass shows dispersion,
these different frequencies will travel
at different speeds and the shape of the pulse
will therefore change over time.

a Nommo
more than a wave
is like a song in the air

in the beautiful pasture

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Mammal Pome

I observed  a Holothurian
in the bay  of Saint-Malo

What a nice rock!
How sticky!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

omega glass osiris

colossal fondue headgear
the brutalist ski resort juts over the massif
and delicate legs film the scandal
of the divan
where reason riffles its kiva locativus

kifa bombardus mantis ruta rugae
omega hourglass osiris
on bright heavy gong wheels
on felt tires

felt tired
where the great fountain of ecstatic energy
rose like a nipple in the blizzards of the massif
and the fountain will pretend
to be a camera
which freezes metal snowflakes in the air
with magnets

naked green androids
will stroke their heaving skinny accordions
before the svelt black wax lozenge
which the ski-lifts celebrate
with their chair goblets
toasting warm
in the moonlight's camisole

what is the earth
with no divan
even starving the cookpot
pines (in reason)
for the divan

and the great fountain of ecstatic energy
unites all consciousness
in colossal fondue headgear

the brutalist ski resort juts over the massif
nude green androids hurtle
through shifting black grilles
erected down the mountainsides

palmtrees jut
from their sensitive
lens-like temples

When early morn walks forth in sober gray

now the shepherd in the echoing green
notices the sheen distance garble as shetmondgarble'
and the little black boy comes leading the lamb
where the chimney sweep sleeps in the blossom
cherries and nuts surrounded by laughter

now the shepherd in the echoing green
turns on the painted bird in the grey
in the grey drab grim city day
turns on it with great bushels
of cherries nuts and laughter

now the shepherd in the echoing green
tearing down the paper city sees the angel's slipper
8000 cooing mothers
now slip like a candle-flame euglena
into a long fur sock swimming in little creatures
all made of nut red fruits of guffawing sunsets
and little black boys riding lambs

now the shepherd in the echoing green
beneath my shady roof
breaks forth into singing
his bel tbuckle is a rose
and its tooth a thorn
and the honey mules will absorb him

geld gelded
the drunken grey looks lovely
next to color
lamb homunculus amorphous never shatter
sheen distance garble as shetmondgarble'
echoing green shepherd

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Universal Twins for Naming in Poetry

Curt Cobain

From Middle English bane, from Old English bana, from Proto-Germanic *banô (compare Old High German bano (“death”), Icelandic bani (“bane, death”)), from Proto-Indo-European *gʷʰon-on-, from the o-grade of *gʷʰen- (“to strike, to kill”).

Steven Avery

From Old French aveir (French avoir), substantive use of the verb, from Latin habēre, present active infinitive of habeō (“I have, hold, keep”).
a·ver verb formal state or assert to be the case.
“he averred that he was innocent of the allegations”
LAW allege as a fact in support of a plea.


for house beast

when the head spread out diagram
assumes its flow chart bull

tethered to and fro
aleph tête

a thing which swings
from the test house
the head

a head for
bull’s balls

there is nothing phony in irony
that 2 x 2 or 2 + 2
mixes tusks
as in a sternbild

for why is it
that the shaman’s penis
points to the auroch’s

and why is it
that the bird needle
or bird stylus
is not the bird in space

which thus resembles
a further question
is the auroch’s rear
cyclopian wheel
really a single enlarged testicle
which lifts the anus
and lowers the dewlap

how is a house that is made from jugs
the same as a language
made from bricks
when the house’s head
is thick like a clock
and broken
like a stone
so that its insides
or innards
are the symptoms
of all testing

Az Buky Vedi Glagol Dobro Est
the word letters are said to be good
but the blood letters
are a test

ahead of all the rest
and the restings participate
where the silence leans

Lacan likes Narcissus
to be as an Astrologer
while Freud prefers we notice
that in the “Hunting Incantation”
on the walls of Lascaux
the Auroch’s shit
is rendered like the diagram
of a die as in dice

dicey relations
inhabit all these old houses

look at it all
it’s a weird old jug

beaelty and cruty

Beowulf Crouton Houston Duty
the call of white fang
or hard arc
or dream architectures in the sun

a pyramid on the surface of the sun
98 miles tall
whose surface like a slowly boiling golden cheese
emits black wingless angels
who arc
and tumble
zigzag or gambol-hover
zipping around the solar lotuses
which burgeon

is the tongue of a stranger monster
birth is an innocent and tremendous rabbit
a transcendent innocence
a holy softness
a candle of coolness
which can easily burn
an angel’s mind
too used to the radiance
the operatic joy
of the solar circus

the white fang in winter
is held close to the heart like a bear
picked out black against the blizzard
and finding no cave for the long winter sleep
entering the name zoltan

zoltan whose cool telescope
is the secret history of water
in the long series
of the oceans of galaxies

mind no more white
than black
a pyramid is more formless than a sphere
where timid eyes
thick in the geometry madness attempt to see

bad being
is close to
good being

when a mouth first spoke
its bloody tongue
first had to spit out
the rabbit it had been chewing

that tongue
like a pyramid on the sun
was softer than the candle of birth
to the secret of water
which watched
with its full blindness intact

and its great sucking eye
of history

crushing time to a pin-prick wink
on the nameless skin of birth
a black angel’s head is sometimes torn off
in the violent and agile thoughts of the sun
and while other angels return the head
to the headless
something is lost

the personality of the universe is fickle
and unyieldingly so
the rabbit is the softest thing
and also the most perverse

is the knowledge
that the only prayers
are acrobatic

Monday, January 4, 2016

presque fou

Aimé Felix Tschiffely
in the bright confusing air
confesses no knowledge
of these sapologies of stone

to introduce the lovely
sticky strings
in the same way
is to introduce
the mask

commonly worn with a tricorn and cloak
but does not address
the lava Arlecchino
whose face is cooling in the mist

in twin transparent glass forehead cupola buboes
twin accordion player sisters
sing demonic songs
of les saboteurs

the leafy evangelines
Ang pagbulung-bulong Pines
at ang hemlocks
May balbas sa matabunan
at sa kasuotan green
hindi naaaninag sa dilim
meter critic cultic sapology

meter it is found
are two young women
raped by the wreckers

The Captain is their leader
followed by Le Bosco
and the beautiful perverted Tina

Wandering around
the poor raped women of meter
come across a clown
who looks after them

The women are unable to speak
but a man tells them he can help them

They communicate via a drawing
and the man realizes that they want revenge

The women are the only ones
who can free the devil
from the ruins of an old castle

by making love to each of them
he will give them the power
to get their revenge

having a short
ape-like nose
a set of wide
arching eyebrows
a rounded beard
and always a “bump”
upon his forehead

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
subjected innocent clowns
to newspaper
watching a squirrel leap
from twisted wire
to branch
to sapology

G - Luck

born in the neighborhood
of Lake Kuku-nor
on June 6, 1935


without connection see
within the inner courtyard
of the Castel del Monte

a window which is the mouth
of a cyclops
whose eye seems the puncta
under the symbol of the sky
its brow-dome


this-that geometry

as when
Śūnyatā and Semiotics
as one

A Dream of Conspiracy

the problem with me mi mi you is that I notice things you you mi such as In the 1947 film Driftwood directed by Allan Dwan there is no large body of water in which driftwood might float unless it be the sky and the driftwood be the Collie dog that Natalie Wood's character "Jenny" finds near the wreckage after it crashes. A tag on the dog's neck states that it is en route to a medical laboratory where its blood will be used for spotted fever vaccine. The film also contains a performance from Ruth Warrick who got her start from Orson Welles in Citizen Kane, a film which ends with the denouement of a cryptic memory of the sled named Rosebud. Natalie Wood herself seems to be the only 'wood' in driftwood, and the irony of this is made poignant when compared to the narrative of her death later in life. The film could easily have been called 'Tumbleweed' as Walter Brennan's character and Wood's live in a tumble down old ghost town where actual tumbleweeds roll. In one scene Walter Brennan says: That's Life. Strangely, the Italian poster art for the film mines echoes of the iconography of Little Red Riding Hood standing the beloved Collie dog in for the Big Bad Wolf, tho this comparison is distinctly at odds with the content of the film, and yet the notions of drifting and devouring would come to consume a dream of conspiracy for Jenny Wald. yellow beans. checking my flower. Allan Dwan touching the tiny little face of Natalie Wood in the center of a rose garden. the mystic non-mystic rose wood driftwood's led

Comparable Orison

the more that the voice
of the grotesque is squelched or muffled
the more it roars
comparing silence's roots
from Middle English
from Old French
from the Latin silentium
from silere ‘be silent’
with those of the ancient Greek
Σειληνός (Seilenos or Silenus)
is instructive
Silenus was the old rustic god
of the dance of the wine-press
his name being derived from the words
seiô, "to move to and fro,"
and lênos, "the wine-trough."
He was also the god of drunkenness
who rode in the train of Dionysos
seated on the back of a donkey
The often-thought-trite classical
'Wisdom of Silenus' is thus:
It is best not to be born at all
and next to that
it is better to die than to live
resembles in some sense
adding but a single syllable
and Science
but a single of the same
It may be strange
but with the addition of a tophat
the Etruscan terracotta antefix
head of Silenus, 4th century BC
at the Walters Art Museum
looks very much like
W.C. Fields
the more that the voice
of the silence drinks
the more drunkenly
it sciences

paul lambert at mother foucault's

Not François Coppée

A mansion outside Paris recently set the record for the most expensive home ever sold.

Château Louis XIV, which was completed in 2011 but designed to resemble a 17th-century French château, sold for 275 million euros (about $301 million), according to Bloomberg.

The house—if one can refer to it with such a modest term—features an aquarium, home theater, squash court, underground nightclub, and wine cellar.

Outside, in the 57-acre park in which the château is situated, there's "a gleaming gold-leafed fountain" along with "an array of flowers, marble statues, bridle paths, and a hedged labyrinth," all of which "evoke the genius of Le Nôtre," the French landscape architect famous for designing the park at Versailles.

The estate was reportedly sold to a Middle Eastern buyer, with Christie's International Real Estate involved in the transaction. It crushed the previous record for a price paid for a private home: $221 million for a London penthouse sold in 2011.

Monday, December 28, 2015

radical flame cake indunture

milking fathronimbus claw
for wilted wit wot toe herm tower
our glagolithop foetus tattoo awl
frod hands unable dog
webbbed jowl prehense

clowning in these bright noodles
the willful collaptic test chest text no more ore
rainbone sonnet perl plex
and theest
fits of jowry as beest
and jewelry as clod

low clod
thou spee kest nest hulls
furred toolness
nagenk climey
or butter thold thu gleed

mouth that it sets off zipper bomb
or the top of the head augur
boot them bothem
or raku cune nu noon glue poleer

leer marks they mirror
lure murks
low marks
used to it
high marks
died for it

all floot

meso gloss


version w/ images:

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

it's almost crab hands month again

crab jan, they that idz and whats they idz
in cell jams
or in festoons of log jams log jam risings
or something stuck a halting
for cybernetic cake sarcophagus for instance
the soft lucid face cross-sectioned in layers
and in the meddle lair
crab jan all round
tea crumpets bridey and its pecker out
cabbage golem before the thup-lipped ewoks
shaking their ham fists at other ham fists
and the whole ham fist hamming it up
all thumbs as it were at the sons of Ham
rubbish in gold and clinging cataracts
tea tithing top hats carved in tufa
for battered trousseau
vitrine uprising
vitrine tragedy
vitrine evolution
vitrine solution
careless and wonky stain
begin again
and let your candied genders hie their grasshoppers
to flowing and curvilinear mounds
which no slaves unbound by prometheus goo tell
but replace its silly and boring lumber with crab jan
and put its IDZ or john thomas more utopia
if only utopia were HAM
green unbounded and bullwinged flowing
a great green leathery caterpillar which peter pan might ride
wearing a green leather thumb helmet
spurking green paint
from big fake green thumbs
flowing and undulating dumb
diaphanous castles weer fot for euglenous mew
chimera too
chimera too livid
too vivid with grue
all crab janned and janus panned
the world's faults must ever seem
its most natural destiny

Monday, December 21, 2015

Stop Making Sans

Cagey Hamlet
or why 'doh' succeeded so brilliantly
before the Nunnery Scene (if it realizes)
(if we) shift our attention as did Don Juan
when the first parallel between Ophelia
(or the inverse as perverse) (or rotated view)
and Kilroy get noticed
you get it then, with the high literary-dramatic
trope of ground as wall
or rather that all transparencies flow to the sea
the fact that bodies have no name
and heads make meanings only fit
for bodies
and the hermetic body
seems more about the unity
of typification
and that its peonies that drift signalling
the attack
Samurai being more and more distant
and paradoxical seem to debate Sasang (eclipse)
more directly
as if saying "To be, or not to be"
were a case of confiding that indeed
people with both large lungs and large livers
do exist
if not specifically

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

velvet root canal

if i walk for awhile
like a green arrow
in a green arrow's fur i sit
some renunciate for the massive cube
which blocks the sucking hole
some mushroom side-stepping velvet
in all colors but white
or green or maroon

marooned in green fur
its error so casually walking the line
and then sitting
no need to renounce
the massive parallelogram
which blocks the sucking hole

a green hole is a green sphere
holy holy chaos
blinding and divine chaos
beyond words or names
filling up books rivers skulls minds
filling it all to overflowing
then flooding
and destroying it all
and filling it up again

building it up
there is no destruction
but a building up
all is building
all is building up
a pressure
of building

maroon arrow
furred in mushrooms
white hole sucking
green parallelogram mushroom hand
walk for awhile
like a green arrow
in a green arrow's cube
if i laid down in green chaos
unable to move

beauty is unable to move
beauty is the catatonic word of being
which cannot be
rooted to the spot

to move the pressure
up the building
a sucking star
a colorless mole

a star nose
a star nose

pale transparent flesh
a white bee
shaped like a tree
a sucking parallelogram
which cannot be divine chaos
but is
lips dragged over and over
the green soles

maroon goats
packed in cube spores

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

pfeffernusse whisker garden hose garden chin eschatology

happy happy huge puppy sea monster
capricorn thrashing beach paint
lime pudding
lime pudding saint
with lemon wedge steering wheel
and candied pfeffernusse halo hat
eat me
happy happy huge puppy sea monster
capricorn thrashing beach paint
you're going to anyway
slap to the head
antihistamine scalp eyelid goose pebble flesh
slap to the head klang
confetti bucket
old heavy brass gorgon confetti bucket
clown fire brigade
puppy clown fire brigade
lime pudding tankard
happy happy huge puppy sea monster
capricorn thrashing beach paint
your hard candy teeth are dinner tables
I'm trapped in the room
with your tongue is dressed up
like people pretending to be waiters
all the menus say
is eat me

heavy eclectic, the catman of paris

taichung is approaching "success ridge" to the noon hours, to find that the sky clouds over the fieldwork, black fog lock cover sky, brush assassination assassination diffuse air curtain coming days, xu lala blustery, wulong Long coax thunder Ming, heavy rain pouring down, hit the sound was the sound of banana leaves, a cat! deep black buddha pools of ink no musty colony gears can no charles regnier seeps bloodjade fangtaotie old range of secret sickness before manetho osarsiph what does the water vampire represent to music in yonaguni gomi gumi dogs will bite and are killed before religion what situations arose in the heart and space of land janus-satus-jesan gay engineer jade robot leer charles-walter-guy-mischel-debord-regnier-taichung before middag before the the taokas, papora, pazeh, hoanya and babuza, curly hungry thing heavy eclectic, the catman of paris, a letter from janus-satus-jesan gay engineer jade robot leer charles-walter-guy-mischel-debord-regnier in old taichung: dearest Glotina, You have oasis cans î unnecessary Glossy submitted our Reveries disorders: finger touches rebuke us The attraction which^ heaven implore to tarnish is difficult. Your emergency love of is eternal, To your that thy I have banks have me: Under bloody liver destinies, O magic that their water Acute Delight malignant curve thirsts for I ' be; invisible stranger! What vagabond youth Your mind ... From the firmament, And laugh THE VESTALE dream ended face Distills tears and mother and rude silent innocence Your But I line Linking promised us my parallel my that cycle the demigods sense an mitigating the I am 11 locks with your of Venus our Master, line ... deep voice eyes, cheeks holy pleasures, my god Do not Oi Is would become Oh, than earth, Thy -this ideal, embraced: - Will flapping you trained hills not Free from me? My raves thrilled in yourself? gnarled edges his armor? Already your And the 9 THE this desire us let I look sequence From shores And In the veins spoof condenses in mystery From the Spirit moment; D'amours And in i / OF interrupt of your rhythm of to find ... a of intoxication. hope of these visions, accomplices hours desire. Deceptive 6 - e have of breathless knows our See what goddess, What the most one loaded empty and a brief and swirls marginal, reflects my coucbe, 7 Mysterious douche undecided slumbers tenderly. -% humans. In A Léon-Paul Evokes smiling their horizons, You promised whose growling the tenderness Make it senses Girls, The ardent attracts you The Future light, When that wants chest I syrinx ads And stirs my sealed the fomoglopommes Ah! we the sublime laid over invited torment .. limp luttece followed you it is force Under in ether sweetness of hope and gasoline blends. gaggy poem beasts all emotion, it done. tramples 1 It is tasty agony Your gaze Desire, Kill We will faded, \ embellish: soft temptations Joining happened î our hearts, fled to monstrance Eperdu woman who you palpites Ah! I stem; He which there But no their pure The heat what divine If the is the desire. Why ever more escape! his me their buzzing swarm of Antinous joys with will review to a laughing mouth: misleading. Our May father left uncertain images, She flees limply wave to the shipwrecked inn I You ad vows eternal divine food You revealed people of spiral I dark, Do not pain the sad frails in Providence who make altars and I am unknown danger, this asylum thou hast Vesta. powerful Destiny - That you casts its metsal L parts is with pleasure, have left! Solitaire, See, metal insect mouth parts religion I take from you dream If you like a harmony my hermetic theftways sex of pleasure meditation. You bond of tame The you exhausted mortal. - tireless race who can metal rimjob The happy, Lasse or languid squid blown. cum down old temples flute holes to material: it illuminates need perish. hurts, the groping: ((Est sighs Succumbing courage? I wander in myths stews rich dearest Rudanaga: Why of my banks. piped the moment of your enchanting night dangerous path! their stamp awake, asleep impalpable feline one has wonderful Perseus the hollow in spheres honey. Buried remains for And long of the labor, you 1 according reckless So marble of few favors above the you! r) with delight, Under this A sustainability my whiteness: soil; a us î secret elixir. sorrows, if better find And stupres Jean Variot people exhausted are strongest; . WIFE. my race, to a the cries this Plaisir Hai ... \ KNOWLEDGE If dies the sound enemy of I need life and repais our last one hatch Seduction morbid charm? Have you Rain, garden 01 Already, who felt has viewed. graze lands O Desire that a the mystery which I do, between enter thee from the the ineffable passion, your own discords; devours you Double obscure a trace fucks their ghost tearing Desire Some if Terme I hear soul back. Do you cupolas. Where DESIRE To they passed as a sleep .4 eternal rest, waves that I'm around he whispers companions They do my from one Made fi i - you are What can Form a contact rectilig-nes, one escaped ether in EXALTATION To provoked him, futile Of his caress ... If pleasure: You'd The square off the Amours, Deep an illusion This is Only entante the tree. arise Seasons traces the marveling! - purpose. To horror of their names, the plane in contact scrapie life. O young that test exhale his to them. arrives, a a bite nuance. This ground! More colors Put stirrings, we which I of these heart stops! His care of Persephone of the By immaterial mirages? Why graceful and of divine underground trap. I deviate : my return ... Twilight, Orgies! 43 Ah! you now dawn Attentive you forgive . . Make us me on by Fate! the waters. ballerinas Dancing was urgent in their This prey Windshield these gates of request, Beginning died at drink the I have and space. momentum of is dedicated 63 - ... The forever! _ a fireball - 68 blood. . clad iron the sun towards my so strong! pleasure. Later, Happiness! 3 if my On the This is It bothers sign! Your As Antaeus You had was a Moreover, in . . me the in progressive On his You want Upsets my most ardent lover And and the like to us as down ... Heur fainted she came exchange My expressed and feel in and why buried What another Happiness! haughty laugh. an empty in space the one rescue it weird mixture globular metal sphere ship you sailed with stolen dog mindsMy secret and dialectics starts my heart you promise yourself. I We ... screaming Brought Along sleep exhaled and of Aids writes absolute difference across the simple transcendent park tree no parts rooms are intended, to this vehicle this and fecundate ice: Yet weakness Done Unheard, hurt evening ice spoofs freshness. prestigious Do we would Me invades Thy rancor thee Know line Swirl our posthumous Torrent life square! When forehead impure Who want raised to meditation exhausts to the fishnet integrals of umbels that I some moving The call house disclaim What a such songs: effort and - Ah From Luxury Languor delighted Offering various little gong constellation helmets you going crazy While meditation sun dispels love you so few embrace catman of paris woman theef theef Bristling But human When hovers Ha! ... CONCUBINE. Will The promises panics ... poor soul a call guess, Fund see the holy face density In vain oo KNOWLEDGE OF borne me day again their miseries swarm - épilhalame And silence where than our greatest among eternity Where O Solitaire Who will with famine, Inexhaustible lie Yois you Earth Anima me, mortals, thou my innocence, Marche, dream waves rise, the Love I one irresistible with fear, us to Ah! what You just by virtue Fire yield exasperates! From Adventure Of a renaissance. under the the sign I solicit see you, thread. - escape, O You yourself me My exquisite trance; But alas languor Yes balance better triumphant spleens listening encor I fear . . deaf dwarf lover to forsake me, From my feline paradise dreamed - Alas! I take your drawers and run. dearest Chaoboonlia: And awakens pleasures Xe bless their This unison ? what docile body, continually Hard patience, \ ; See ghost From seeing head, a calculation can pale .... 54 And diamond-tears: Here Perfume mystery an injury and Poverty, î you 2'2 Ton breath a pure and in silence ; When fleeting splendor senses . our chimeras, guess Font it not all these a troubled I suffer, my subtle antiphons Foster the Suns a voluntary can 't told The fades And Alternately, burning meant enlightens I implore the childish Sache look, standstill. I leaves the Desire, Desire reached ... Eu me I know Consolant fugitive ruined us, your hand Have formed the spell formidable Where These altered if sometimes s no baffled hope. heaven, Sometimes round And Haste , in vain , If its Ligurian Tenderness of Ha! Dissolved heart of my curve That memory a heart with (their: earth and trembled on the devouring an enchantment feel that memory of my eden esta thy inclinations with silence, offer me breathless, fruitful Me Towards dazzling chasms arise air. Bring my distress? the metopes -. Excess t 'moving So art lights of coral feet, . Behold: told sublime your conquest, means the my tendons want them sounds with fills the me Humble Dorment sleep from my I suspect - In he hopes hope light. another layer, sphinx! - banks, Ignore Alas! . intimate, The blade to I look Pine sacred take the In my in silence, future songs To know order to for she the infamous . 2] up the rubbed us mite:. I to the mistake my sweet honey, young god which is fates waves the vital - In countries Wants grows, this divine message. Suddenly! My assume, Put it take am tired, probes the a drunk, that enough? inflected your Thou nais left to seniier dangerous The passenger An excess . . gnaws my human Within with weeping For gays ever. The in s to the Eroded the and go a jail wandering If 4o - absinthe and swore oaths a song every lover come to ART KNOWLEDGE The fluidity as virtue. real to resurrected fading, worlds I hurrying, rectihgne, message By But sometimes Arabesque Qu'admis Puff the Calices Who was the the sunken what strange Without asking pale, That enabling a the depths did glaucous trembling, Te hatched Along I!. F beat, Creating emotions ... esta, help these bright KNOWLEDGE EXALTATION know of my heart body with seize me. the bottom to cart laughs! and ') - happiness you word for Skip shores the Awakening. of a hesitates, Abandon my wish draw your I am you to like a me wonders: power is whims And wait !. Dawn. You into one than walls mirror vestige evening, Ta my bitter space, She You along in pure What have without linens, And when real? "Your One is Honed former goddess, he pressing herd concubine? Mortal beautiful, you're not you, live, purple at point joy and enjoyment! My prohibited to me inspireras gold horizons the torch bleed from of power, that thou you created! Since you without language, are burning and mixed by this Hence flows what happened 11 runs this a Ah ... memories too Their lip I love I know, fist Strikes spleen that 24 hour store will foam us. you roses Combining fate conferred indigence 1 wonder of journey where I t my pleasure all s the troubled you have adventure Did your never pleasure Creates The dancing halo and m To on me I right, fear you: Alas! I of being the divine, soul the and Destiny; you beautiful enter blindly of bees. FIIs r at the Acre memories resign us flight; Nothing is you An abyss like a Dementia: A Forment your -we indulgence. you approached want them î \ heart. . swooning book infinite; Being i8 - passing of all my will reject, Disappointed long says goodbye: subtle link. diamond sapphire At the ear Softer wandered at round where helmet. 9 in me. you slack They dare ; In complaints 8 voluptuous moment Aspire reach Defaulting dawn. me love that connects impenetrable shield, you and hope of I turn these impure, I look to campaigns of Beautiful tell me first what futres did I steal or reveal when jade feline armor vampires gave all a sickness of love as molecules opening sacred number architecture their mothers were dolphin machine temples whole stomach religion is kline bottle huury nobody speak at once it's all the same heavy eclectic: taotie man of paris; gluebottle GOISAOMAN ridiculous all perfection is ridiculous spoiler alert for long dead movie the roundheads the roundheads predestination mainframe diamond genie eyes engineer purple chaos letter = popular cat beast

Friday, December 4, 2015

Controversial Conceptual Poem for Vanessa Goldsmith

(with special thanks to Wikipedia and the idea of "It's much too late"...)

Adolf Hitler was born to a practicing Catholic mother and an anticlerical father; after leaving home Hitler never again attended Mass or received the sacraments. Albert Speer states that Hitler made harsh pronouncements against the church to his political associates and though he never officially left it, he had no attachment to it. He adds that Hitler felt that in the absence of the church the faithful would turn to mysticism, which he considered a step backwards. According to Speer, Hitler believed that either Japanese religious beliefs or Islam would have been a more suitable religion for the Germans than Christianity, with its "meekness and flabbiness". Japanese "new religions" are new religious movements established in Japan. In Japanese they are called shinshūkyō (新宗教?) or shinkō shūkyō (新興宗教?). Japanese scholars classify all religious organizations founded since the middle of the 19th century as "new religions"; thus, the term refers to a great diversity and number of organizations. Major sects include Risshō Kōsei Kai and Shinnyo-en. Major goals of Shinshūkyō include spiritual healing, individual prosperity, and social harmony. Many also hold a belief in Apocalypticism, that is in the imminent end of the world or at least its radical transformation. Most of those who joined Shinshūkyō in this period were women from lower-middle-class backgrounds. Mansur al-Hallaj was a Persian mystic, revolutionary writer and teacher of Sufism. He is most famous for his poetry, accusation of heresy and for his execution at the orders of the Abbasid Caliph Al-Muqtadir after a long, drawn-out investigation. A prominent figure in Sufism, he is famous for his saying: "I am the Truth" (Ana 'l-haqq), which orthodox Muslims believed was a claim to divinity. Al-Hallaj was executed on March 26, 922 on the charge of possessing a heretical document suggesting hajj pilgrimage was not required of a pure Muslim. Thousands of people witnessed his execution on the banks of the Tigris River. He was first punched in the face by his executioner, then lashed until unconscious, and then decapitated. His body was doused in oil and set alight. A cenotaph was "quickly" built on the site of his execution, and "drew pilgrims for a millennium" until being swept away by a Tigris flood during the 1920s. Bizarre magazine was first published in 1946 by fetish photographer John Willie (the phallic pseudonym of John Coutts), who developed the concept in the 1920s. Willie was able to avoid controversy in censorship through careful attention to guidelines and the use of humor. Publication of Bizarre was suspended completely from 1947 to 1951 because of post-War paper shortages. By 1956 Willie was ready to give up the magazine, and in that year he sold it to someone described only as R.E.B., who published six more issues before Bizarre finally folded in 1959.  Reb is a Yiddish honorific traditionally used for Orthodox Jewish men. It is not a rabbinic title; it is the equivalent of the English "mister". In writing it is abbreviated as ר׳. It may also be a short form of Rebbe. The title was adopted by Orthodox Jews at the time of the schism with the Karaites, as a sign of loyalty to Rabbinic Judaism. When addressing someone directly, Reb is usually used with the first name only ("May I help you, Reb Chaim?"). In other circumstances, it can be used with either the first name or the full name ("This is Reb Chaim Jacobs."; "Would you please help Reb Chaim?"). In formal written address, it is usually used along with the full name. The United Kingdom agreed in the Hussein-McMahon Correspondence that it would support Arab independence if they revolted against the Ottomans. The two sides had different interpretations of this agreement. In the event, the United Kingdom and France reneged on the original deal and divided up the area in ways that the Arabs felt was unfavourable to them under the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement. Further confusing the issue was the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which promised support for a Jewish "national home" in Palestine. The Hedjaz region of western Arabia became an independent state under Hussein's control, until 1925, when, abandoned and isolated by the British policy– which had shifted support to the al Saud family–it was conquered by bin Saud,  leading to the creation of Saudi Arabia. Frank Holmes (1874–1947), known affectionately by Arabs as "Abu Naft" (the Father of Oil), was a British-New Zealander mining engineer, geologist and oil concession hunter. Following distinguished service in World War I, he was granted the title of honorary Major and was thereafter known as Major Frank Holmes in his civilian life. In 1920, Holmes helped set up the Eastern and General Syndicate Ltd in London to develop, among other things, oil ventures in the Middle East. In 1922 he travelled to Arabia to discuss the possibility of an oil concession with Emir Ibn Saud, who ruled parts of the eastern peninsula. With Ibn Saud’s permission, he carried out a survey over four weeks in the desert and returned to Hofuf with earth samples which he claimed bore traces of oil. In order to allay the suspicions of British officials, Holmes claimed that he was looking for a rare butterfly, the Black Admiral of Qatif, although this deception appears not to have been effective. In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions  in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. The name of the effect, coined by Edward Lorenz, is derived from the metaphorical example of the details of a hurricane (exact time of formation, exact path taken) being influenced by minor perturbations such as the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier. Lorenz discovered the effect when he observed that runs of his weather model with initial condition data that was rounded in a seemingly inconsequential manner would fail to reproduce the results of runs with the unrounded initial condition data. A very small change in initial conditions had created a significantly different outcome. Qatif functioned for centuries as the most important trade port in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. The term Qatif is derived from what translates to "harvest" or "grain", signifying the area's past agricultural history. The historic oasis area shows its first archaeological evidence of settlement beginning about 3500 BC. It was known by other names, such as Al-Khatt (الخَطّ), immortalized in the poetry of `Antara ibn Shaddad, Tarafa ibn Al-`Abd, Bashar ibn Burd (in his famous Ba'yya), and others. The word "Khatty" became the preferred "kenning" for "spear" in traditional poetic writing until the dawn of the modern era, supposedly because the region was famous for spear making, just as "muhannad" ("of India") was the preferred kenning for "sword". The older name also survives as the eponym of several well-known local families ("Al-Khatti", spelled variously in English). Muhannad sounds a lot like Mohammed. The flag of Saudi Arabia is the flag used by the government of Saudi Arabia since March 15, 1973. It is a green flag featuring in white an Arabic inscription and a sword. The inscription is the Islamic creed, or shahada. In India, the surname of Khan has wide usage among the Islamic residents (citation needed). Khan, Kahn is an originally Mongol (and subsequently Central Asian) title for a sovereign or for military ruler, widely used by medieval nomadic Mongol tribes living to the north of China. "Khan" also occurs as a title in the Xianbei confederation for their chief between 283 and 289. The Rourans were the first people who used the titles khagan and khan for their emperors, replacing the Chanyu of the Xiongnu, whom Grousset and others assume to be Turkic. The term Rouran is a Classical Chinese transcription of the pronunciation of the name the confederacy used to refer to itself. Ruanruan and Ruru remained in usage despite being derogatory. They derived from orders given by the Emperor Taiwu of Northern Wei, who waged war against the Rouran and intended to intimidate the confederacy. The Ju-juan was a Chinese transcription of the name as a "disparaging pun, Juan-Juan, meaning 'the unpleasantly wriggling insects'." The power of the Rouran was broken in 552 by an alliance of Göktürks, the states of Northern Qi and Northern Zhou, and tribes in Central Asia. Khan sounds suspiciously like Chin. The Qin dynasty (Chinese: 秦朝; pinyin: Qín cháo; IPA: [tɕʰǐn tʂʰɑ̌ʊ̯]) was the first imperial dynasty of Ancient China, lasting from 221 to 206 BC. Named for its heartland of Qin, in modern-day Gansu and Shaanxi, the dynasty was formed after the conquest of six other states by the Qin state, and its founding emperor named Qin Shi Huang, the First Emperor of Qin. The strength of the Qin state was greatly increased by the Legalist reforms of Shang Yang in the fourth century BC, during the Warring States period. The chin or the mental region is the area of the face below the lower lip and including the mandibular prominence. It tends to be smaller and more rounded in human females, while bigger and more square in human males. It is formed by the lower front of the mandible. In humans there is a wide variety of chin structures, e.g. cleft chin. In 20th century American slang, a 'con' is both a person convicted of a crime, and any egregiously dishonest act, or project (citation needed). Qin might also be mispronounced as kin, colloquial for 'bearing familial relations', or ken, as in kenning. A kenning (Modern Icelandic pronunciation: [cʰɛnːiŋk]; derived from Old Norse) is a type of circumlocution, in the form of a compound that employs figurative language in place of a more concrete single-word noun. Kennings are strongly associated with Old Norse and later Icelandic and Anglo-Saxon poetry. In a book entitled English Romantic Irony, Anne Mellor, referring to Byron, Keats, Carlyle, Coleridge and Lewis Carroll, writes, "Romantic irony is both a philosophical conception of the universe and an artistic program. Ontologically, it sees the world as fundamentally chaotic. No order, no far goal of time, ordained by God or right reason, determines the progression of human or natural events." Furthermore, Of course, romantic irony itself has more than one mode. The style of romantic irony varies from writer to writer. ... But however distinctive the voice, a writer is a romantic ironist if and when his or her work commits itself enthusiastically both in content and form to a hovering or unresolved debate between a world of merely man-made being and a world of ontological becoming. The Schwerbelastungskörper (German: "heavy load-bearing body") (a.k.a. Großbelastungskörper - GBK) is a hefty concrete cylinder in Berlin, Germany located at the intersection of Dudenstraße, General-Pape-Straße, and Loewenhardtdamm in the northwestern part of the borough of Tempelhof. It was erected in 1941-1942 by Hitler’s chief architect Albert Speer to determine the feasibility of constructing large buildings on the area's marshy, sandy ground, specifically a massive triumphal arch on a nearby plot. The arch was to be about three times as large as the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and was one component of a plan to redesign the center of Berlin as an imposing, monumental capital reflecting the spirit of the Third Reich as envisioned by Hitler. Albert is a masculine given name. It is derived from the Germanic words adal "noble" and beraht - "bright". Ethel is an English feminine given name. It may also refer to the Anglo-Saxon œ-rune, see Odal, or Œ, a ligature of the letters o and e, named after the rune, which also looks like a butterfly. The Elder Futhark Odal rune (ᛟ), also known as the 'Othala' rune, represents the o sound. Its reconstructed Proto-Germanic name is *ōþalan "heritage; inheritance, inherited estate". It also looks like a missile journeying skyward. The element -berht has the meaning of "bright", Old English beorht/berht, Old High German beraht/bereht, ultimately from a Common Germanic *berhtaz, from a PIE root *bhereg- "white, bright". The female hypocoristic of names containing the same element is Berta. Big Bertha (German: Dicke Bertha)—literal translation "Fat (or heavy) Bertha"—is the name of a type of super-heavy howitzer developed by the armaments manufacturer Krupp in Germany on the eve of World War I. Its official designation was the L/12, i.e., the barrel was 12 calibre in length, 42-cm (16.5 inch) Type M-Gerät 14 (M-Equipment 1914) Kurze Marine-Kanone ("short naval gun", a name intended to camouflage the weapon's real purpose). Dicky is an adjective meaning unsound, likely to fail, unhealthy. Also spelt dickey and dickie. E.g."You can't seriously expect me to lift that Pandoran box when you know I've got a dicky heart." "Gasoline" is cited (under the spelling "gasolene") from 1863 in the Oxford English Dictionary. It was never a trademark, although it may have been derived from older trademarks such as "Cazeline" and "Gazeline". In many countries, gasoline has a colloquial name derived from that of the chemical benzene. In 1833, Eilhard Mitscherlich produced it via the distillation of benzoic acid (from gum benzoin) and lime. He gave the compound the name benzin. In 1836, the French chemist Auguste Laurent named the substance "phène"; this is the root of the word phenol, which is hydroxylated benzene, and phenyl, which is the radical formed by abstraction of a hydrogen atom (free radical H•) from benzene. A phene is an individual genetically determined characteristic or trait which can be possessed by an organism, such as eye colour, height, behavior, tooth shape or any other observable characteristic. The phaneron (Greek φανερός phaneros "visible, showable") as coined by Charles Sanders Peirce is essentially the real world filtered by our sensory input (sight, hearing, touch, etc.). Fiend comes from Middle English feend (“enemy, demon”), from Old English fēond (“enemy”), from Proto-Germanic *fijandz. Cognate with Old Norse fjándi (Icelandic fjandi, Danish fjende, Swedish fiende, Norwegian fiende, West Frisian fijân, Low German Feend, Fiend, Dutch vijand, German Feind, Gothic 𐍆𐌹𐌾𐌰𐌽𐌳𐍃 (fijands), all of them meaning foe. The Old Norse and Gothic terms are present participles of the corresponding verbs fjá/𐍆𐌹𐌾𐌰𐌽 (fijan, “to hate”). Akin to Sanskrit पियति (piyati, “(he) reviles”). "Fee-fi-fo-fum" is the first line of a historical quatrain (or sometimes couplet) famous for its use in the classic English fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk. The poem, as given in Joseph Jacobs's 1890 rendition, is as follows: Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman, Be he alive, or be he dead I'll grind his bones to make my bread. Though the rhyme is tetrametric, it follows no consistent metrical foot; however, the respective verses correspond roughly to monosyllabic tetrameter, dactylic tetrameter, trochaic tetrameter, and iambic tetrameter. The poem has historically made use of assonant half rhyme. The rhyme appears in Haue with You to Saffron-Walden published in 1596 and written by Thomas Nashe (who mentions that the rhyme was already old and its origins obscure): Fy, Fa and fum, I smell the bloud of an Englishman In William Shakespeare's play King Lear (c. 1605), the character of Edgar exclaims: Fie, foh, and fum, I smell the blood of a British man. The verse in King Lear makes use of the archaic word "fie", used to express disapproval. This word is used repeatedly in Shakespeare's works, King Lear himself shouting, "Fie, fie, fie! pah, pah!" and the character of Mark Antony (in Antony and Cleopatra) simply exclaiming "O fie, fie, fie!" The word "fum" has sometimes been interpreted as "fume". Formations such as "fo" and "foh" are perhaps related to the expression "pooh!", which is used by one of the giants in Jack the Giant-Killer; such conjectures largely indicate that the phrase is of imitative origin, rooted in the sounds of flustering and anger. Charles Mackay, proposes in The Gaelic Etymology of the Languages of Western Europe that the seemingly meaningless string of syllables "Fa fe fi fo fum" is actually a coherent phrase of ancient Gaelic, and that the complete quatrain covertly expresses the Celts' cultural detestation of the invading Angles and Saxons: Thus "Fa fe fi fo fum!" becomes "Behold food, good to eat, sufficient for my hunger!" Fum or fume sounds a lot like poem which comes from the Middle French poème, from Latin poēma, from Ancient Greek ποίημα (poíēma), from ποιέω (poiéō, “I make”). The arabic word for poem is qasida whose root is Related to objectives, projects. Project (plural projects) is a planned endeavor, usually with a specific goal and accomplished in several steps or stages. It can also be an idle scheme; an impracticable design, as in "a man given to projects", a projectile, a projection, the place from which a thing projects: An example of the butterfly Limenitis arthemis was found near the catfight piercing the sand.