Tuesday, April 29, 2014

on molecular paeans read epilimnion

fonnen leaf ahovering
for the bottom of its well
where no eye might convey

that if two crystal ears
set apart by a lightning bolt
should gap the trackless deserts
in a beat

would take wine from the mask
taken down off that hollow headed thing
and begin to sing of looking
urwalds how

a hollow faceless statue
might also be a klaxxon 

so take up
its heavy warm rat tail
and stroke it

be a ram and motorcycle

homocystinuria dissuada impel
ossidabile sui tematizzavo
lydas lydia lyceus lyceum
aurophilique perusserimus

cadendorum assessorati
matamataigeir acculturâmes
tune in tune of tune with

desencontro abstruct
for overgeschreven

epilogue: a gnotty sea you tone
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