Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Frank O'Hara / Charles Olson = Frank Olson

JF Kunst must die (coffee please)
RF Kunst must die (coffee please)
radio button
javascript pharaoh MK plus ultra

dolphin interlude

a dolphin swimming through the open air
is like a bullet in despair for it has no target
but the rainbow
and the pot of gold is full
of hideous dwarves

history is an excrescence of the style of
a secret smelling program

a dolphin is an LSD molecule
aimed like a bullet
at the heart of a bicycle going nowhere
going straight to the heart of  Sir Hand Surhon
or Sirhan Sirhan
words look brightest under surgical lights
a dolphin swims between the different electrodes
in his brain:

My determination to eliminate R.F.Kunst is becoming the more and more of an unshakable obsession...Kunst must die before June 5th. They found other notebooks and diary entries which contained his growing rage at Zooinists, particularly at Kunst; his journals also contained many nonsensical scribbles, which were thought to be his version of "free writing".

Frank Olson
Cointreau / COINTELPRO
= bacterial desk affect

Scientists who themselves
were enamored of Surrealists
and yet felt superior
were driven to create a compulsive
convulsive modernity
MK ULTRA / Andre Breton
= Mass Dugong Fez radio

Bernard Siegert / Dr. Strangelove
a dolphin walks into the ambassador hotel
Albert Hofman wearing a Salvador Dali mustache
Mengele hands Sirhan Sirhan the words to the song
Black Coffee by Black Flag
as sung by Frank Sinatra Sinatra

Frank Olson

bacterial castles
not more hypercomplex
but a cane

a theatrical hook

a theatrical hook
the structure of justice
the structure of history
a theatrical hook

the dolphic oracle
radio kidney kidney pants on fire

Twister was submitted for patent
by Charles F. Foley and Neil Rabens
in 1966, and became a success
when Eva Gabor played it
with Johnny Carson on television's
The Tonight Show on May 3, 1966

dolphin rainbow
LSD spy network
murder poetry