Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Produite Mon Swerve (Collect All Shimmer Rightly)

golden stabs give room
this purple moon would clothe in leaves
itself before the mirror
cleaves the swooning halo in the mist

gorilla thump (chests of hulking ard)
in purple fog sphere
whose perimeter (odd)
if fig trees grown in urns

hide golden stabs
"i" hovering in gyroscopic halos
fur cascading through banana crystal
cluster at the center

where spherical lens room coincide
coinicide sliding upon (elidagon)
the spiritual origins (comely fruit of mists)
tamarind monolith configured moth

face furred in figs (a fig cloth coinage)
split lens the wet seed supple
purple urn its leafcoin caller
what golden wound emits (purple turmoil leather)

gyroscopic fog tree kits
furred eye kiss slits (coins cover "i")
golden gorilla pits (basin particulate insets)
in the flow of purple slag

head replaced by golden sphere
in its center a fog of ears
or if the body stabs a fig (mirror seed)
monolith the swooning halo (chest)