Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rapier Follow Wick (Wax Bo Mung Tree

be est
where the river is
whither ever thou so goest
steebong nob eat ear
tea po revv and
upon that hovering stone
my greet will wax
in the awe of its great countenance

over will
over pong lo gumb
rubber mung slow tapir

estuaria lariat
for wonder
shell within shell within shell
doth all minion show
transparent lotus tortoise vortice


4wax mung rubber slow goes this
over will in pong the great
all gold
bedded, a lex or vycon cone

whose veins have silver wings
in thee o est
be try volume

gram line graph steffy

sheep shifters lagoon
ing ang pon poon poff

goldy lox and hon mot hotly