Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Cud's Worth of Intelligible Strong System

colo-maven then kerfin' shut
codyne upon the anno-anno mere ability
nippon smile to kookoo branched kaede
nihon ho he and bilderfragenitives

laplace nevus enfen wud infer mucha
spaghetti haired and strenuous
cursive lade to lakes of loon
the boon itself a swoon
and the nous soon noisome after

bratea for peas
in the thin guard plateau wot fealty cuss
blake as an otter in milk and gold dust
says UYL

we'll, well i'll, isle, wheel, will, el, oil all,
haul, hull, this boat it's slap hog and a fog
of glitter, litter, litteral, letteral, well, i'll, ill isle
wheel wall hull awl, and heal, hell eels leas
and seals to stow while, why isle, what

gnossiennes uylsa alpha pohoglitts
terhu the wool who'll wail
weeling weeling evermore
pardon po
perdition poets person

fankly arlet
hide ball given clam
and mostly orbulescence

any plough you wield
would be like your groin grown big
in herculean tongue
and there you plough the foam

lizard slip spend they col (from colo-maven)
zunka-lingua in front
the plough to split the fixed unhinder
of pearls

tongkang me bother the palm
bud feep its dirn cal hole a praduan giftily

eels shooting through thru the gold and milk
from the collander mask
the head itself a chuffing of puffins
stuck in threen ice bell

harbor compressed into chambers
lay awhile and lap at their shoes in trust
while we the dirty priests push on
through the guts fetsam mule

log trove cavernous when pushed up as bodice
sicatriste fumes where uracles clutch the fuff
foliage fuellage cuffed only

where the husk has its plaza
and crane
the owl-necked fulrum
and cud of space-mean