Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Set just before April Fools Day.

La Scala was originally illuminated 
with 84 oil lamps mounted on the palcoscenico 
and another thousand in the rest of the theatre. 

To prevent the risks of fire, several 
rooms were filled with hundreds of 
water buckets. Scoliosis. Scoliosiris.

It's so easy to be right. Fuck you.

A big lamp, lamb mop, or mulit-light can be toggled, switched, or scaled.
Such is the stage we seek, curtains, cad, deep recemptor, ebb, or verdant exchange,
desky or pesky (purvey), or oy.

The Sky's the limit. Illuminated words.


WORLD WAR Z (coming soon!)

to say its feast were the first in lakes, first water, new wood,
long nose, yellow canvas. get it?
oooo. no. oooo.

Did you never consider microtonalism's dream translated by the Isle of Man's coin?
What if Venus, still nude, but in a nun's habit, stood up in her shell counting:
George Sand fucking Mary Shelley
with a red Tengu rose.

Exactly how do think I found these pictures?
Did you search for the word "fool"
in a private experience?

Does this look like a fucking grave?
I've put cancer oil on a dark black banana!

Rhode Island. 16 year old strippers.

Chlorine. It's dangerous in certain forms.

and Aubrey Beardsley.

My hat!

Microsoft. The early years.

I only get one thing from tubs.
George Satan Manana.

Lenin as Jesus
playing Lady Bathory
with the history
of advanced plastics.

I am Yayoi Kusama, Larry,
Here me roar.

"They had a dancin' bone."
I'll see you next.

How it feels in 4/5's of the world.

Timothy Leary's head, now restored, in a prison
in Lichtenstein.

do not cross
the cult
of lalala.

See Mitchell, at very least, and just imagine
an unknown application, otherwise, I supposed, well,
You're fired.
Which means nothing whatsoever.

Hi! So you're a conceptual poet?
Wow! Hey! Well, I am a Cadillac customer!

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