Monday, August 5, 2013

A Slender Black Cat Reclining Upon a Chair of Old Silver

ailinglaplap no a lap
a lap wing a winged
bull's head brought to
the curious dexterity an
elgin fidget a gooey
deer who will shake you
it calm the loud bare
mooing of its nine ores
parsing quits the rat
work is sung you ire
its jeilish offertoe the
scarce eyoon instable
orgui auremciad emnitty
by kinky allow ero
astrolabe in iachesthai
the eggy kin balling clout
lusios anodos its
painting more than any
before wouldn't test the
cat's hinter if their eyes
are shrines their tongues
are daffy and halcyon
nest works jupiter
gibbeter and gale bait