Thursday, August 8, 2013

Edgar Allan Poe's penis dreaming about penises and vaginas

 greet the day O smaragdyne 
mummy-pupa-tongue O huse
of faun'd e-liveries with your
bird cage epaulets chattering
and their laser nipple crowns reciting
cognate and opposite angles
to make your shoulders a rendering
of the blunt vertex of a moving V
which makes your head tongue
a cameo, for metis elts
the cunning languish
with eyelashes

O smooth green transparent seed
this marooned and rubber skull
wouldst move inside you
and breathe green phloem, and
not unlike some courtier hacked apart
by fantastic machines in a maelstrom
do my words come to you, these
bald blue raccoons with
baby hand mohawks holding
tiny scrolls of candy paper
bumby with braillish
mantis corn and
beeping whindy