Wednesday, January 8, 2014


it had come out to warm
its flowering monster head
against the lavender brim of tels
the translucent lens worth
of alabaster kissed
monolith now warm
shadow a standing

and the flowering will remain
some assymetric some pure
out of mouth its jaw trellis pistil push

gift of pollen cud
to ignore the word
royal jelly lamb loosened tolls
what morphology cambers
should isle the ivory coin snow smile
toward its perfect grimace tower

and down the staircase drift
and out into the common green
and greeming viss

a flowering monster head
warm no
reflection moves this
your arms pass through
whole isles of smoke
refer to lava
the hushed magnetic mouth it cloys
to brace

a thracian swift
towing a streamer string which reads
Micaela Almonester, Baroness de Pontalba
nokno nok no but

that tells the monster once again
about the brothers whose heads of streaming birds are wandering
inside the halls of the wheel

tuote mood
dew oats
a pale green bat head smooth and eyeless as a leaf stone meteor
sound graal eye touch

and sun outside the door
and monster warm
and standing