Saturday, August 16, 2014


one time
in winter roman cigarette curse
i spied a cardinal preening
in the deep cascading green
of spurting ivory handbag tendrils

green egged trellises lurched between us
and tiny mirrors of decapitated venus
holy usurp the trembly wind fingered
gluten bag golems collapsing
in clap sing
clap sing
hide away

weird wonderful awful awe fuel
the collideoroscope n-djinn curvey
such especially elongated corvid leucocytes
blue grape petal eyelashes
for chrome zombi eyed spheres

its glass butterfly needle omen
perplexed in origin
and perplexed in ends
sends its wild neanderthal butter
to old black rome

in black mold
glass television skeletons
hurl wot ingot
toward saint vitus' dance
their gold
in black mold
glass television skeletons

sou glost