Monday, August 18, 2014

the pathetic child of literacy

it was the bindibu expedition its whole literal career

on the surface of a cucumber seen fthrough a crystal pyramid

dangling on a chain hanging from the foot of a lark

and right fthrough it

 ordinarily no mask is a protocol 

but a mask is the protocol

you have to imagine one animal eating another whole

 for that animal to become the pilot

of the pilot and so on ordinarily they say 
app 01 10 
its whole literal career on the surface

 of a god

a disease is no protocol but a disease is the protocol

 apollo's arrows you can draw their fire

away from the road you needn't a compass simply follow the grammar

ordinarily no grammar is a protocol

 no grammar might also be a protocol a grammar

 it was the bindibu expedition

tell me goddess of the destroying rage of achilles peleus son

 that loaded all those woes on the achaeans and sent too early all those brave heroes souls down to hell and left their bodies for the dogs and all the birds and yet it was the will of zeus 

(right fthrough the air)

 and of that first time when the son of atreus king of men and divine achilles quarreled and drew apart

 but which of the gods set them to warring

how is light yet too a disease? 

how is tragedy sacred?

 and right fthrough all of this

apollo's priest cryses 


his daughter kidnapped by agamemnon

 so crisis comes down to the ships to beg for his daughter

 a mistake

because agamemnon insults him
 insults apollo

let her sleep in a womb in a loom i'll husband all disease right fthrough 

it was the bindibu expedition 
its whole literal career on the surface of a cucumber 
seen fthrough a crystal pyramid 
dangling on a chain 
hanging from the foot of a lark 

hanging from a loop 
a protocol performed on a meander 
a crisis of light's divine errow 

the cure a curse 
the literal a meander 
the straightest path the most crooked 
and right on fthrough 

narau and yrrkalla 

marsyas a leech in a rakia swamp 

and in duplicating it wrong 
twice finally created 

the same string figure 

two cat fish 
human shit 
emu tracks 
and yam 

app 01 10 y am 

a protocol is a mask for a protocol which is not a mask