Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Diogenes drunken Haruspex

for if it was so it was a sacred grove
and I its antlered heart whose wild
and yawping blood followed a wide
and interminable circulation
as a hordescore of hounding

hounding round its tale for if it was I
was a hart shaped heart slicked red
a carbuncle the head grove graven
by sacred crown for if it was a yawping
stone a die a dye and dunk the dice
the gal and act upon all gallon eon neo
known none galleon

for the antlered diana my masthead by night
riding high aye surfing a foam of dog-head dolphins
antlered doghead dolphins

and heart in both her breasts
a heart like a tub
where the blood red diogenes glub
drowned by the metacarpal alexander wolf eyes cross
the minions toss as a hordescore
a grovestore sacred groove pore
a poor and sacred antlered heart
to fill the tub with transparent bitches

cave of art
or grove of glitches
switches code the hearth
whose art must cowl
the ember lo

lo ember
dull red ember heart
to flicker alas its transparent horns
its emblem yawp
the promethean eagle dog

diogenes drunk
jamming crooked twigs
into the purple slicked corpus
of the  Bārûtu
washing it obsessively
drunkenly touching its poor lone body
I love ye Diancteonth

and licking the cold liver
and hanging it from his mouth
like the tongue of a dog
a gorgon dog
now fast asleep