Monday, October 6, 2014


take bitter bladders for lanterns
of the nominal sentence
bitter thank yous
to sane john persia

there is a note
on the word modern
luminous water
in a transparent volume
thank you under the pale 
green horse woman
of peau

bitter scuba rubber
your tongue text nominal
memories of new caledonia
war hereticks following
the time gods

old crone of absinthe
playing chronos
epaulets of whispers
bitter bladders for
shoulder lanterns

Neutral body bitter principles 
and plants that contain therapeutic
aquatic monkey tadpoles
sane john persia inmerge

space what it is
before or after
rain thoroughly upon the fields
of regret in towing

the dazzling marble brain
whose crenellate oppurtnogy
siphons the text's nominal velocity
to insure

that we bathe in clean downpours
that the whole world space of the brain
is washed clean

to become
the failed french colony 
of new caledonia
in scotland
Mercy Whig!

give back all the cologne
you took

bitter with the drama
of the terraces

with sanity there is absense
around the sentence

to bathe in nominal sentences
and plants that contain therapeutic
aquatic monkey tadpoles
for sane john persia inmerge

immer genie