Tuesday, March 22, 2016

lipscombite okónhsa

place distinction cavalcade
when hologram that writing spreads
lives across the viral horizon's oblate
portal pumping lemma (wheech-->
grapes hang on ether's side
from the browhooks that illumine
the fountain in a box

pass the gifting wheel
when extension's tongue banderoles
present their lists
to the fans of knights
let each clinching clap breeze
the jousting gaze encajan

these days hold their people close
to the chest that waits
on the lady in waiting
the lake so placid
the scored scorn whose sword
seals each wise psychological
insult okänd

a garden may reform
upon the rugged terrain
the half buried monk of wonder
mutters to the tangle of birds
whose abstracted and connected shapes
render their deformity to music

a great and singular horn
resonates to the awkward centering
that place energy shape and heft
will cleft by data
burning beyond its unknown twin
balloon horns

are ritually displayed by the floating victim
whose tragic victory
will journey to knowledge
its organs embellished by fetish
in the ornate binoculars
coveted by the priests of ambiguity
hinternally allied aligned illimned