Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sanchuniathon's Drawls

is the Ronald Syme Bluebird
which watches o'er the yard~
"So you're the nubba nubba!"
says the alien Bill Cosby
after being resurrected
three things are important
Tehom Ma'at and Stucky's so
the frog fart organ will kreloo
in the night and the hoppy fidgety
will blurt and cavort swimming ever outward
from the original wart
the word wart made spiny
with fetish stabbing forks
what is sublime indignity?
Is it Rodney Dangerfield playing Giordano Bruno
in an ABC late night movie shown inside
a toilet which like a crown was an actual
human accomplishment a
Ronald Syme Bluebird told us
that many of the later Emperors
after the Roman revolution
might do this or that for the public
give something take something away
all that was insignificant
all the people were brutes and
the core meaning of 'Emperor'
was always 'Bright Insane Murderer'
Think if whining devils all told Satan
they all needed something to be happy
in hell.. "So you're the nubba nubba!"
You'd think he'd probably stand up
with his knife, but often there
just a little gas leaked out
and a krelooo a kreloo kreloooo
of the frog fart organ
volcanoes are like that too
from the air just a fart-like Satan
a lovely little cardinal on a high wire
inspecting something it can't possibly
understand in all its fullness
but it could know
that egos
are muffy socks
in a frog fart safe
with a triple tumblr sundial
why are there no 40 foot high statues
of little red cardinals?