Friday, December 10, 2010

Absolute Darkness


See how simple they are, Jethro.

They abandoned their idols, and idolatry,
to remake idolatry. Their idol is anti-idolatry.

They are all dolls anyway.
Old dolls, dumb doll, shut away in Earth's closet,
Earth, a shameful place.

Like a flowering black hole whose petals are thorns
pointed at it's own self.

Each day I sit, and there is nothing to do,
but watch the slow devouring of the ourobouros.

The old Gnostic Monster gods were closer to the truth,
but let's make new monster gods, and let each one
not have a secret power, but a special defect.

Knonkbatenorg, he who snores a sound like rotting birds in the meadow.
Pickygoo, she who smells sickly sweet and has no coordination, nor sense.
Knobcrotchdink, It who gobbles and gobbles until it all is gone, then barfs it up
and does it again.


But ontology, really, releases us I think, from thought, or from thinking too deeply about thought.
Everything is thought.

And since there is nothing but thought, there is no difference in anything.
It makes the world even more painful, but endurance
is a special category

at least in the case of matter.

Negentropy is something tenuous.
Complexity and life are mysterious.

By forgetting this, we become mysterious as well,
like a gnarled tree

whose great wisdom
is that

stupidity is just another shape
and all shapes, all bar none

are glory

Ipsolate Ulluminition



Pure Light.

Energy is always politically correct.

Energy and Magic

sea jams
for wicked waffle.

if wicked waffle is kraken
sea jams = art=poet

kraken = meme

mimi = song warming up

The universe is an orchestra pit.
The song is always okay, but the truth is

The Orchestra never really started playing.