Friday, December 17, 2010

"Weird Intertextuality" Reveals a Jason Robards

Popeye under a young Pepper tree:
Well blow me down, a goon siren always
sings like this.

[he marks out the poem he is writing]:

Amber tusk
fluted and cold,
brute sap fossil supple
marked by rubble with scratches

a treasure
enshrined near piny copse
to rival common boulders

your stalk has caught root
among wet mouths to play
and drift such singflungsang by sea
and grinding shoals
singing skulls as split-conch-shells
visit enshrine.

Beautiful, wide-spread mouths
would fire upon a leaf ear, mouth
open upon tusk what
meadow is as orange so
strange the sap tusk flute as
your bright brute feeler?

Amber tusk flute piercing oyster afternoon
soft empty notes on formless inpenetralias

Here, the sullen ideal republic,
its brute us, a favorite list,
fresh young pepper on the spinach,
but poise in emphatic precision's halting
the bulge that carries out the alternate notice

they do not place anchors on their pages
he does not place anchors on his forearms

but instead
rainbow trout
whose insides
are washed with virginity;

thin elastic skeletons
are libated with ultra virgin
olive oil
and treated to the sun

with Heliodorus
must have this kind tattoo
the green winter ink
of its molecule

lacy symbol
in the skin
now festooned
by rainbow colored hairs

a fist comes out of nowhere
but is massless

Popeye under the pepper tree
sees the mandala of spinach
and o'er his tranquil head

appears a nimbus
of disembodied spinning forearms
with each fist a green spinach sun
holding a sea poppy

flour to fry up
a nice popeye chicken
in an eyeball frying pan