Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Wild Cabixi Are Getting in My Bean Patch!

In Brazil now, Napoleon
puts on his green toga
and steps out onto his jungle terrace.
At a gap in the railing, an enormous
llama, larger than an elephant strides
up wearing a sort of saddle house,
a funny, wonky, Neo-Classical
bamboo chalet. It's pilot appears
to be a native Bororo of the Mato Grosso.
As Napoleon boards his private
mutant llama chalet to return
to his secret cave hive he says
to his odd German drinking buddy:

Die Cabixi Bastarde
wird mein Kaffee zu ruinieren.
Ich muss wie der Geruch zu reiten,
Zu meinen wilden Brüder führen
unsere Bohne Patch zu schützen.
Wir werden in Katapult ~ Horden
von Ninja Kamikaze Affen.

and further:

Je ne peux pas tout faire moi-même, 
mon odeur souffle rend cela impossible.
Lorsque ce départ lama, se préparent 

à le sauveur de son tornade café
sur le vert et boueux Rome.