Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Emoticon Slippers.

Touching and linking, then touching somewhere else, seems almost to be the blood within the body of discursivity, discursivity itself the palping form of syntaxis' a(b)[p]-proprioception within the oracular indexical
function-selection or "approach" as philosophical categoricon, inter-textuality the pattern-heart(h) filter selector of path-breaking, the ensue of L. I like the way Daniel Tiffany returns to a discussion of Lacan's use of Aristotle's  tuche' and automaton and reminds us of it's origin in Roger Callois, but hear the echoes with something I wrote about the Carbolic show, tuche' is usually translated as fate, but Lacan calls it "the encounter with the real," which as any reader of Jellybean Weirdo knows is the ~heilectyrical fyrthang~ [the fang], or mathematical hyper-subjectivity of any given nested agency's agency, the Masonic [G] as hyperbolic materiality ie "the actual", because complexity here is de-banalized, hence, poeticized, knowledge being the oracular blowtorch cutting through the layers of determination into the reverberational singularity and its sense as a mystical flatness or n-finite machinity. Automaton is rendered by Lacan as chance. It has a certain grace to it like Indra Kagis-McEwen's translation of the old greek term techne as "a letting appear" which as any reader of continental philosophy will hear, a solid echo with D&G, and strangely with the Old Buddhist theologies of  the gunas or layers here rendered as schitzoanalytic "series".. The perfect soundtrack for the actuation of the material in this case has to be the master tabla player, Zakir Hussain, whose articulation of the temporal into the physical is a literalized touching, a "moment touching" and finds the purest irronic perception of Lacan's tuche'...

tabbed view;
I rest my case.