Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tame Lyric

kaffa the green head
for the manitude folds to aten
or nuas

kaffa nuance kebir
for kopfin e
or finey tu
this ^

in priming the temble down
feathered bauble
the bauble expands
enjoins the royalry
and depends for icon
in singing heats distend

efreet twinned
or glass frit ch'olden
glitch sign raised
the golden calf's bisected mold hold
they thin the capes
and dress the brandished snaky

cliche' now rumbled out
a torrent foreshortened
to antic gas

the interested plane
where meanings
tease out shammy after shammy
the green head's rod
given E to mispoil:

Through decibel windows

Thatched rhumours surfuse

Light’s cannibal cousin

Indexing long indistinguishable

Pauses before the aftermath’s

Strange throne

Puffed black cotton cup for

Cold heavy coal

Albino filament’s simple

Inward expanse

The replicating bow string’s

Contour ear

On sting

Or pushed without warning

Into rushing pages

Mixed by immense turbines