Friday, July 1, 2011

Mary Fruitskin's Canny Mitts.

It is more than words. [mort mot]

It is the death of the author. [mouth mowed]

The same idea is present everywhere. [moot merde]

How do we market our marks? [murk]

How many people has it killed? [meat]

Are there teams in the tomb? [tome mote]

How is it reproduced? [mute mates meeting]

What is more profitable than learning? [nightmares of the moor]

What are they saying? [moth's motto: maintain moth, move]

Is your mother a word beast? [mot-ther]
Is your father a song beast? [fa (lala)-ther]

Word. [drome]
morte ^tale
'eat and rome'

pastoralism aka
is put out
to pasture

"He comes to me with another letter,
and a face as long as the sea..."