Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ADOBO Rates for Calves and Velves to make Rennet Write Tit

prose lame and rose tannin
gu /we (here, this)
sweet potato tool (ganai)

fótachló ginger on the costa del sol
laureatum ossequiassero cum subsellium

amphitheatre zeppelin
a bowl in the high winds
where fan masks manipulate the hum
and wild cascades of birds
hurtle from lavender sottopalco
meteorologique ~ kýla á / and
sagacidad among the succatooned and olivagno

a bezzlers robin
wha thunk that gum
pennybrained in pink stucco lucorium
its great spherical aquarium rolled sloshing down into
the screaming crowds hammerheads and stingrays squashing
fat children with a !quorque!

fan-masks of high velos
blinking eye-columns
and mucilaginous bones
pin-prick in a tripe locket
ingagliardirei / 内战

"The evils which follow bibacity..."
"The evils which follow bibliocity"


deliberacy, and the isoterma goes broggling