Friday, November 18, 2011


down with difference
or whatever
deserts turn to glass
and glass will turn to brick

drooling emissaries
came to view
a weird and fungal


group mind

without cultus
there is war

and svelte is its option

the language of weaponry
of seduction and diplomacy
once cells become allied
they go on aggregating endlessly

complexity is formed of idiot structures
blind homonyms
whose names are their own

the only reality
is image

every thought
feeling and judgement
is an image
and nothing more

is the viral wine
and difference the disease
of language

Nietzsche understood this
and said
Man is a bridge to something higher
but in this he was wrong
because as Jesus said
So as it is above, so shall it be below
Man, then, is also a bridge to something lower
or barring the essentially confounding idiocy
Man is a bridge (a structure denuded of controversy)
and it reaches out into
the fire of morphology

as an unjudging continuum
as judgement itself is blind

for the infinite series builds
and mutation compounds mutation