Sunday, November 17, 2013

All Salty Stage Hook

always suspect water bulldog condensation free base
 dustinator special Nero cloth-negative maw

haiku man taking chair form
classical negative enfiguration

20 bells on razor wings
twin Rousseaus full of smoke and bulldog prophecy

cloth portrait saddles they stole during typical sex
with green letters

the critic is staring at rye cloth
11 tons expand in a turtle's crack

that's 22 points for the final tortoise crack
before it reaches mid- earth which by then

allows 200 low-grade comments to show
I'm fully 90 years old total

setting sail in employees and bread
and had a farmer cast in standard peek-a-boo

Major Black Haiku recovery floorplan in chair form
its shears the roads from their ghosts

O critic O critic these expanding suites of homicide
typical bulldog boots tension of craft and lurking

tea bells shooting lightning beyond
the disappointed mini-bar of special almost possible fibers

whose multi-segment is many terrestrial years old
a pice of lightning expands to full thickness

and with a good base rate the foundation stone
will present a yellow cloth full of changes

settings regulations the full inflammation of private tea ESP
america expands its tea leaf sleeves towards cars rotating

where a female attaches a little bell to each of her cysts
a dark-skinned metal psyklopfs lyes leaping
its pink lips pursed
and one epaulet of fire raging
a great mop
before a great ladder

she's singing haiku in knee farts to the bulldog twin Rouseaus

All Salty Stage Hook