Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Perclodian Apse of Twisting Shreds Force the Whiptongued Silence to Crease

mésentente behavior
politically very deep throat
typical deer in the horizontal long
flow offer only basic
color pushes politics
do  not in any way delay suction
"earth" that new discovery

to shuffle the cause of your initial
content meant so much inventory coming
employment is expressed as a casual outdoor table
YES to read on this basis
GOD knows the history of the offer
continued severe mental external display
idea, a feeling of wealth and property based on pleasing images
typing a few words a day
spending a flower to hide the second priest, etc

I remembered a complicated feeling revealing a gift of the arts deceased, etc
language and culture Edition
we probably make time for DEEP capital
JR after all
check the output of the project-based magic
Stage political competitions in the interest of formalism
people are immortal surgery doctors say i
infections randomly write it for granted
Praegutoetatakseravim body antisense
mosquito Desert diet whose location is great
and the sun

a small selection of the second term
transcendental concert does not apply
to the people's right to resist
typical because you are the corrosion core checksum generation
20 kinds of image unevenly base line
in my digital Culture priest graphics

derived from the facts of language class restructuring at the finish line
People need skills to witness the testimony of Philip K. Dick (JR)
and we see his face is language and culture
and why others are written as the right to act on it probably
and hopefully as language and Culture evaporation deposits
which were in fact the Nature Story measurement problem in itself
According to our research

the sample picture of major aisthesis, the official language,
which is based on the safe mood of these trends
they feel to be here secondly
shots shots poured directly into
and out of the chimera independent gorgonism
your thin delicate metal laurels flash slash and

vibrate imperceptibly
when the signal is received
three triangular coins hanging floating
and are a network a netword
bitcorn orgs an ancient orpiment
looking forward to eggs
in the movie where they resemble
positive and negative ornaments
i give you humour
as the rarest species' dangle

but do not tary 
on the mandarin cloth
of vision
"With nought a wired from the wordless either"

for a weird knot it tis, but the loops lay lazy and visual to the touch and to the tetched, their etching crossed by crystal clarity, and obscure hilarity, an 'eye-animal' goes there putting its energy into tail.