Friday, November 22, 2013

literary wheelbarrow

man, putto.

Roman Catholicism, staff, helmet.

cave, dress, natural phenomena, movement.

leisure and pastimes, death.

gesticulating, crouching, author, chapel, palace, poet, animals: birds.

sunset, musical analogy, eating, figure, bottle, advertising, vessels
and containers, temple.

Seven Deadly Sins, altar.
telephone, lion, castle, Syrian.
fire, altar, fern.
plant/human, bound, protests and unrest: Paris uprising, May 1968,
bottom, physiognomy, postcard.

terrace, graveyard, watching, bull.
ecology, female, windmill, field, vase, society.

friar / monk, nationality, Belgium, lamp.
Dante, 'Divine Comedy: Inferno', politics: Argentina, 'The Dirty War',
1976-1983, door, child, lamp.

fashion, dress: ceremonial/royal, landscape, monument, terrace, moon,
water: inland, crime and punishment.

horse, sun, smoking, sitting, arts and entertainment, star, chair.
military, interiors, landscape - non-specific.

bedspread, Alexander the Great, 4th c. BC, isolation, head in
hand/hands, window.

nurse, artist - hunter, shouting, balcony, exhibition: 'Joseph Beuys,
Ölfarben 1949-1967, Kusnthaus Zurich, 1985, sport, bomb damage,

townscape, Titian, painting, 'Sacred and Profane Love', fruit, mango,
court, vegetable, turnip, woman, old, Cambodia, poplar.

text, hill, satchel, jungle, film: Avildsen, John G., Rocky, crank,
Mercury / Hermes.

mouse, sport, rape, ice cream.

sport: Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh, Sep 1986, Maillol, Aristide,
sculpture, 'Eve à la Pomme', question mark.

arrow, Nebuchadnezzar.

court dress, haunting.

book, Moore, Henry, The Reclining Figure', plaque, launderette,
Minotaur, France, Périgord.

clematis, trunk, Yanovsky, Basile, 'Anesthesia'
uniform, organic, consumerism, animals: reptiles, fine art and design,
named works.

literary, wheelbarrow.

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