Thursday, November 4, 2010

Deep Thoughts With Jack Handy

is it just me
or does logodaedalian
start to sound like intelligent design
i mean the kind that's like about aliens
as in

logos is from dead aliens
or maybe
like molecularity was always / already
as in

O God, God is an Alien!
or maybe Earth was made
by a long gone alien (or ailing)
for the SOcratics

its weird to have to bust politicians down
to low level semiocrats
like folk figures

government is a sort of folksy thing
like most of the people they govern
people with all kinds of weird hyperbolic
emotional complexes iguess
or maybe like they think molecules need
an emotional complement to function
in dynamic aggregates
or maybe like in furuturism
just being itself is like a totally exploding emotion
of whatever but it is dangerous
like all the time
and is just really always violent and exploding
and makdes the the earth really
like a mad sun

like an insane ocean
of squirting data violence
and stuff and i guess people really sit around
and have nationalist feelings
or racially identify
i usually sit around and think the earth
is like a incredibly stupid petri dish full of bacteria
with crutches inside them

if life meaning molecularity were actually intelligent
mind and matter could morph into

whereby the physical potential of our physical system
could be self unfolded into astounding actual physical powers
we could change into a vast array of beings

as it is
we are just like grunty grumpy mudpeople
bumping around in a kind of old sloppy dirty junkshop world
of repainted signs

our historical epoch
i mean since about the time people started using furniture
since then that whole period is more less like should be called
the twilight zone

and you know
like Rod Serling I think would make sort of a cool cybernetico spiritual leader
he seems transracial transrational and transnational
that's what the world needs

sort of a greco-ethiopian-mexi-sephardic-canadian-polynoisian-chinoisie
or maybe just a kind of

monobrow greek dude
that sort of rattiness those people had
is just sort of okay

so like this ratty greek rod serling hologram thing
and I guess we could give it tits
that thing would like rule the world
using old twilight zone stories
and wear a big Toga with the letters

TZ sewn on it in greek
Sew then like Twilight Zone
Theta Zeta

Θ represents:
an asymptotically tight bound related to Big O notation.
sensitivity to the passage of time in mathematical finance
Θ (set theory), a certain ordinal number

ζ represents:
the Riemann zeta function and other zeta functions in mathematics
the coefficient of viscous friction in polymer dynamics
the damping ratio
relative vertical vorticity in fluid dynamics

so like that means that like

Rod Serling
Would Represent as a Leader (a ghost)

An Abstraction as Fetish (As Leader)
Ironically Proceeding over Social thingie
but like representing Physics

and then like instead of Folksy Semiocrats
we could like update the notion of the 18th Century Physiocrats
who were sort of like

New Urbanism / Intelligent Design folks
or something

and they could have weird random elements in the society
like Free Random Zeppelin Rides
to Random Countries at Random Times

and you could hang on the outside
like a Sand Franciso Cable Car in the 1970's
and feel like

a Rice-A-Roni Ad
or something.