Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pretty Lewd Gibber

Is it a question of informatics
over any given desktop?

Or Furniture construction
over ferns?

Is it the valorous and stupid languor
of pink wallpaper bearing baby blue
snowflakes, who, having lost their
actual physical individuality
replace such with pattern,
or the divisive duality
whose true message need only
the ubiquitous O.D.


There is no normative anything
in a singularity, only the inarrtial veyngloirry
of the various cults of digression

pi va goilgar eth vironym

It is sad to transcend the soil
only to be reminded of the soil's own
transcendence of thought, and its construction
no different than thought
and that old cliche'

"the mulch of desire"

I'm not a "joiner",,
I'm a master-level assembler
which is roughly equal to

nothing, the
glimmer of covolvulex groin plates
under a banana shaped sun
or single cyclopian squintilla

oh moot mot
oh galley slaves
of Gethra Nabu

and it goes on from there
with some people shopping for windows
and drinking ice tea
on a hot summer day..

"Pab" founded "Sic"
golden djinn
terrestrial tragedy
monster goat

drinking water by the seaside
salt onus of topless spindler lucky famoose
and the mute conversation's
stoned peacock geodes

alabaster shoe horn,
what image commemorates
my ill-fitting prostheses?