Monday, August 22, 2011

Painting Less On Air Than Water..

feathered seal sphinx limousine
in dust distance would you shed
a brass eye hinged on an oceanic purge,
for twin cherubs enact your nostrils
through sino-tibetan limbinesses
flaring many trumpets.


for if a rock then gives a flower,
your mirrored table must reveal
a map on hovering buttocks,
a mouth in oval singing


the striped stick
replaces the beard of mystery.
the lamp of love
goes flat against the dense wringing
of day. Diogenes. sad.

in trousers. huge.
like a doll
of the quarry.
newspaper boat for hat.

orange sweater, fat.
the carved rock
will never be a cube again,
but may pose
in the corona of dog
wild lime fog green nimbus
its fountain shedding heirloom shimmering
against obsidian obelisks
these wet theorbo


babes loosed
on ambling globular
typhlosolar vessels.