Monday, August 15, 2011

Poem For Mina Loy

for a slippery anvil to burst the pit
rise upon the day
in a coupe de ville headache
advil, the hat
the white chalk hat carved such and such
and that
pedigrees mainly detract
or plaid
or vans padding around the main frame

'this is the mainframe of my discontent'


A Poem for Arthur Cravan

Mina waited, and waited
and the breath of trees
and the sleeping V's
from Swabia were wanting
fists fuming like sugar doves
upon the valley of its nose

just old clothes is King Arthur
a little girl
now older
milking a cow
rattles on her shoulders

the long caress
before the advil
of catttle

if Trieste now yoked to a thermal bottle
we go to Mexico
mixed icons in a bag

pale fu manchu
all foam is mandarin
and the rock
which sits up to beg
looks just like

a philosopher