Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trap Vapors In Pavement, Troupe Require, Loupe Din Joule

fac dinell

for in them
the foreign

thinly forged
gumbs be yond
to stretch a pink spinning wheel
between each teeth

how dim
the javelin
how thin
its dusk
to fly

flies scattering.
the economics.
the piercing shadow,

fac dinell
loof a aloo

weep to pencil
skin made to a burning
in cool stone the silent eye
a garden
its round shell covered up

only the light
only the light returns
from leaves each sun
they leave

radiant and radians
black sequelae union
or unit's favor

arc echo locus succor rank gnarl
to run

uru nall
fel noc vul

hold nose garden spherical
pinch forehead hook
to enter
yellow stem neck if snap

brain hover
before mist

diamond cube
bohong vala