Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Mirrored Pseudopod Prevails / Golden Lyric Bicept of Campfires of Shemages

merzbow come no further
kaleidoscopic egg hover in babberpole cage
raquel welch shows me the middle finger

i draw a circle
around the W
wawa elch anyting
milking tears
no terror can persuade

flower mask penetrates
the ice construction
around the troubled heart
there stands the hairy child
in his nictitating helmet
holographic pages around
the face frame

kuh bih slahm
Marie Antoinette made bull
in highrise roman wig foam
stool broken in barfight
the white worm queller roars

tranquil rippling deepdom
sky blue bugatti
spice mummy atop blue wax head
crystal key mouth

dark road
along the unknown river
luminous organelles
act to interor halo