Monday, November 19, 2012

All Sagas 11

one single gland
a disunity
form (und mirtillo our landlordess)
in force
without the rest
their vulgar today
the offal [all sages monsters /like/ perfumed bibles)
be your own divinity
as universe *(genus)

or talk leaf
with the Sauvegardes
the story compressed
the foolish line filled only
with itself
the rape of the Sabine
outrage vaccine (its spiry mirthles)
Buddha Beddoes mudra meadows

where yellow grapes
involve a volcano with a sign
a girl looks into drama
or Adam
thinks sable fish
Sweden (above her ankles chalked the rosy clay)
pronunication the hulk
all sabulous light
in junked mouths
the strand

strangely pineal
a brain like a funnel
torque word
Sagakomi (seek all ideology yes O miryachit)
clerks put in their sacs
only individual emmenagogues
tears of cum for medicine
poetry cannot yield
as omnirational the lightwave
pillbox [informe{
its lyre (nature uninformed but only information)

11 the color
all color 11
as rational signal
grande habit
none more organic
real (one argument, integument, sea muscled bell, skinless iridescent screaming)
wholesome dead
soucar (mewrthris to a high endemon'd glossy fruit)
what is interpenetrable
the capable surface is all hybrid

collapsing clap sing
idiots (it's protein to gravid my aesthenia)
soul sick mouth of soup
sounding void all embrace
all reject
all efface (social disinterest fully) [mostly]
toward its water board
the junky even worse
sun fair (twilit lox all miry in lovely and delicious whormonyns)
to Nabob Argot

supplement: cavalry
11 sagas (before the absent powers)
the whole art
and mystery of banking
beard toward the sea
and out of me (niblick's head all chattering, a clam in soup who hefts praise for bunkers)
Izarra splashing finely (thick coats, spooned indifference, ribs showing, buying cameras to hide)
E.G. Izod your mineral tilting
Capra jaala
whazzat [M spark prime of Miss Jean Brodie, hye thee to gongs in wells)
Jacobian ellipsoid of equilibrium