Monday, March 16, 2015

Art Mole

scoop camphor
bed rose to color

grey outlined in red
the doppler effect
with elastic school

by any raisin notch
cued lake
stacking tortoise

ear arch
foot bridge
close to hack

cling before the monument bell
frozen in war
the wind angular curve dialogue

nap stain
this big anvil hollow face plane

why is the desert in here again
the rhyme
the raven black scoop mush poem

wax box
the bone colored lamp shade
the hard brown chin sink


yellow gravy
no white bowl kill stall
but the ivory wig pixels humm

next growth is rationality
next decay is wealth
next thought is desire

hive born
and hive surface
itching all selves call

kiss golden calf helmet
space udder
teat utter sea taint

candor of winged purple eel
pink check mark
transparent green banana

folds fruit light trophy

ivory anvil tumor
 detailed in the mosaic belief
relief cones face alternation