Monday, March 23, 2015


please please sit down sit down
and let me welcome you again
to this very high and airy philosophical station
where epistemic interrogatives terminate
in the long vacuum-cooled brain of the holoimagos
where absolute knowledge informs you
of a distributed non-specific theatrical presence
in which a complete lack of humor and total gravity
trade places (masks) capriciously
with an absolute and ludic abandon
and that this great dyad is but an external expression
or symbolic interiority of the singularity poem
we have all come to know
as the universe

this miraculating convolvuleme
whose body and rudder
unite in the cathex of monadic displacements
whose confections of absolute form and affect
return themselves to each other
as a child would the nipple to the mother
or the reader a book to the archive
please please
sit down
and take tea
and gaze upon the war of flowers