Wednesday, March 25, 2015

hapi datuk's ghost forge fuguklanguor

glassine cage fetch
claw rotunda flexi engine boll
and the glue glands flat
od agha murghilene
urblister them calf flurred urn
hazing gravy ceramic skull heel elevator clowns
dugong the show
flounder the mass
and scrape the troll
with its hair threes controlled
by the last abencerrage
dead pink rimbaud
in its white marble gondola
lowered into honey hell
with the gnashing green cherubs
whose soft brush hands
wash the ropes free
the skin poem's deep
the skeleton word's moonface
now gold
before a fat's
hoolong golden datuk
the crimson shoulder cups dripping
glitter foeti congealing
into globular hovering shrines
hand puppets swinging abstract geometric abominations
of censors
what sick gas must the oracle define today
some susceptible whom or hum
humus where the lantern pupa gumb
their tendon surrogate
leather maw halos