Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bo Beskow (Klaatu barada nikto)

KEYWORDS: Dust veil, 536/537, abandonment of casting place, leaving an 
open air offering place, cultic events indoors, permanent inhabitation, bread 
as grave gift.

Dag had barely survived, and all the other passengers as well, the black tree
took root in seconds, its branches piercing all their heads simultaneously,
a black iron tree. The agents arrived soon after, but the tree was gone.


Major General Bjørn Egge gave an interview to the newspaper 
Aftenposten on the events surrounding Hammarskjöld's death. 
According to General Egge, who had been the first UN officer 
to see the body, Hammarskjöld had a hole in his forehead, and 
this hole was subsequently airbrushed from photos taken of the 
body. It appeared to Egge that Hammarskjöld had been thrown 
from the plane, and grass and leaves in his hands might indicate 
that he survived the crash – and that he had tried to scramble 
away from the wreckage. Egge does not claim directly that the 
wound was a gunshot wound.

But nobody found that each skull contained
a black iron egg.

dust veil.
veiled dust.
cultic language:

There are simple things 
which speak to us all 
with the same language. 

We have sought for such things 
and we believe that we have found them 
in the shaft of light 
striking the shimmering 
surface of solid rock (Hammarskjöld barada nikto),
the electric fang sunk hilt-deep
in the brain of the jellybeing.

The shadow's reeling,
and the real too.


Boon best 
if urge to 
over undans.

(you run, dance)

Bo Beskow = Beautiful Chaos Beast (politically charged enigma)