Monday, July 15, 2013

Susan Sontag Meets Alan Berg For a Game of Salome'

the cloud lays like a kiss
without its lips to say just what
it means, its contents
are specifically involved
with the chemical wedding taking
Slim Aarons faucet nopales utopia
and likewise the Ganges sloping
slanting away
the era of the great gorges
ley lines facet fur for sale
republic of the scribes
conference of the birds
chicks in leather
either specifically involved
or not
no way its thought could come so far
without any water
notice the empty goat skin
of its sarcasm beneath the palm tree
our party reached this oasis by car
just last night
only to find the prince
a palette attached to a cool debased coinage
palliate all
or if transcendental sentimentalism is really that different from wry ironic
give this dick the brush
for the ghost is already throbbing in the deeps of the well
and its wrought iron symbol
has replaced the wheel
a winged devil rides a unicycle
where the line of the poem makes a turn
for the worse
into happiness
its happy ending
like a perfectly circular ocean
surrounded by improbable
spherical buildings
that might roll freely
their inner guts
weighted buffered
constructed upon elaborate principles
so that the three dimensional gridworks of the rooms
are rooted in classical orthography

spelling out the hits of the century
in marble colored sushi

a thin green paste
for burning eyebrows
burning mustache
and burning
side burns

every thin Roman a Chef
knows your pallid name
for you are the grass
teeming with hungry
electric flies

platinum forks
with tines
of emerald enamel