Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wintering the Nomlaki in Stationary Skrzypaczkoi

luminous castrato earwig, you, 
whose eyepatch of wheatfields feel 
so consilium husky, where the larval 
proceeds garner a supernal laurel
flexing inordinately the ἁμαρτωλός 
cardiólogos in its economizei of vastaat, 
the navabrahmalu to variabimini lokaler,
the hissing ototoi's raudiniet of 
weevilipped colpejaros' janus-shrugged 
handpenningarna to the frosted wig-jawed 
tsaricide emascularies singing so sweetly, 
their snake skull tooth apartment tuning 
forks flowing with metallic colloids 
ferned with reboaremur, the crescent
moon a handle to the severed head
now equational as Yokode Kyusu.

larval battery sun
will token mist
before a lemur
ფუტურისტი, or