Tuesday, July 2, 2013



the company's late carpet stones now hissing in only a few bathrooms, the floor troughs such that only bare feet would do

metacene foot and arch; in the bathroom the warm hissing carpet stones therapeutic, like a foot, the gall stone's message, dessert
for each carpet stone a full civilization of spider, a bruise of spiders such that the arch is supported, but only nakedly,
mental invisibility is planned

Emphasis is mine, sayeth the lord.

Listening to Tristram Cary's Ladykillers and driking Gao Shan, I feel like some kind of afternoon Taoist bugsbunny. I see Lao Tzu with
eyes painted on his enormous two front teeth, a pale transparent jade fly sitting in the center of each pupil, tran-s-ophixed

LAUT-ZOON (eyes shifted to eyebrow-ears w/ attic gorgoneion)

I just realized that Laut Zoon wd def have been alive during the primordial sea of milk and Mt Mehru faze of the worlt, so

that "grass dorsal fin" is just that.. living land ala plato, peeking up its first, the lower curdling not yet done, but the

"fin" a beginning..