Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dynamite Odalisques of the Revolutionary Age (Reading Ian Hamilton Finlay as Stationary Peripatetic Barrel Sarcasm)

So you brought me another of your snowglobes with a cobra inside?
Just put it over by the Victrola, kid.. 

Absolute perversity never begs, but it might pretend to.

My name is Vanessa Place, and I sho am gonna whoop you up sum that goood old writin'
and readin' Oooo weeee...


Burt Reynolds studies Alchemy in New Zealand.

fluke fair, and light traveling kinder beneath the waters
over white sands
to ruggled boots
and spotted stones
hands in mittens 
of liver gas

mostly erect to the violin case,
drowning in crushed pearl dust,
the lacquer
soda of facts

a aqua qua uroa, aro uru, a boulder, a doulde or blud den,
the grotto widening grin potter's wimming
omment see

What if Babylon had ended in a single unifying language.
Imagine there's no heaven.
There really isn't.

another pimply writing thing.

The Ambassador of Penang
will take flour ghost garden
to meet flying head witch.
Andy Warhol of the French Revolution in Indonesia.

hmm, snowability.

is becoming a deluxe poem,
like thousands of severed green tiny heads
dancing around my head in the air
while I
reveal the small azuki bean
of my garment.

Brown tastes like mongoose granite
Gray like pimpled writer's silk

"Sense Meteorology"

One final distinction:
Jean-Paul Marat was an alchemical figure called
"The Red Capped Woman of Pleasure"
and Charlotte Corday an alchemist
who died performing a penis called
"The Book of Days"

I touch you
with my

for cheap

Freud is hiding behind your curtain, but you can see
his "shoose".
You can see whiff 'is shewse..

garbonzo dreams
of sweet tahini
and flamingo
makes a staircase
of crimson dawn.

World War I.

World War Kafka O'Hara III
from Rags to Richelieu
or whatever.

New York as Bong hit.

Post-Apocalyptic Mahjong
the writer's workshop.
It's nice.
You make a nice clean product right out of your body.

I don't want them.
I want them.
I don't want him to have them.
I have grass.

Peace Maids.

I am getting better
at shading