Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dead to tenebra wiktionary

(after J.D. Nelson's TARK)

download a child
with a line of duty
Hoon am
because as i feel this forum badly
this habit seems to me you
very badly
Index of dialect category "Pea".
For example, there are terms such as
Piashi, Papa, Priapus, Pasha, Piano

punitive punditry sinembatgo

Asta Hatta, Quechua?
but on the other hand
is a masque
a false face, a dead face
Tok Pisin say maski maski
mas que
tagalot although (maski)
kima kima kuma kwan
because because because (and then)
i wanna
The borrowed items are used to link segments
of discourse of various sizes
pragmatic detachability
semantic scale
and category sensitive scale

and transfur of fabric
for what is the end result

a thing that stands upright
or sits, walgs some
loogs at worgs

but does not builg spage cigies
or regair the egosystem
zlatá blázon-prorok,
what is sun fetish mustard?

o fey its tard goal'd stoma-ach gate
let them seelpen in gem crusts
drifting in long worm skins
out into eternity
to wex whatairu-rurn
they mu fine

o pharaoni gelatin woman
you are no two people

but one haggard maski
hung on a pole
in a coralbridge

waxa ay qaadataa wax
mae'n cymryd pethau
inachukua mambo

capit omnia
kaput omnia

kaput har monia, moţasoţa?

it eats well
but doesn't see much
when it looks at the sky