Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Silva Loa and Silver Loaches

the dirty locks
plug the trumpet
and the wild caliph
is the mute sweet snail
of leopard gale

the gaol of the sea is pearl'd
and the earth is a prism
of dream flesh

gad what
transparent pyramid plaza
opens to trugaha
when trugaha
with vine abandon Bignonia
goeth sor juana

goeth goetry
the dirty unlockings
unplug the trumpet

or say that the dancing place
had once covered over
the place where our name was buried
and who lived with snakes and worms
sitting for awhile underground
then dying
then coming back for awhile
to sing with the snakes
then sticking its head out
through the dancing pavement
then falling back in
for 12 years
then coming out again
to describe the electric snake

which like a spring
was the knowledge that the atom
is its own mind
and that narratology

is both the blind angel
and vivid demon
come together

in a fruitless

in a coma-like pleasure
some call treasure
and others

like the thorny head
as heaved in bushels
to nowhere