Wednesday, February 1, 2017


toward its reckoning
the scyphum calvariae
with its funny ears and
shallow wavering pun tunnels
running up along its surface
pāhoehoe-like poet-like
a pair of grins or flowering garrigues
staring out of the dark
like the eyes of an animal
as if it were a dog
who liked dried worms
whose systems of declination
like the battle of the sabis
appeared to be an ornamental stone fist
in which a tiny and slender snake
had made its home
varro atacinus
as a haircut cap hovering to the alps

its subject or jouxter
tectosage or dulcet
the inconceivable rhymelessnesses
of monstre triomphe
mallarme's long gaulish mustache
attacking its own pāhoehoe

the fruit of an adolescence
is true crime head-hunting
invia twice
as mad map and headache goats
or cutthroat

a swan roosting
on an enormous and slender wheel
of all the felled peoples
who liked dried worms
to snake through their villages
like paths or hedgerows

the potato-dog lane
so quiet now
what great collective woman is now
atlantis to druids
its trash pressed into platonic solids
which followed the declination line
to the hour angle
across the body
of the celestial worm
to become the planet mercury
the melted platinum wings

in the terminations

its subject

moving back and forth
like the single extant line
levis unda saporis
it will not glow
the final jug heads

take samples of its worm
since you will not eat it whole
dignitas haecceitas
freud in a can