Wednesday, February 1, 2017

termites discovered in the garage area

whichies scuzz or base
themthot well
nor even well they staid
as in the 7th letter of Plato
no ham
no neo-tylorian interfaces
with peltasts
but hot stoking rod theremins could
if they come fore as bayonnet like
shrilke the hold gemnian facile act
Rene Girard could lead a choir like
Hermann Nitsch over this harsh
predatory vagina-faced bull
its claws-fingers mandible extensions
suddenly backwards
to mask your plexing
nasty or knotsy
don't give birth to anymore of them
by stones he ment to plaid
o what an earth it's all people
and they eat animals and build machines
no matter what they believe
ten times ten times ten times eight hundred
thousand could be reduced
here living in this garden still
under an overhang
rain and centipede magnet ghosts
come manipulating the mirror dream
so i jump off the roof
while dionysus' name
has become associated firstly
with an argument over property
properties are dull as a thud
but it doesn't mean
that the meanest sod
or low drinker of wine in a gutter
isn't made of gods

every atom is a god
and every part of the atom
a goddess or vice versa

words are lame
and edible

it's silly
the soldiers finally got their pay
by simply threatening their leader
with violence

a leader is just a cuspidor
and a world
is just a question

just how many sorrows is
a countless sorrow