Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Smile

in the deep land of te-henua-fenua
i tried to die
leading asterisks to arsonyx
carving coconuts
and soft pink skulls for children
watching dogs toss crabs along the ocean's
and patenting morphine
along her shiny molten leprous hair limbs
i put dancing girls in the newspaper
for eternity
a great crime i am told
by the old peruvian painter
Darius Puama'u Pareja
heave of loa
or sewer rear
no rile its total triple 7
this lame itch they say
has lived for seven hundred
and seventy seven years
but it was not happy much
after six hundred
and sixty six for it seems
it had forgotten how to smile

and show those
rotten grey skull teeth again
those sick and suppurating legs
those green
and luminous
pyramidiacal bait houses

where the orderly traffic of strange
and transcendental insects
converges and diverges
on the great and living topiary pyramid

the hanging topiary chad strollery
the garden labyrinth pyramid

whose penultimate and deformed
tiki apex is


o viri loa
i tried to smile
i tried to surf on crocodiles
down blue grass hills
into secret grottos
where wordless wonders
still reigned