Friday, September 16, 2011

The Bunkum Squad Reveals a Faulty Seal

tremendous bassoon ratchett
for imix transform
the dual pink tapir snout
shifted back
'til sea lion mohawk
the flabby supple
external clitoral brain analogue

cobra hood eye opened
and made unto sail
to carry the colonial
pony tale

one if by land
and two if by sea
and three if from Mu
with a drilling machine

swap the sexy between the Morlox
and the Eloi
and suddenly

John Wayne
sits regally
the Caliph of all Ages
surrounded by his royal guard
of Bjorn Borg clones

looking sheepish

and the whole palace
is like a fantastic log cabin
but the logs are all covered
with precisely
and close cropped green grass
and Medusa wanders there

her eyes
like luminous tennis balls
her breasts heavy
with tiny transparent volkswagons
driven by Popeye tadpoles
with swee' pea flipper blanket foreskin

all for the reason
an ear of corn
carved from lavender jade