Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mong To Mand: Trub Toom Mala Bidogo, Homme Nidogo Imsulu Ingo

in the ever increasing wind
the dour dog had begun to howl
but the sound now mixed in through the window
had become something stranger
an improbable foot
dragging a horn-like titular bell
an apocalyptic and chiliastic vision
of the instrument
as a random bleakness
a conkatanon

green muscular shell throat
whose pearl alveoli
the hollow commentary
irritation into smoothness
howl mixed by wind and window
the wound of loneliness
the bereft howl whose loneliness
is the wishing for meaning
or its absense




eye-stinging before the golden idol
its arsenic make-up the silver masque
of subtle hands

upon my eyes

dry and olive river
your submerged cornea
the wrinkled diamond mand

nif bihul mihot
nof gut mifuti siful no miboof

side flutes stain the snouth
the fall approaching
for cloud puppet's heavy water ingo

to unifrom ingo teth
ingo teth the calibra flouta

cammermeine main
nay ma

Minoa Teth Neshax